Not the slightest feel of echo; it has a rich sound with plenty of bass. Very loud. I tried several speakers on this price range throughout the years, and they always feel lacking. This one sets the tone for an inexpensive speaker with top quality design and parts.

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It has a spot for audio in and audio out, which is also fantastic. The speakers put out a good amount of sound, and they do not sound tinny, which is also a huge plus. They get plenty loud to fill a room with clarity at high volume and also have halfway decent bass. This is a seriously good value for a pair of computer speakers. Unless you are VERY picky and consider yourself an audiophile snob, these are perfect.

I put on a wide variety of things and I felt like I was almost in the room with those that had real instruments.

Stereo, 2.1, or Surround Sound: What's the Difference?

But since the majority of music I listen to has synthetic instruments, I listened to more of that, and it was still amazing. I LOVE these speakers and they have given me much joy, and they shall continue to do so for hopefully a very long time. NO cons whatsoever, just close my eyes and enjoy the music … and tear up more often than not ….

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The sound output and quality are incredible, considering that these are only a pair of speakers that take up very little room and do not have a separate subwoofer unit. I hooked it up in ten minutes. Overall, I love this product. I definitely recommend this for those that love the inner components of products. Very cool! The sound quality in music is absolutely tremendous. For PC gaming, these have actually caused me to hurt myself a few times.

iMac Speakers:

Shrill or muddy? I work in film and supervise the sound mixes for my movies, so I have a pretty fussy set of ears. To my relief, these speakers are compact and yet give a nice focused, resonant sound. The sub tucks away behind my iMac, but still distributes the base, and the outriggers give a nice full sound with good top end. A happy purchase. The sound from these speakers is just absolutely amazing!

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  • The bass is perfect at close proximity … the speakers are obviously oriented to serve one pair of ears sitting near the source — and they do that marvelously. We used to have to turn everything off and strain to hear the audio. WOW, what an incredibly clear, crisp, and loud improvement! We thought, based on the price, that we would not be able to turn these up very loud, but they are plenty loud enough for my one-bedroom apartment. Honestly, they are worth at least double what Logitech sells them for. Setup was a breeze; my only gripe is that the cables are very long and create clutter if not managed properly.

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    Click on that, then click Create Aggregate Device. Next, add in the speakers you want to use. I use my DisplayPort as the Clock Source, because its a wired connection. A wired connection will always work better to prevent synchronization issues than a Bluetooth speaker. Choices include Stereo, 2.

    Why I bought a Mac mini in 2018

    I chose Quadrophonic, because it made the best use of the audio output devices I have. If you click on one of the speaker images, the utility plays static noise for a couple of seconds from that device. Fine-tune this until you get everything set the way you like.