I'd have to assume this is a bug, but it's very intermittent and I have no idea how to reliably replicate it, so that makes reporting it difficult. I wanted to ask around to find out if anyone else has experienced this before I do report anything, in case those experiences might help. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, have you found a way to "unclick" it? Parallels Desktop for Mac v New MacBook Pro 15" maxed out. DavidT18 , Oct 22, Messages: I also have this issue sometimes it stuck like I hold mouse and only turn VM off or reboot help.

Already sent a lots of reports and have dialog with PD support but they can't fix it till now Hope one day you will fix mouse issue. SergeyA1 , Oct 30, Messages: 1. It's already experienced since Parallel 12, but it's not fixed it yet. So annoying bugs..

Last edited: Oct 30, LuciferJ , Oct 30, Has anyone found a solution for this? This has to be done multiple times per day. It seems that since v11, each release has gotten progressively worse and far less stable, with v If there truly is no way to actually use the mouse for an extended period in an OSX VM, Parallels is literally of zero value to me ; I'll pursue a refund and investigate alternative products that actually work.

But on the other hand, if there's a quick fix, I'd love to hear it. Any ideas?

Last edited: Nov 15, DavidS13 , Nov 15, SusanC2 likes this. Also still waiting for fix. SergeyA1 , Nov 15, Messages: 2. It is getting very frustrating having to stop, suspend or restart my VMs every few minutes. SusanC2 , Nov 25, Messages: 1, Hi all.

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Please remove Parallels Desktop, reinstall it and check for the issue. Close the window and check for the issue again. Hemnath Parallels , Nov 25, Thanks Hemnath, that's solved the problem. But problem appears to be solved.

Enable the Trackpad

SusanC2 , Nov 27, Hemnath Parallels , Nov 27, I have the same problem, and 'Don't optimize for games' for 'Mouse' and disable 'Mouse pointer sticks at window edges' was already set. A similar problem is, that starting a selection in a window does not stop when releasing the mouse button.

Parallels is behaving as it would not recognize the "unclick". A quicker workaround is to switch to a terminal window with cmd-tab and enter some text. Then the mouse recovers. The mouse issues mouse freeze, no unclick, too fast scrolling,.. Parallels, if you are listening, please get this fixed properly.

I am thinking every day about switching to virtual box, although I like Paralles because of many other features. Host: OSX Rainer1 , Jan 3, If you do try VirtualBox, please post follow up and let me know how your experience goes. With Parallels now completely unusable for Mac guest VMs due to this mouse issue, I guess it would be impossible for VirtualBox to be any worse.

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Another one I'm looking at is VM Ware. I'm just not seeing a whole lot of examples of it out there. Maybe the low demand is why Parallels totally abandoned support and all quality control for that particular use case? Let me know how it goes with the search.

Keep the Trackpad Active

I'll do the same. DavidS13 , Jan 3, That is possbile with Parallels, but it might have been my incompetence. I have been using virtual box occasionally in parallel to VMware, and it always felt a bit rough, and did not support image encryption at that time. DavidT18 , Jan 3, DavidS13 likes this.

I fully agree! I really would like to know if you understand the problem, if you can replication the issue, if a resolution has been scheduled, and if it is worthwhile to drag on for a couple of weeks. If not, please let me know now! For some dependencies I have been forced to upgrade to High Sierra thank you Apple not for backporting bug fixes!

I hooked up a USB mouse as a workaround until I could get the machine fixed. After hooking up an external mouse, I went online, got a Genius Bar appointment, and went in. They were going to replace the trackpad, and they had one in stock. The trackpad had been replaced, work was complete, and the machine was ready.

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I just picked it up and am typing on it now. The problem seems completely fixed. So: net-net for anyone who finds this post — this seems to be a pretty common problem, and a replacement of the trackpad might be indicated, instead of spending many hours on hunting down obscure folk remedies. Thanks for this post Chris.

I hated Tim Cook.

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