This is the essence of Open Directory and other directory services. It goes further than that: with centrally stored credentials, you can also more easily manage access permissions on file shares or enable your employees to use the same username and password to login to multiple computers. You can control password requirements and store relevant information email addresses, etc.

You can also tie other products into your directory so that your users can use the same credentials to access email or internal websites.

OS X Server 5 Removing/Uninstalling Completely For New Fresh Install - dejaWorks

The list goes on. Open Directory setup is one of the few things that can still be done with both Server.

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Now that you've got a working directory server with some clients attached, let's show you what you can do with it. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Privacy Policy.


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Disclaimer This procedure worked for us; it may not work for you. Procedure Your Open Directory Server needs to be configured as a server not replica. Kerberos Reboot the machine: sudo shutdown -r now When the machine comes up, you should have recovered your Open Directory database to the same state as it was when you performed your backup. Good luck. SpringOne Platform Learn More.

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Archive and restore Open Directory data

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