The wallpaper image that keeps resetting, is that file located on an external drive?? Or are you using one of apples wallpapers provided with Mountain Lion?? It is on the internal drive. I have actually tried moving the picture to a few different locations on the drivce. In folders, on the root of the drive, and the result is the same every time.

Picture gets reset. Dude, I just don't know. I'm gonna keep toying with this, if i find a solution i will post it here. Thats very similar to my problem I was using aperture and one of the pictures that i imported and edited I set as my wallpaper. After that I started having the "wallpaper resetting problem". Whats weird is that that picture that I set as my wallpaper was not even originally located on my computer but it still showed up as the wallpaper.

Now the picture is saved on my computer. Even if I try to set a different picture say one from google I have tried saving it in the same folder as the picture I got from aperture, and it does not save it just resets.

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Aug 18, AM. I think I may have a fix for us all, I was searching for quite some time and found this page, ran the instrutctions myself and restarted my mac and also shut it down and turned it back on, both times the wallpaper stayed and DID NOT revert back Set the picture as your wallpaper from that screen. Sorry if this is kinda hard to make sense of, im not that savvy with all this technical stuff.

Aug 31, PM. I have had the wallpaper switching on me to the default solid blue color whenever I restarted every month or so and when switching between users every other day or so. So this issue was very frustrating having to go back in and reset the wallpaper to my preference whenever I switched to either user.

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I found a solution that has been working for me for several restarts and several switching of users now:. First, I took some of your advice by locating all of my wallpapers into a 'Wallpaper' folder located in each user's 'Documents' directory. I copied to same wallpapers to each user so both user's have the same wallpapers to choose from.

Then, I installed the latest stable version of 'OnyX' freeware software.

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I used OnyX on both user accounts to run through practically all the settings to clean up the entire Mac Mac Mini, mid including: Verify [S. I generally left the default checked boxes alone and didn't change any settings and Executed the program to run as default. After running OnyX, I re-set my wallpapers for each user and went ahead and tested the restarting of the computer and switching back and forth between users. It was very easy to duplicate the bug previously, but now I could not get the wallpaper to switch back to the default blue as before.

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Everything seems stable with my wallpaper selection now. Nov 20, AM. That's kinda the problem. No matter what some of us do, the setting on the Control Panel only lasts a day or two before it resets itself to another Desktop Image, cycling at whatever speed it baselines at. Nov 20, PM. I have a history of speaking too soon, and this might well prove to be just the latest instance of it.

But I think I might have found a fix for this, or maybe two alternatives - i. In summary : At least in my experience, either using the system default 'Desktop Pictures' folder or renaming the system default 'Galaxy' file will result in your choice of desktop picture s sticking.

Dec 4, AM. ToU Disclaimer: this links to a page which contains other links which promote my services as a technical writer. Dec 4, PM in response to softwater In response to softwater. Thanks, Phil. I'm semi-geeky, but not geeky enough to understand this stuff. By changing all desktop backgrounds, do you mean when using spaces? I've never used that feature. I'd ideally like to have an alias of another folder in the 'Desktop Pictures' folder. But it seems the Desktop sys prefs limits the range of images to the top level of the selected folder.

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I might start another topic about that. Don't want to hijack this thread. My new background shows up in a tiled format. Either way thanks. I followed the steps, but my wallpaper ended up splitting into half with the top and bottom swapping positions. What could be the problem?

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Hope to hear from you soon! I believe you download a 11 inch MB air compatible wallpaper from Interfacelift. I got it! Also, when moving widgets around, big ghosting black squares remain…. Thanks it worked just fine for removing the background as well. How do I get rid of that one and add the new one? Thanks for the follow-up though! Login with Facebook.

About Ali Gajani Hi. I seriously love your site.. Thanks mate. Yes you should have. Control click on Dock. You must rename and replace the file instead of copying it simply. It should do the trick. Make the image p. Edy Mayen.

Works excellent, Thanks Bro!! This might be because of the resolution of the wallpaper and the device. Lizzy H. Save it somewhere safe.

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