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Loads custom points of interest in your Garmin device. Download Now. Garmin POI Loader allows you to load custom points of interest into your unit. The input files can be downloaded from the Internet or you can create your own. With POI Loader, you can configure the unit to alert you when you are within a certain distance of a point or if you are driving over a certain speed near a point; perfect to warn you about upcoming schools zones, red lights and speed cameras. The unit will also allow you to search for and navigate to the loaded points of interest.

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Version 2. Fixed bug with importing GPX files.

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Added ability to create new folder while saving to computer. Added support of Brazilian Portuguese language. Fixed bug with not displaying address information.

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Garmin POI Loader for Mac free Download

Smile Score. POI Loader allows you proceed if it finds files in the directory you've selected even though it does not show them. Name the category "BBCanada". The next screen that comes up is a list of TomTom's standard icons. You can choose one of those or you can use the BBCanada. Connect the TomTom to your computer, and turn on the TomTom. Three things will happen: You'll be asked if you want to connect the TomTom to your computer.

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Say yes. If it doesn't, please load it.

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Drag the new BBCanada. That installs the BBCanada. First, though, you'll be warned that a file with that name already exists in the folder.

You'll be asked if you want to replace it. Say yes; the small file that's already there is just a placeholder that was created when you named the category. You need to replace it with the real BBCanada.

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