If an organization is still using a legacy provisioning tool designed for physical servers, it may sometimes be possible to use such a tool to provision virtual servers. I recently assisted one organization with such a project. The software this particular organization was using required the administrator to specify the MAC address for the server that was to be provisioned.

How often do you need to configure virtual machine MAC addresses?

The specified server could then perform a PXE boot that would connect it to the provisioning software and begin the process of installing the operating system. Even if an organization does not depend on third-party inventory, monitoring or provisioning software, it may still be necessary to assign a static MAC address to a VM. Without a workaround, this limit would affect the total number of VMs that can be created on a host -- or more precisely, the total number of virtual NICs. Of course this raises the question of how an administrator can either assign or determine a VM's MAC address without the aid of a guest operating system.

The technique varies from one hypervisor to the next. Upon doing so, you will see the VM's settings window, which displays all of the VM's virtual hardware. Expand the "Network Adapter" container and click on the "Advanced Features" container. Knowing how to manually assign a static MAC address can make it easier to adapt a VM for use with software designed for the physical world, and may even allow you to overcome hypervisor level limitations.

Hyper-V MAC address conflicts.

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Monitoring network traffic in a VMware environment. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Kubernetes has become the most popular platform for managing containers. VMware might have a few opportunities to cash in on that Despite a slow start, the UEM market is on the rise. Microsoft's cloud-based Active Directory has different features than the on-premises version, and you'll need to do your homework Administrators weighed down by news of the BlueKeep vulnerability will have to contend with a similar bug some are calling Microsoft gives administrators access to many Office reports to pinpoint ways to improve user adoption rates and tighten up Virtual Instruments added more offerings to its cloud migration and hybrid infrastructure management portfolio with an It's time to learn the foundational concepts of Google Anthos, as well as its seven core components that set it apart from AWS VMware's new desktop-as-a-service product will get some play at VMworld.

How Managed Desktops differs from its Horizon 7 offering IT can prevent RDP security issues in a few ways. Learn how to use Group Policy and other best practices to protect against an Citrix Managed Desktops, which will be released Aug. Renegotiation, legal action and cancellation are all options if your colocation service agreement isn't up to par.

But each Training, testing and automation are all essential components to software updates. Implementing these concepts makes version The U.

Assigning a Virtual MAC to a Failover IP | OVH Guides

Brien Posey. Published: 18 Feb What VM automation tools are available? What are the most common virtualization automation mistakes? What organizations are best-suited for VM automation? You can reject cookies by changing your browser settings. Veeam Community Forums Veeam products and related data center technologies Skip to content. Quick links. My understanding was that each new VM should receive a unique, or at least random, MAC Address during the restore process.

Could anyone please clarify what should be happening here? I don't have access to the original source VM at the moment so I can't check to see if it's MAC is the same as the restored versions. Can you please send the screenshot to our support team where all restored VMs have the same MAC address? No complaints there, but we've worked through a few things and I'd like some forum comment on what we've seen. My last email to Support sums up my understanding if it's correct , so I'd like to receive comment back on what seems to me an issue with Veeam's MAC address management during certain restore scenarios.

That, or MAC address generation should be better taken care of automatically to avoid potential conflicts for a given restore scenario. I think for most people that option is used to restore a VM to an isolated environment for testing or verification. I can't see a scenario where I would restore a VM with different settings in a location where a conflicting MAC addresses would even be an issue. It seems as if you are trying to use VeeamZip to create a pseudo vCenter clone process.

How to properly clone a Nested ESXi VM?

This assumption on my part is based on restoring a VeeamZiped VM mulitple times. I think it would be a fair bit slower though.

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