You can organize the pictures in random with the help of the app and the app itself can decide which is the best picture to make a perfect collage automatically. Naming titles and delete duplicates are just easy movements. You are able to manage the photos on your iPhone as well. You can keep the photos organized by recording down the time and the place the photos were taken. The steps for using the app are quite simple. You can either allow the app to help you with everything or you can select the photos, layouts, and effects by yourself. You can choose to save the finished photo to the photo album or share the photo with your friends via social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Another useful app we would like to recommend now is ProCollage.

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  4. Video Collage Maker | How to Make a Video Collage?

This app is very easy to handle. It has three collage modes for you to choose: Freestyle, Template, and Stitch.

HP Photo Creations, libertad para imprimir y compartir tus collages de imágenes

You can decide the backgrounds, photo arrangements or more within the styles. You have multiple templates to choose in the Template Collage mode. Thus, you can arrange the layouts with whatever order you like and personalize the borders and backgrounds with no efforts. Freestyle mode is where you can add photos with no rules and limitations.

You can add a shadow to the photo under the freestyle and there are 15 themes for you to choose from. If you want to take a panorama photo then you can select the Stitching photo mode. This style allows you to take a panorama photo in either horizontal or vertical. With this style, you can personalize the backgrounds and borders as well. Like other apps we recommend above, this app also enables you to share the collages with your friends through major social network websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Moldiv is an app that gets 4 out of 5. It is an app with multiple functions since it provides unlimited creativity to regard the photo collages. There are a lot of beautiful frames and useful editing tools come with the app. You are able to combine and organize the photos to make a wanted collage with the frames and tools. Some of the collage effects are unique and can not be found in other apps. To make the collages more attractive and interesting, you can add some stamps or other decorations.

You can get this app for free. However, if you want to experience full of this app, you need to pay some of the features inside it.

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Shape Collage is a photo collage app that is originally designed for Mac only. The app step outside the normal circle of the collage making apps and is famous for its own creative thinking. It enables you to manage the photos in a circle or in the shape of a certain word.

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  • Edición de fotos y diseño gráfico hecho para todos.
  • And it only takes you only seconds to complete the process. You have over collage shapes like star, butterfly, and heart in the app. You can select maximum of photos and then the app will start to make photo collages as the shape you chose before automatically. At last, you can share the photo with your friends via social network or save it to your camera roll directly. You can try this app out in the following website. The amount of user means everything. Over 30 million users have tried LiveCollage Pro out. The app contains so many beautiful and unique form boards for users to make photo collages.

    This app makes the collages of photos quite easy to handle. You will find many varieties of this app and they are developed for Instagram. Well, no camera today put out square photos. What if you need the entire photo in the template box?

    Pic collage

    You should be able to reduce the photo so the larger dimension fits, and then fill the background with something - like letterboxing. This does not appear possible - or at least is the one option that isn't intuitive. Since I am using this to make single large collage images of products I am selling, I must have the entire photo visible. If I have to use another tool to resize each image, than this is essentially useless to me.

    Good for simple collage project.

    Programa gratis para crear fabulosos collage de fotos | diginota | Windows server, Collage, App

    Though heigh of frames are not all the same which resulting in wasted spaces top and bottom of printed album pages for rectangular collage. I just use the square ones. The redo function does not work once I drag another picture to a different slot and go back to delete the ones that previously inserted in any slot within the collage.

    Como hacer Collages en Mac - PhotoVideoCollage Pro Gratis

    So, I try to make sure that I got the right picture the first time or delete it before dragging another one to a different slot. Overview Samples Tutorial. Version: 1.

    BeFunky: Su solución creativa todo en uno

    More new templates will be available continuously. Free to replace photos and exchange them between different frames however you want. Crop photos to make them fit well within the frames. Quickly flip, mirror, and rotate photos by 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise.