This audio interface is equipped with a high-quality analog to digital converter for capturing every detail into your computer. It minimizes unwanted sounds with maximized signal quality. Your tracks will deliver amazing sound and mixing is made much easier.

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This analog circuit is engineered to dynamically optimize across a gain range of dB for delivering low distortion and amazing bandwidth. It's equipped with a high-quality digital to analog converter so you can interact more with the definition. The clarity promises a helping hand for precise adjustments when you are mixing the track. Features like Logic Pro X integration, the Apogee hardware control remote, and elementary control make this a premium choice.

Do you want to invest less and get the best? This audio interface is ideal for guitarists and songwriters. No matter how you play, the newly designed instrument can handle it all. Unwanted distortion lets you concentrate where it matters the most. It has the latest in mic preamps so you can accurately set the levels. Instrument input has also been completely re-engineered to easily handle hot guitar pickups.

An audio interface consists of many input and output connections. Before buying you need to know about every single type of ports and their functions. Interface connectors are used to connect the audio box to the computer. Universal Serial Bus is commonly used on budget audio interfaces as it is offered by every single computer.

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Firewire is used in high-end audio boxes and it offers a significantly faster speed compared to USB ports. They offer way faster data transferring speeds compared to both USB and Firewire. PCIE ports are usually found in professional audio boxes because it offers additional processing power and fast data transfer. Be sure to check your computer port when choosing an interface connection through which adapters can be used to convert the signals.

Be sure to check out the correct input channels as the real number of inputs is referred to mic preamp count, not the input count. For instance, if you want to use your microphone as is without a microphone preamp, then you have less input for other instruments as those inputs are dedicated for microphone preamps.

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The number basically depends upon your work type and the number of tracks you want to record at once. Engineers who record bands can need a minimum of 16 ports as a whole band can include many instruments. It's a software for editing, recording, and producing the signals that are digitized by the audio interface.

Form factor simply refers to the physical size and shape interface of electrical products.

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In audio interfaces, there are two types of Form Factors. If you are a beginner then you should consider a desktop interface as it is small and can be easily set up. Your instruments guitars, drum set , microphones, keyboard etc. When you connect them to the audio interface, the signals are converted by an Analog to Digital Converter so that they can be routed towards the computer. When the editing process is finished and you need to listen to the result, the interface cables send the digital signals back to the audio interface.

The audio interface converts them to analog signals by a Digital to Analog Converter. This software helps you to edit and create mixes within your monitoring outputs. This software is also included in budget-efficient audio interfaces. The software is copied to the CD which is inside the packaging.

Both connections are easily available on the computer. In most cases, USB or Firewire will do the job, but if you want some extra speed then you might consider a thunderbolt port. Just make sure that your audio interface supports up to 24 bits and 48 kHz if you really want to compete with the current music industry standards. Many audio interfaces offer lower bit rates like 16 bits but the quality is substandard. A good audio interface allows you to connect a variety of analog and digital signals. Microphones output a very weak signal; they need to be amplified by a preamp when connected to a mic input.

So a microphone needs a different type of input connector for pairing with line-level. These are better at rejecting noise and reducing ground hum.

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You can connect your speakers, keyboard, external effects, compressors, limiters and anything else that has a stereo line-level output. They allow you to send information into and out of a computer. People use MIDI feature to completely take over their instrument command in order to produce something new.

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MIDI ports are equipped with keyboards, guitars, etc. What are MIDI ports? At a glance: Our top 3 picks. A great make by one of the best in the business. Click here for price. This device comes with a 48v phantom power so that you can easily connect instruments, microphones, and line-level devices. It also has 4 analog inputs and the best mic preamps. While USB is by far the slowest of all 4 options, it is still more than fast enough to get the job done for the vast majority of home studios. So take that into consideration if you plan on using one.

One thing recording newbies often fail to realize is…. However in almost all cases, it includes some combination of these 3 :. Now that you know…make sure you actually have enough channels for your purposes. Otherwise you will be sorely disappointed. A fancy jargon term used by computer geeks…. The hardware is still the same, and therefore the sound quality will be just as good!

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For a 1st-hand view of the recording quality of the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 I could only find a video of the 1st generation, but it gives you a good impression to the sound quality take a look at the video demonstration below:. A device for someone looking for a compact, high-quality audio interface with Thunderbolt connectivity, alongside 6 outputs. If you happen to have a setup where the singer is separated from the engineer i. It was rather inexpensive for the price, and the quality of the recordings it provides is superior to other interfaces of the same price budget.

As you can see from the video demonstration below, the interface provides a fantastic audio recording quality!