how to take a screenshot on windows 8 on mac

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Oct 25, AM. Oct 26, AM. Oct 26, AM in response to a brody In response to a brody. Oct 26, AM in response to misalaram In response to misalaram. Some games that were ported to the Mac from Windows may have a bug that addresses their Windows code inadvertantly. Alternatively, they may have a minor component of Windows code much like WINE which doesn't require the full Windows to run on a Mac, and may be addressing a minor component that was ported.

Regardless, that question should be posed to the support department of the game developer.

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We can only speculate what is going on. On the internet it means you are shouting. I don't think that was your intent.

Re: Steps to install GTA 4 game in Mac?

It's hard to read and is universally considered to be "shouting. You are not texting here, you are trying to communicate. When asking others to volunteer their time to help you, make it easy for them to understand you. Oct 26, PM in response to igmackenzie In response to igmackenzie.

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Oct 26, PM. Never assume guilt. It shows an assumed disrespect. Torrents such as you describe are illegal except for freeware, unless distributed that way by the developer. If they are by the developer, the developer needs to say so on their own website that is where to obtain it.

If it is not, then you could be first in line to taste one of the few trojan horses that run on a Mac. Lastly, we can't help anyone who is obtaining their software from such a source. Misalaram, tell us your source.

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Oct 27, AM. You can read on AppDB if you want to know why.

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If you'll be successful then report that here so I could mark this script as available for PlayOnMac too. I have to say that I've got no experience with Mac computers. Indeed wined3d. It was patched and compiled by me earlier. You've got to search elsewhere if you would like to know how to patch Wine. As I said earlier I have unrar, PlayonMac just can't find it. Removing it causes the script to fail when it wants me to locate the GTA IV setup file but never brings up a finder file manager widget for me to select it I guess PlayonMac is not really finished yet.

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I've worked out the Xlive. So I feel like I am getting closer. Edited by Bhima. The patch is in this bug report.

More searching less asking. It's the only patch for that game. That means you haven't cracked game. Which patch i must to install to run correctly this game? Thanks, Berillions. I have a question. What do you've got to choose? I also don't know but it doesn't disturb. It's not a problem of the game but I think a problem with the shortcut. Am I the only person who has this problem? Please provide the scripter with some more info.

Start the terminal and write: playonlinux --run "Grand Theft Auto IV" Please copy and paste all the output from the terminal. Bay torrent site. It works perfectly, although sometimes a little laggy, but still It takes quite a long time to load, however. Please Log In to post.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This topic is locked from further discussion. Hey guys! Okay so heres a few questions ive got, so i just ordered a MacBook Pro Retina, and yeah i know, Mac's are NOT gaming laptops, but it would really be bloody awsome if i could get gta IV on there just as a fun thing to do when i have nothing else! I've seen a tonne of YouTube videos of people playing it on their mac, but many of them seem to have boot camp installed and i dont really want to slow down my mac, or ruin it, installing all that stuff Id be really grateful if anyone could help me out!

Many thanks :. You would have to install bootcamp if you really wanted to play GTA 4, sorry.