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Anybody know what capabilities that Mac scanner has? Injector kill, contribution test, trans relearn, etc? Would love to hear from someone that has one! I can get it for ! Which one are you looking at, I can as the Mac guy when he gets here for some literature on it. Ebay is the place to buy one, no sticker shock like off the truck. You can usually find them with the newest software to. Looking at the mac scout Talked to my Mac guy, said absolutely no problem will do any and all functions for any light duty diesel with standard software.

He said depending on what you wanna spend, you may want to look into the Launch as well, as he states the extra 1k is a really great investment for what you get. Edit: Of course he says that theses scanners outperform Snap-ons in every way for a way cheaper price. But i tend to believe him, as my friend who owns a very successful repair shop sold all his Snap-ons a month after getting a Mac to try, and replaced them all with Launches.

You are your own worst enemy. AutoEnginuity has been a strong scanner for our shop.

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Two way coms and a whole lot less than Snappy and other big names. We ran it side by side with a Snappy Modis and found we liked the AutoEnginuity better. If you already own a laptop the it is also much, much less expensive than the big names. In perfect isolation here behind my wall Waiting for the worms to come. It's the size of the fight in the dog. I have a snap on versus for sale with euro and most current update pm if interested.

Mac Tools ET6200 Mentor Touch Scout Scanner MRST 568777 Main OBD2 OBDII Cable 6'

Works pretty slick. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. It's a fuel tank for an ass-whoopin' machine. The Genisys Encore is pretty good. Since it's mostly for you you won't have to buy the extra stuff that allows it to reprogram and that will save you some money. Most of the ones I've seen available will read codes, give access to datastreams and do whatever input commands are available to whichever ecm you want to look at.

With those 3 data points, you can figure out damn near anything on a modern car. So feel free to hold off on the updates till you absolutely need to since the newest version will access every year prior. The little bluetooth and wired OBDII connectors for use with a smartphone or computer work just fine, the software is where the differences are. To get good functionality you generally have to pay for it. You will eventually find a model or individual cars that refuse to communicate, a trouble code is wrongly identified, etc.

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It seems most of the updates are actually made to address these issues, not add in the latest car models. Heck, most of the time the newest vehicles our scantools cover is really just generic OBDII disguised as the "latest" model update. Usually you have to go back at least three model years to get full functioning. OTOH, some updates just add to the issues. Go below overdrive and you no longer get the correct data for what gear is selected.

Which if you use it much, will happen. The cable has an electronic box in the middle, the actual cable frays where it enters the box. All it needs is a new cable section that plugs right in once the box is opened, but OTC won't sell you the cables. This is the older Evo one, not the Encore. Please keep them coming as things like KernelKrink just mentioned are things really worth knowing. Given that I won't really be making money with this tool, but rather using it for my own vehicles, I'm looking for a good used setup. Right now the only thing I've got that needs a scanner is our '98 Suburban, but with a wife that appreciates the comforts of the newer vehicles who knows what the future will hold.

Personally I'd rather get her into a nice 1st Gen Camaro, or another classic, with some modern upgrades. The only problem there is one that's ready to role are going for as much as a new car Again, thanks for the replies, and any further advice on these things is greatly appreciated. You might go to the Launch website and see if there is anything there that would work for you.

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