Obtained text, can be used for any purpose because it is always 'clean' with no code inside and ready to use in any other application. Process many files at once dropping them on the 'To Text Converter' main window, in that case it will save more files each with the relative text inside, all in a single step.

TextEdit Setup for HTML Editing

The latest processed file and the converted oneIt can able to shown in the finder and directly opened pressing a button. Shows in the window path to the converted and created files. Can save results in a custom folder or near the originals It's safe.

To Text Converter

It never touches or modifies the original files. Works using Drag and Drop. Easy to use, no learning curve at all.

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Anyone can use it from the start. It uses a log to register any processed file.

Convert Rich Text to Plain Text on a Macbook Pro

Log is retained over runs and can be reset when you like. Native Intel 64 bit to take full advantage of the power of the latest Macs We develop for Mac from a long time. Optimized for macOS You may also read what's new in each version by going to To Text Converter Releases.

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Mac Apps:. To Text Converter Log can be retained over re-run and reset when you need it.

TextEdit and Basic HTML Is All You Need to Code a Webpage

The same conversions can also be achieved from the temrinal by using the textutil command. If you find yourself doing this often with emails sent to and from older Windows machines, you can set the OS X Mail app to default to sending emails as plain text which can prevent a lot of the stranger characters and formatting issues from developing completely. Sending documents and email as plain text also has the advantage of reducing total byte counts, which could be important for those with very limited internet speeds either through modems or the painfully slow 2G EDGE networks.

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Writing HTML With Macintosh TextEdit

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I have made myself an automator service which receives the selected text in any application. So instead of copying some selected text like normal, I just run this service. It puts a plain-text copy of the text on the clipboard so now you can paste it anywhere as plain text.

Writing HTML With MacIntosh TextEdit

This app does a really great job of converting rich text clipboard content to plain text. Extremely handy.

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