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Now it's time to generate some new code at last! Choose New from CodeWarrior's File menu and save the file as "spy. Type the following into the spy. Create another file inside CodeWarrior and save this one to disk as "spy. Type the following into the "spy. Add spy. SimpleSendHighLevelEvent does exactly what its name implies: it creates and sends a simple high-level event. If the first try returns a value of 'session was closed' , it makes a second attempt. The implementation of SpyOutputDebugString above does not test for a return value.

Also worth noting is that SpyOutputDebugString could easily be replaced with other functionality. The buffer passed in could be converted to a Pascal string and passed to DebugStr for example. It could open a text file and write the information to disk. It could also be modified to pass the buffer to another ActiveX control such as the Console control for output.

The SDK Popup sample actually contains an example of the latter. Now that SpyOutputDebugString is in place, it's time to instrument the SpyClock sample so that we can track code execution when the control is running. Open CBaseControl. Then add SpyOutputDebugString statements to the beginning of each method implementation in the file. Inside CBaseControl::SetSite, for example, add the following statement at the beginning of the member function:. Note that the message passed to our output routine contains a complete reference to the method called, that is, it reflects the specific interface IObjectSite which is wrapped by CBaseControl.

These 'complete' function names appear in the comments prefacing each CBaseControl method. Don't forget to add a include of "spy. Now it's time to build our new control! This detailed control modification example should tell you all you need to know in order to start creating your own ActiveX controls on the Macintosh today. The SDK is filled with interesting, powerful examples to study and serve as a basis for the next generation of content-rich Web development. ActiveX is built on a native Macintosh implementation of COM, which has been broken out of OLE and optimized to support high-performance, lightweight, in-process control objects.

Why not get started on your own today, and see what comes next, tomorrow? For those of you with wind left in your lungs and a desire to dive even deeper into what makes ActiveX tick on the Macintosh platform, read on.

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An Interface is an array of function pointers known as a virtual table. The functions pointed to by the members of a vtable are called the methods , or member functions , of the interface. This contract includes the name of the interface and its methods, the parameter types, and the purpose of each member function. An object must implement all methods in an interface and adhere to the defined protocol or intent of each routine.

As shown in the figure above, applications implement an IContainer interface to host ActiveX controls. The IContainer interface can be implemented for each container of controls within the application, or potentially for the application itself. Typically, an implementation of this interface would be instantiated for each document of an application that hosts controls.

This interface would also be implemented by controls that will host other controls.

A control site is an object in the application that is instantiated for each control. The control site implements interfaces needed by the application and the control hosted by the site. The control site object generally exposes a Control Site API to the client application to enable creation and destruction of the control site.

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The control site may optionally expose an IControl interface on the site object, used by the client application once the control has been created. Alternatively, the control site may simply return the IControl interface of the hosted control to allow more direct communication. QueryInterface provides the basic COM mechanism for interface negotiation retrieval of pointers to specific interfaces.

AddRef and Release comprise COM reference counting, a mechanism for controlling object lifetime which allows independent objects to obtain and release pointers to the same object without coordination. A control site object exposes at least an IUnknown interface and IContainerSite interface to the hosted control. Other interfaces are acquired by querying the IUnknown interface of the site or through the IServiceProvider interface.

A typical control site object design appears as follows. Sites connect to controls by passing a pointer to their IUnknown interface to the control. Controls will typically immediately query the site for the IContainerSite interface, which will become the primary callback interface. Communication to the control can occur through any number of interfaces, the most basic being the IControl interface. The IControl interface allows the control to receive calls such as events, focus notifications, activation notifications, and drawing.

If a control has no persistent data or properties, this is all that must be implemented.

A typical control object design is shown here. With this information, it is possible to use base classes provided in the SDK to build controls by overriding a few methods. This section documents in more detail the interfaces that can be implemented by control writers. Controls that have persistent properties must implement one or more IPersist interfaces. For many of these interfaces, the Macintosh ActiveX SDK provides default implementations so that many controls only need to override a few methods to get baseline functionality.

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Since the control site either implements or delegates important functionality from the outside world, this interface is very important. The interface is defined as follows:. IObjectWithSite::SetSite simply gives the control an IUnknown interface to use for obtaining other interfaces on the site as shown above in the control site diagram. With these two interfaces it is theoretically possible to write a minimally functional ActiveX control.

Of course, the control would have no UI and could not handle events. But it could use the site to get properties and stream data. In order to write a truly useful control that has UI and participates more completely in the life of the container, the IControl interface must be implemented. This important interface is covered in detail in the ActiveX Technical Guide. Of these, IPersistPropertyBag is the recommended interface for retrieving properties that are specified either on the command line or in a URL for a run-time control.

When the control receives this call it can use the IPropertyBag interface given to read the persistent properties.

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ActiveX for Macintosh uses these interfaces as specified in other sources. References include:. In order to get data across the Internet that is not retrieved as a simple property from a property bag interface, controls must support data streaming interfaces as documented in the URL Moniker and Asynchronous Moniker. The control must implement only the IBindStatusCallback interface for notifications such as progress, data available, and stop binding.

In particular, the control must implement the IBindStatusCallback::OnDataAvailable method for notification whenever new data is available from the net. The URL Moniker interfaces support both a push and pull model of data streaming as well as file streaming. You can ask questions through your Premier Level support contract.

You can also ask questions through your Priority Level contract or purchase individual Priority Support incidents essentially a one-time fee for a single issue or problem. If you would like more information on Microsoft's paid support options, call Microsoft Support Sales at from a. Pacific time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Newsgroups are a great place for free peer support.

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How to Use Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X the Easy Way

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