how to take a screenshot on windows 8 on mac

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Both machines are OS X Mavericks. Imran Imran 5 5 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. C is actually connecting to A in my example. Does this mean the connections on both sides are encrypted? If it effects speed I only need to have an encrypted connection from machine A to B.

Screen sharing remotely over ssh?

Yes, both sides will be encrypted. If you want to squeeze out that last bit of speed, you can have the port on Machine B opened to your internal network, but I don't recommend putting in the effort.

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It seems too many things have to fall in into place for the SSH to work as an adequate backup to turning on remote access or screen sharing. First, When doing screen sharing I already have network access to the computer. So that is not an issue. He respects that we can determine for ourselves which tips are for us, without arbitrarily labeling them. The trick is to never respond to anyone calling you asking for access. Someone with an Indian accent rings you up claiming they are calling from Windows, saying there are problems they need to help you resolve. If you allow them in, your computer belongs to them—and all the personal data on it.

If you contact a service provider, which may also be in India, be sure you know they are legitimate before you let them onto your system. Frankly this is a more common issue for Windows users, whose computers may be hinky right out of the box due to all the crapware resellers dump on them. Tech support, if you contact them by phone, will direct you to a URL from which you can download an app that will allow them to basically run a screen sharing session with you.

The app expires when you close out the session.

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We have learned so far that ssh is a really useful and flexible protocol. It can be used to connect securely to a remote shell, or to transfer files securely. Rather than providing the shell itself, ssh provides a secure way to transmit data to and from the remote shell. In a similar way, ssh can be used to provide access to other remote services as well. Access to important services are usually blocked behind a firewall or router.

Since ssh , when setup correctly, is quite secure, you can usually get access to a server with ssh even when other protocols are blocked.

Debug with Screen Sharing for mac os builds | CircleCI Ideas

Though some administrators move ssh access to a different port than the default Imagine you want to use Screen Sharing to connect to a remote Mac remote. Since VNC itself is inherently insecure, mac Screen Sharing adds a few things to make it more secure this port is blocked by many firewalls. However, I do have ssh access to remote.

Sharing Screen - Linux - Screen sharing in linux terminal (SSH) - Networknuts

The tunnel starts on my local machine and ends on remote. The starting point also needs a port number, and I can basically choose freely.

Port numbers under and over are reserved for the system and require root privileges. I will choose for the local port. You can just try this with a second Mac or virtual machine in your network, even without a firewall.

MacOS Screen Sharing over the Internet using SSH

The -N option tells ssh that we do not want to invoke a remote shell or run a remote command. The -L option creates a local port forwarding setup. This option takes a parameter with three or four parts, separated by colons :. The first pair localhost are the tunnel start point.