Click the plus button and select The My Book Live is a great solution because it comes ready to work with Time Machine out of the box. Selecting MyBookLive in the Spotlight Privacy Tab tells Spotlight to NOT to include your Backup in its search results otherwise you will see two of everything in every search — the original and the backup. I have this same set up and tried to restore from it yesterday and received a you do not have permission message i am the administrator, owner and only user.

I called Apple and was told that time machine would not now work with a non apple network drive and had to use either a USB or Firewire drive.

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I do not understand why it would not work as i can easily see the drive and the contents of both the public folder and the backup that were taken. Any ideas? I have purchased a mybook live to use with my imac but will try tot get a refund if it will not work with timemachine.

How to Fix Wi-Fi / Network Issues on Mac

I have the same set up problem too — trying to run Time Machine on MyBook Live and not working at all. Would love to hear ideas on this too! Time Machine starts up but it never finishes. This is exactly what happens for me. Did you ever get it to work? I am also having the same problem, backing up my new imac 1 month old with lion on to a WD mybooklive that I previously used to successfully back up 2 windows PCs running Vista no probs.

LAN connection to my WD Book

I was initially planning to reset the WD drive to factory settings and then try the time machie back up- my reasoning being that mac and windows back ups on same drive causes the problem. I think it was some kind of permissions issue, when clicking the shared drive it now says Connected as: admin below is how I did it -. Share on. Create account or Sign in. What is a Wiki? How can I edit pages? Site Manager. Any help would be appreciated, spec below - Mac OS X - Reply Options.

Connection Failed - Mac OSX - Hacking WD MyBook World Ed

Have you looked in the system logs for any further info? No I haven't I don't really know what I'm looking for. I have uploaded the log here if you wouldn't mind having a look? Is this something to do with it? You may have to press disconnect to refresh the list. AFAIK to mount them automatically on login you have to drag the share to the login item list, select Apple Icon looks like, well an apple, top left of screen select System Preferences then in the Accounts panel, then Login Items.

About eFAT and FAT32

Hi pfoomer, 1. All other preferences seem to open. Hum at a guess I think something has happened to your mac. Also have you lost power to it while it was running?

Then reboot from the hard disk and see if it works. If that fails, you can reinstall osx from the DVD, then reapply any updates via software update. I will let you know how I get on, I'd rather not do a complete rebuild as I've just got everything how I like :- I will try a repair first if the package install doesn't work Thanks for you help thus far!!

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Hi a rebuild preserves the other files so its not as bad as it sounds. Unfortunately I still can't connect to the drive??? Is there a way I can remove and re-add the drive maybe? Thanks again for you help and suggestions. I think it was some kind of permissions issue, when clicking the shared drive it now says Connected as: admin below is how I did it - In Finder, click Go and point to Connect to Server. Enter smb: wdsharespace or smb: mybookworld and click Connect. Leave the "Workgroup or Domain" field as the default but enter "admin" into the "Name" and "Password" fields. Choose a share on the drive.