So I sent the message to each address individually, expecting the problem address to fail. But none did. All of the addresses were correct after all. So I don't know. Message is gone, Outbox is clear. Wait to see if it continues to be a problem. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

Best Answer. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Since it's a MS product, it's going to be a MS solution. If there is a log generated by Outlook for this problem, you would find it in the Console app. I guess I have to switch to iCloud address everytime to avoid such annoyance. Now I will go back to the rest of the stuck dozen messages, and if they are not too stale, send from iCloud.

None of the above work because my email had an attachment. None of the above worked. My problem started when I tried to send an email to someone else with attachments from my ipad 3. Solution : I opened a pdf file from my ibooks and used the send email option to send that file to myself. I checked on my pc that it was sent and received. It was. The jammed email I tried to send earlier then appeared on my ipad and there was an option to delete it. After that, everything was fine.

Problem solved! Whenever I try to send an email, with any kind of attachment from my iPad, it gets stuck in the outbox, from either gmail or exchange accounts. Thank you Yoav from Nov. After trying other suggestions without success, your instructions worked!

Apple Mac Mail problems sending outbound messages

Is there something wrong with my Ipad itself? We have two ipads where the exchange mail constantly gets stuck in the outbox and does not send or receive until the ipad connects to wifi, or the user puts airplane mode on and off. I have tried deleting and re-setting the accounts. Thanks You. You are the best. Tried 2days to delete a sending message and your method is the only one that works. None of your suggestions worked. I have this email and my gmail and it is the gmail that does this on my ipad air. Only way to send if not at home is iCloud account. Sad because I try to save iCloud for emails of tickets and holiday bookings etc.

I too had an unsent email stuck in spinning land for about 3 weeks. Others would delete just fine, but one was truly stuck. After reading these suggestions, Duane and Lee, in particular, I was able to delete the unsent email by putting the phone in airplane mode and THEN rebooting. The edit option was available and poof, it was deleted. JennA is correct. Once the phone is put in Airplane mode, shut it down and turn it back on.

Only then will you be able to delete. You can also try resetting network settings to recconnect the server or sign out of the email account and sign back — usually works! I am familiar with the issue. My stuck email constantly shows a waiting or spinning action, kind of like the pinwheel, and it does it all the time. Did you get a resolution to this. Just continually stuck here. HAd to delete the account. Took some time, as it was a icloud account — which meant resetting all of the icloud info. But finally complete. I have just given up using mail and started messaging or communicating via my iPad.

I could try a chat session with Apple forum but really most of the time that is a waste of time. Quite frequently the iPhone fails to detect a valid network connection to use. Appreciate this may not be the best of solutions for everyone but there are free or very cheap Bon solutions out there and it seems to work for me.

I use two email accounts. One is via wanadoofr. It is then sent successfully. It only takes about 5 seconds to do all this. This has happened a lot. I have reverted to select the message script, delete the mail and try again pasting it in. If I do not do that, it winds me right up and the iPad is moments away from an increase in gravity downwards to the floor.

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I have multiple email accounts and encounter this problem often when replying to messages. Going into Airplane Mode for just a couple seconds usually solves all connectivity issues in iOS, be it with Mail. For example, when the Twitter. I am always able to delete by deleting the mail account and then reinstalling. I sent an email a couple of days ago and then the next day found this message in my outbox.

I thought I had forgotten to send it. I later was looking at my sent box and sure enough there were two copies. Duhhh Jean!! I have emails, I know the best emails. We are all going to get emails folks, so many emails.

Resolve Mac Mail Stuck in Outbox Problem in Mac Mail/Apple Mail

Mail is not my primary e-mail app of use, but it gets invoked when I want to refer others to an article on a webpage. I could imagine that this spawning would be the cause of this not-sending despite the jet sound played. Usually I can continue using other apps on an iPad Air 2, the size of RAM may matter and wait for the messages to eventually get sent in the background. I imagine that this is speeded up by making the account involved active.

I may resort to manually trying to send them when I feel pressed. When that happens, put your phone in airplane mode which turns off internet network search.

Hint Options

At that time then you will be able to tap on edit then delete the unsent email. Hope this helps!! I just had the problem due to too big an attachment. The mail client was just keeping on trying to send the stuck message with Edit disabled. Turn the phone off and reboot. Silly usability error really. Mahalo, Yoav! Yours was the only fix for mail stuck in the outbox that worked for me.

Thank you for posting that solution. Worked for me too! Thanks, but when I tried to tick the rogue email in edit mode, it just came up with an error. Then it gave me the option to save or delete the email and I was able to get rid of it. At least you got me on the right track — also had it sitting in my iphone for months with the spinning symbol.

OMG a solution that finally worked. Thank you I have had an email stuck in my outbox for 2 months. Why apple does not have this type of support is sad. Thanks so much. Worked on this for 2 hours, as others-apparently. Now good to go! Have a great day, week, life. Thank you sooooooo much. I tried three of four other methods, including some on my own, and nothing worked. Until now!! Thanks again my friend. Thank you Yoav, this was soooo frustrating — lots of love — you are a wonderful human being!

Bless you, this is the only solution that worked, for me, also. I tried all the reboot, flight mode, edit never appeared until your solution. I hope this helps! OMG, Thanks! Like the others on this thread, this is the only tip that worked for me. OMG-Thank you!! This has been driving me crazy and every email went right to the outbox-then I had to open it and then resend over and over again! You are awesome! Thank you Yoav! Yours is the only solution that worked. I love free tech advice, you guys are the best!

I did find out that the hard reboot process for the iPhone 7 and 8 had changed from the previous models though — so anyone wondering why your fingers were about to drop off holding down the home and the power button simultaneously just stop doing that and do this instead: Quick press up volume, quick press down volume, then hold power button down until apple symbol appears.

This is the answer when stuck in send mode with large attachment! Thank you that was driving me crazy! Thank you. After 18 days of trying everything else, and draining my battery…. I put my phone on airplane mode, took off wifi, then shut it off. WHen I went back into the email, I was able to delete it. Thank you so much. I had it spinning for over two months, and yours was the only fix that worked for me. Thank you!

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I tried sending a large recording via email. It did not go threw and now my email app is frozen.


How do I unfreeze it so that I can try to retrieve the recording. Any suggestions? This was the ONLY solution that worked for me. Good Luck. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Email Stuck in Outbox on iPhone or iPad? Doreen says:. March 31, at pm.

Linda says:. March 3, at pm. Randman says:. January 18, at pm. T Perret says:. December 27, at pm. T says:. August 1, at am. Sharon says:. November 12, at am. Carol says:. September 20, at pm. I keep getting the spinning circle with every few characters that I type. I have tried all of the suggested steps above but the email is nowhere to be found. Any other suggestions? Unfortunately, no, I don't have any other suggestions. Test machine with Outlook isn't working so I can't try the steps to see what might be wrong.

I'm having the exact same issue. I can't "X" out on the sending item in the Progress Folder. Let me know if you have any answers! This is with the older original outlook client that came with Office or the newer Outlook client with the blue icon? Oh i have the same thing! I have 1 outbox message - managed to delete the pic that was too big but cannot get rid of this stupid message! It says it is partially downloaded, but i try to delete - won't delete.

It's odd, my messages are being send, however after they are sent and the process, they are sent to the Oubox and they stay there after the fact that they've been sent can't seem to make the stupid folder go way! What type of email account are you using?

[SOLVED] Outlook for Mac stuck message - Spiceworks

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