The company Whitesmoke was set up in , and they sell affordable online proofreading software by the same name for Mac and Windows. You can use Whitesmoke to check your articles for spelling and grammar mistakes , punctuation mistakes and more. It's useful for writers and non-English speakers on a tight budget. It also identifies errors in sentence structure. Whitesmoke works in almost all browsers including Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox, depending on what version you subscribe to.

Whitesmoke also offers online grammar check apps for iOS and Android. You will need internet access for it to work. Whitesmoke Essential is a type of online grammar corrector software that's compatible with your web browser only. Whitesmoke is the cheapest of the online proofreading software that I've featured in this review.

In , like Grammarly, the company updated its user interface. The version of Whitesmoke I tested for this best grammar checker review features a translator, although it supports eight languages rather than 64 no Yiddish! Whitesmoke also offers a number of templates for writing projects like cover letters, grant proposals, thank you messages and so on. Unusually, Whitesmoke doesn't offer monthly subscriptions. You can save more money if you buy a three-year subscription, at the time of writing this best grammar checker review. Whitesmoke is more affordable than Grammarly.

It's accurate too as you can see in my video comparison review. Making changes to your documents also involves an extra step compared to Grammarly in that you must export the final version to text document. Whitesmoke is cheaper than includes support for more languages than Grammarly. So in short, you can trade speed and looks to save a little money on your grammar checker of choice.

Since writing this grammar checker review and recording the above video, I received several questions from readers and commenters about ProWritingAid. So I tested this spelling and grammar checker for this review well. Like the other Grammar checkers featured in this review, you can download a desktop app for Mac and Windows or install a plugin for your browser. There's even a Scrivener integration! Alternatively, you can upload a document containing your writing. Prowriting Aid offers a two-week free trial. This makes ProWritingAid the cheapest grammar checker in this review.

When I pasted my text into ProWritingAid web app, it kept the source formatting including my choice of colours and fonts. I particularly liked a feature called Echoes. This feature identified places where I overused turns of phrase and other words. This is a useful feature for improving your writing skills. This struck me as particularly useful for fiction writers who want to improve the quality of their sentences.

The version I tested only supports British and American english, so it's less ideal if you write in more than one language or you're learning english.

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ProWritingAid also took longer than Grammarly and Ginger to identify these mistakes and the user interface wasn't as polished. This is great for improving your web writing skills. Well, web readers have a shorter attention-span than those consuming print look squirrel!

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Tailoring your blog post for this audience is easy to achieve with ProWritingAid because you can simplify it. Although the WordPress plugin Yoast also contains this feature, it's useful if you write outside of WordPress. The desktop version enables you to open Scrivener files directly in ProWritingAid , fix typos and other grammar issues and then save back to Scrivener.

This is a clever feature, but I prefer to run the final exported books file from Scrivener through a grammar checker before moving to Vellum for self-publishing. I also only use Scrivener these days for long-form writing and instead rely on IA writer for producing articles like these. Still, if you're are on tight budget and can't afford the other premium grammar checkers in this review, ProWritingAid represents a good choice.

The 5 Best Spelling and Grammar Check Apps of 12222

It's also useful for fiction writers and those who use Scrivener a lot. I've used Grammarly for years because it's fast and accurate. That said, some new writers don't like paying the monthly subscription free, which I totally understand. If you want to use a more affordable tool than Grammarly, consider ProWritingAid. It's not as fast or as easy to use as Grammarly. They also don't have mobile grammar checker apps.

However, ProWritingAid is relatively accurate and more affordable. It's also particularly useful if you like Scrivener or write fiction. I've used After the Deadline on and off for years for checking blog posts. After the Deadline is easy to use and ideal for bloggers and anyone who publishes articles on their website. After the Deadline uses artificial technology to check your posts and articles.

It highlights misused words in red, grammar mistakes in green and style suggestions in blue. It's also free for personal use. It catches more errors than Word and is free! If you're a blogger, I recommend using After the Deadline to check your posts before you hit publish via the WordPress plugin. However, I had trouble getting the Chrome plugin to work properly while writing this review and preferred the Grammarly plugin for checking my writing outside of WordPress.

Use both tools to catch typos and other mistakes before hitting publish or sending your writing to someone else. If you're a writer on a budget, don't worry about the premium grammar checker tools in this review for now. I recommend printing out longer articles and reading them aloud as another line of defence. You should also always hire a proofreader if you're an author. Like Ginger, SpellCheckPlus will help you learn more about writing in a second language and also the intricacies of english grammar.

Unlike the other grammar checker tools in this post, it's a barebones grammar checker for finding and fixing errors on the go. You can't add custom words to a dictionary, specify writing styles and so on. So, it's less useful for fiction writers. You also can't use it outside of a web-browser. Personally, I prefer using dedicated apps to checking longer pieces of writing as I get distracted easily. Still, this grammar checker is free and effective if you want to check shorter pieces of writing.

That's an affordable price for most new writers. Write the truest sentence that you know. I use Grammarly to check my articles and book chapters for mistakes. I also paste second and third drafts into Hemingway Editor while self-editing. Hemingway Editor highlights complex sentences in red, instances of the passive voice in green and adverbs and blue. Deciding what to fix or ignore is down to your taste and writing style.

Hemingway Editor doesn't offer suggestions or provide context like the other grammar checker tools in this post. It does, however, help me write more clearly. The desktop app doesn't have any additional features. That said, I like using it as I get distracted when writing within a web-browser. I came across this tool while researching this post and tried using it to check my writing.

It works similarly to SpellCheckPlus via a web-browser. Unfortunately, the site contained many different ads and pop-ups and I couldn't check my writing property. GrammarChecker rewrites shorter pieces of writing automatically. Ideally, it finds suitable synonyms, swaps out words and so on. The result is supposed to be SEO-friendly, plagiarism-free text. I also found the accuracy off-putting.

It didn't catch some grammar mistakes and errors in my work and inserted some odd words. To be honest, I'm not sure what type of writer would consider a paraphrasing tool like this useful. Writers can use Reverso to check multiple languages for spelling, grammar mistakes and other common issues. You can also use these tool to translate your text into different languages including German, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish and more. It works offline and you can speak words into the app if typing isn't for you.

Ginger Software Review

As it has a word-count limit of characters, it's useful for checking or translating shorter pieces of writing. Examples include a brief email or a social media post. I liked how I could check the definition of certain words and their synonyms via one or two clicks within Reverso. This is a useful method for self-editing. Reverso also provides lots of context that will help you learn english. After some digging, I found out the tool is powered by Ginger software, which explains its support for non-english languages. It's a good tool, that works much like Ginger. It's difficult to spend hours working on a draft and then find and catch errors by yourself.

Much like the hiker who spends hours inside a forest, you won't be able to see the woods from the trees. These days, I use grammar checkers like the ones in this review to find and find errors fast. I also work with an editor who checks my articles and book chapters for errors.

Thanks to this mono-spaced font and the extra white space, your eagle-eye will spot issues easier and your ear will catch them.

Download Grammar and Spelling Checker for Mac: Grammarly

Who needs a spelling or grammar checker? Everyone can use a spelling or grammar checker. They will teach new writers more about english and grammar. Any writer who takes their craft seriously should use a premium grammar checker as another line of defence.

They will help you find and fix errors faster. As good as they are, please remember to hire a proofreader if you're an author. Is there any good English grammar checker that doesn't require a monthly fee? Consider the free versions of Grammarly or Ginger. You don't need to pay a monthly fee to use them. Why aren't there any grammar checkers that works offline? Grammar checkers rely on software that works online or in the cloud.

If you want an offline grammar checker, use Word or Hemingway Editor. Alternatively, write your earlier drafts offline. When you're finished, go back online and paste your draft into a grammar checker of choice. Is this grammar checker safe to use? Unless you're writing something legally or commercially sensitive, then yes.

Grammar Check and Spelling Check - Grammarian

A good grammar checker won't monitor your content. As an example, check out Grammarly's Privacy Policy. I'm worried about plagiarism, what should I do? A grammar checker like Grammarly can help you find instances of plagiarism online. Simply paste your work into it to find out if you've been plagiarised. A good grammar checker will also scan your draft and tell you if it's too much like another well-known piece of writing. That's useful for college students who are new to research and writing essays. If you're worried about being plagiarised, it's highly unlikely that anything you paste into a grammar checker will be used elsewhere.

Which are some good punctuation checker apps? Grammarly, Ginger or Hemingway Editor are all good. What's the best grammar checker for writers? Personally, I use Grammarly and Hemingway Editor regularly. I write non-fiction and these serve my needs as they are affordable, accurate and fast. Is Microsoft Word grammar checker accurate? It does the job if you're on a budget. That said, I always recommend printing out longer pieces of writing more than 1, words and hiring a proofreader for books.

What's the best free grammar checker on the internet? Consider SpellCheckPlus for checking writing on the go. Is Grammarly a reliable grammar checker? It's my tool of choice. Check out my Grammarly review and claim a discount. I'm looking for an online grammar checker that's not Grammarly. What should I pick? Ginger is the most comparable. Alternatively, consider WhiteSmoke. What are some other websites like Grammarly? Ginger is the most similar to Grammarly. It offers more support for non-english writers. Reverso is also comparable.

What are the grammar checker apps on a mobile? Grammarly, Ginger and Reverse all work on a mobile. Ginger and Reverso will help if you write in other languages. You can also use the dictionary built into your smart phone, although it's less accurate. What are the best online English grammar checker website for blogging? If you're pasting final drafts into WordPress, use any of the tools in this review.

Alternatively, install the Grammarly or Ginger plugins. What grammar checkers work with Word? WhiteSmoke works quite well with Word. It provides options not available in Word such as templates and a detailed thesaurus. Please remember, always work with a human proofreader for longer pieces of writing like a book chapter or long article. Having worked on a translation project for a large company, I'd also caution against solely relying on software to translate your writing from your language of choice to English. I am using it on Chrome and sometimes it creates signin issues.

Grammarly is one of the finest proofreading tools available in the digital market. Keep up it. Have a nice Week ahead. Your recommendations are very impressive.

Why You Need Grammarian PRO2

I never used this before and from now I want to use this tool. Do you know any other tools like this please let me know. I think grammarly is great overall, very useful. I got to use it once when a company I wrote for asked its writers to use it before every article submission. I installed this 2 days before. I really liked it. So rechecking was a difficult task for me. But after I started using, this app helped allot for the spelling mistake and saved my valuable time. Thank you Harsh for this wonderful article.

Have a great day ahead. Never tried the Chrome Extension but will surely give it a go. Thanks for the awesome post. I certainly will follow your recommendation on pinning it to my dock. Grammarly will certainly help with the e-book that I am planning. Thank you Harsh. I am still in the process editing my old blog posts; it was shameful to found out I had a lot of errors, that was before I used Grammarly. Of course, because English is not my native tongue language. Not happy. I write in Word, import to Grammerly, make corrections, export to documents, delete older version of document.

Later on, re-read document, make changes, import into grammerly, delete older version of document on grammerly, make corrections, export to Documents, delete older saved document. Fix this! Or tell me how to get my money refunded. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.