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Make sure your Mac has enough hard drive space

Boot Camp installs Windows in a dual-boot configuration, which means both operating systems will be installed separately. There are a couple of drawbacks to consider. The integration with macOS amazingly well done, and the speed blows away Virtualbox. In the long run, the price is well worth it.

You can even use Parallels to load your Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine while you are in macOS, giving you the best of both worlds. Windows 8. Ready to install Windows?

Can you run ONLY Windows on a Mac? - Super User

First, Intel-built processors wind up in the Mac. After drawing the short straw volunteering to help out, I set out to see what it would take to install the hack, get XP up and running on my Intel-powered Mac mini , and then see what kind of Windows XP machine I had on my hands. What follows is a description of my experience, both good and bad, with the entire process from start to finish. Thankfully, recovery is relatively straightforward , though you will lose all data on the machine.

Finally, something as simple as installing a new driver in Windows XP may render XP unbootable, and recovering from that may require starting over again—including formatting the drive and installing both OS X and Windows XP. In short, this is very new technology, and things can still go very wrong with the process.

If you have but one Mac, and you rely on it to make a living, I would not recommend installing Windows XP on it just yet. The last thing I did prior to starting was to attach a FireWire drive and make a clone of my perfectly-functional mini setup using SuperDuper. That way, if everything went horrendously, terribly wrong, recovery would be a simple process. I strongly recommend a similar plan if you attempt this project. Might as well make it a full clone, and then—and this is very important—verify that the clone is working before you start.

Here are just a few examples of such things:. With that out of the way, how is the actual installation of Windows XP? The first step, after installing a fresh copy of OS X, is to install the boot loader on your mini.

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The boot loader is a tiny program that lets you choose whether to boot Windows or OS X at startup, simply by tapping on the arrow key. Choose the Windows logo with your customized XP installer CD in the drive, and the install process starts. Well, it eventually starts. The instructions warn you that fully three minutes will pass before anything at all happens.

Troubleshoot sound problems on Windows with Boot Camp

At some point, the installer will reboot the machine,, and you then have to press F2 repeatedly, to be sure to make Windows boot from the hard drive, not the CD. The second part of the install then runs, and seems to run fine. This is normal. Just turn it off manually.


With the patch in place, iMac and Mac mini users can use Boot Camp on their system. Two hard disk icons will appear. If you and you should have a backup pre beta then you can restore from that backup. Insert the CD and just follow the easy setup instructions. The command works under Windows. Step 7: Boot Camp will now create the required partition and then it will reboot your Mac. Install Virtualbox under Windows Host running native under Bootcamp , and run the proper command there: Code: Select all Expand view Collapse view VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename test.

To boot into Windows XP, hold down the option key as the computer boots. How to return to macOS from Windows The Boot Camp Assistant will not let you install the newer Windows operating systems, but you don't have to use the Boot Camp Assistant. From now on, you can hold down Option during startup and choose to start up from either the Mac OS X Lion disk partition or the Windows partition. Solution: Unable to Access Boot Camp Control Panel on Windows 8 OS 2 So you have installed Windows 8 on your Mac machine, downloaded a couple of important drivers, configured the keyboard and trackpad and just when you are about to pat your back for your good work, new errors appear out of nowhere.

Just hope that you don't have to reinstall Windows at a later date.

And if you do, know that if you're running Lion, you can only use Windows 7. Insert your Mac OS installation disk. During the installation, your system will create a separate partition for Windows. On restart, you will be booted into Windows Setup screen. OS—Windows 10 and 8. How can I switch option alt and command windows keys for Windows 7 in Boot Camp?

My real question is, may i use a version of Windows XP that is already registered and is being used on my home PC to work with Mac's boot camp?

Windows XP on an older Mac Mini?

As planned see my earlier post I installed Windows 8. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated programs. Select the one that says Windows and click the arrow underneath it. Windows 7 has full support where XP's support is slowly fading away. Apple Magic Keyboard on Windows 10 not a Bootcamp! Click OK to save your changes. In order to create this virtual machine, there are various things you will need.

Is there any way I can install Windows 10 on a bootcamp partition on my Mac Pro? Alvaro is one of the many. I just did this and it worked great. It seems as if Mac Pros don't officially support Windows 10, however. As initially mentioned, one of the reasons you may wish to remove a Windows partition on your Mac is to recover the space associated with that partition. Hi, Is it posible to run the Windows partition bootcamp created, with VirtualBox? I need to document how I did it though.

When you install Windows XP it will ask for the Windows 98 CD, just tell it to look for it, and it will automatically find the external CD drive and continue on. Boot Camp will not allow any other version of Windows to be installed.