You have an option to choose the recording source we use it with Blue Yeti mic , recording channel type, audio type etc. As you can see below, it does offer a wider range of control as well. But, the best part about Audacity for Mac is that it comes along with a bunch of editing tools. In fact, Audacity is a digital audio editor , first, and recorder later. Unlike QuickTime, Audacity lets you perform basic audio editing tasks like editing. You will also find options like effects, voice generation, noise removal, and track-based management. In case you are into professional audio recording and editing, there is a wide variety of Audacity plug-ins to choose from.

Another bright side is that you will be able to export the audio recording in almost any format. As we said, Audacity is made for professionals. Did we say that Audacity is free to use? At least, you would not have to worry about paying a huge amount for your DAW. Simple Recorder is a truly simple solution for audio recording in Mac. Unlike QuickTime and Audacity, which takes multiple mouse click to start the recording, Simple Recorder sits in the menu bar and can start the audio recording in just two clicks. Best solution when you want to take quick notes.

You can select the source of recording from the drop-down menu. It also lets you set up the volume. In just a single button, Simple Recorder would start the recording process. In the Preferences section, you can pick the recording format, Sample Rate, Channel etc. Simple Recorder is the best Mac audio recording app for the intermediate users. Unlike QuickTime, it offers a standard set of customization options. So, if you think you need somewhat control over recording, go for this.

Technically speaking, GarageBand is a digital audio workstation, not a digital audio recorder like QuickTime or a digital audio editor like Audacity. In simple words, if you are into recording audio for music production , GarageBand is one of the best choices in town. However, unlike Audacity, GarageBand has a smaller learning curve and is more stable.

It even has a dedicated mode for Voice, where you can also select the type of voice recording. For instance, it offers different options for recording Narration Voice and Bright Voice.

Free recording software

Just hit the Record button and you can do the exporting part later. GarageBand is the recommended choice for professionals out there. If you need the best quality, control as well as performance, you should go for this built-in tool. Although the UI is simple, learning GarageBand will surely help you as an audio professional. Piezo from Rogue Amoeba is a simple and wonderful audio recording software for podcasts.

The Perfect First Studio for Newbies

If you want to make some amazing podcast recordings with precision, you can count on Piezo. It is one of the best features for getting precise podcasts, you know. Settings in Piezo are very easy to manage. That having said, it lets you change the Music Quality only. Piezo has set up some quality pre-sets for music, audio, spoken word etc. By default, the recordings will be saved in MP3, which is convenient for most people.

Just as you can see, the interface is a bit unconventional. Piezo is the best audio recording software for doing podcasts on Mac. You can simply record your own voice or get inputs from common apps like Chrome or Skype.

It is basically minimal but you have options to extend the capabilities of Piezo. Macsome Audio Recorder is one of the voice recorders that promise to do almost anything. Without bringing all the professional features, Macsome Audio Recorder lets you record audio from multiple sources such as the internal microphone, different apps on your Mac and other hardware. Despite all these features, the program has a minimal footprint to offer. Did we say mention that Macsome Audio Recorder has one of the best recording management interface as well?

You can even use ID tags for organizing your recording files. We really liked how Macsome Audio Recorder works. As it promises, Macsome Audio Recorder is one of the best all-in-one audio recorders for Mac. It might not have the best UI in town, but there are many productive features. When you want a tool that records podcast, music, and speech with the same efficiency, Macsome Audio Recorder would be our take. We already talked about Piezo from Rogue Amoeba, right?

Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

Audio Hijack is also from the same developer but it offers advanced features and control. Generally speaking for comfortable music production, you should have at least a 2. Most of all, your storage needs will depend on the size of audio material you expect to work with.

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Professional software and various instruments for music production can use hundreds of GB on your Mac, so the basic GB SSDs on some Apple laptops might not be enough. While video cards have always been essential for video editing and playing games , some of the latest audio software is GPU-accelerated as well. Note: Keep in mind that the basic specifications listed are a minimum for music production software to function normally on a Mac.

If you're ready to pay extra, we recommend getting highest performance machine you can afford. Which type of Mac to choose for music production depends on what music production means for you. If it's going to be music production only, pick an iMac or a new Mac mini for the sake of stability and ease of use. If you are going to perform as well, MacBook Pro "13 or "15 are better options.

In general, any Mac that is beyond the basic tech spec will do the job quite well. Of course, it was then developed in a professional studiom, but the fact stands. The majority of songs you listen to were most likely produced at branch scale.

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After all, it's not just equipment that makes particular songs stand out. The inch 5K iMac would be a reasonably high-end machine for home studios. The big Retina display will make work with complex editing software more comfortable compared to smaller options. Both the inch and inch MacBook Pro were updated with new, faster processors in , so you can consider both options. Finally, its highly portable.

At Mac mini also had an updated version launch in October and is a good choice if your budget is limited. It is small, has an additional audio-in port, and can be customized with a more powerful processor and bigger RAM.

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Note: Keep in mind that Mac mini requires you to purchase a display, keyboard, and a mouse. When choosing the best computer for music production, consider these three main factors:. The first thing to do when deciding which Mac to choose is to decide whether you need a stationary computer or a laptop. The latter option is the best decision for musicians who work in many different locations and want to keep everything they need for work in one place. Always check and compare the Connections sections when reviewing Mac specifications. If money is no object, go for the inch iMac or iMac Pro.

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