Improvements in AI behavior and the introduction of skills allocation let you be a more flexible commander than in previous Total War games. Everything about Shogun 2 —from the artwork to the soundtrack to the overarching gameplay goals—puts you inside a living history lesson. Unlike Empire or Rome, which let you build an empire spanning continents against vastly different foes, Shogun is fairly limited in its scale.

When it came out in , Divinity: Original Sin already seemed almost too good to be true. Here we had a PC RPG that combined turn-based tactical combat, Ultima -style world simulation, and pen-and-paper co-op role-playing. It was great. A year later, Original Sin has been re-released in an Enhanced Edition with a number of major improvements.

The game now works well! There are a bunch of new items and abilities, the story has been reworked, and the script is now fully voice-acted. One of the best CPRGs in recent memory got a whole lot better. Original Sin is a difficult, demanding game, and it requires you to manage a bunch of complicated RPG inventory, crafting, and magic systems.

Read our impressions of the base game.

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As a human stuck in a world of monsters, you decide whether you want to win encounters with wanton violence or clever context-based interactions talking, joking, petting, etc. Every life you take ultimately has consequences. Despite those grim trappings, Undertale can be an incredibly warm, fuzzy, and funny game. Crusader Kings II began, in , as a very good game. It has become, following a seemingly endless run of expansions and updates, each one adding new challenges, scope and dimensions to an already exhaustive package, one of the most comprehensive and unique strategic experiences in all of video games.

A Good Match For: History buffs, anyone who knows that kingdoms rise and fall on much more than the strength of their armies. Just a man and a dog, looking to make a delivery. But Kentucky Route Zero quickly becomes a mystical adventure through a land left behind by time, an odyssey in magical realism that feels grand and mysterious in a way that very, very few modern video games can muster.

A Good Match For: Anyone looking for something different. Not A Good Match For: Those looking for a bunch of complex game mechanics— Kentucky Route Zero is a point-and-click adventure game, and a fairly simple one at that. Also, not for those who want closure—the five-act series is not yet complete, and there tends to be a long wait between chapters.

More of the best games for MacBook

Watch a video about why the game is great. Purchase From: Amazon Steam Humble. Stardew Valley is an already-great game made indispensable by the Switch. And if you want, you explore the mysterious mine, gather magical materials, and uncover the deeper secrets of the valley. Anyone looking for a relaxing but terrifyingly addictive game. Read our impressions of the Switch version. Study our tips for playing the game.

Purchase From: Steam. Call it the Superman 2 or Empire Strikes Back of video games. It may be one of the oldest games on this list, but it continues to hold its place by offering peerless puzzles and one of the best split-screen co-op modes of all time. A Good Match for: Comedy lovers, puzzle fans, those looking for something to play with a friend on the couch. Not a Good Match For: Mediocrity fans.

Their argument is invalid. Purchase from: Amazon Steam. A Good Match for: Jugglers. At one point it had over 12 Million subscribers, more than all its competitors combined! Everything in WoW just works, and the new Battle for Azeroth expansion further improves the formula. The quests are engaging, the dungeons are rewarding yet, accessible and the raids are as hardcore as ever. The Player versus Player PvP is equally good, and of course, there are professions, crafting, and countless other things to do.

One more thing… MMOs have always been infamous for having steep system requirements. WoW used to be like that but it has come a long way. Nowadays you can easily play it on Medium settings even on older machines. Rocket League puts you in control of a flying battle-car as you participate in insane rocket-fueled soccer matches.

The game is fast and intense but what makes it so popular especially online is the impressive physics system it uses and the surprising degree of precision and maneuverability of each car. Race, boost, jump, and fly across the arena to score spectacular goals or make that last second save. Rocket League particularly shines when played online, and as an added bonus, the game is cross-platform compatible between consoles, Mac, Linux, and Windows!

BioShock is one of the most original and genre-defining shooters in recent history. When it was first released in , it delivered interesting gameplay, accurate controls, a good story and a fascinating setting, the infamous underwater city of Rapture. The game was great but it was becoming increasingly hard to recommend it after all these years. Can my MacBook play Civ 6? Yeah, we were surprised too. But what about Civ 5? After all, many fans of the series still consider it the best, and even developer Firaxis admitted Civ 6 was not a big departure from its predecessor.

The latest entry obviously adds new features and improved graphics, but the base formula remained the same. All the best parts of a Civilization game are there and that makes Civ 5 a great choice for gamers with low-specced machines. One more thing… The difference in performance between Civ 5 and Civ 6 is not at all in line with the difference in graphics fidelity. Civ 6 looks better but Civ 5 runs 10 times faster! So no matter how old your MacBook is, it will certainly handle Civ 5 just fine.

Minecraft first became famous for its blocky, Lego-like style and the incredible things people created with it.

For the uninitiated, a Minecraft world is made up of 3D blocks of different elements which you can mine, move and craft to create just about anything you can imagine. After all these years, Minecraft has been ported to nearly every platform imaginable, including mobile, but the formula remains equally successful: combine different elements to create anything you want.

A 2012 Macbook Pro in 2018

Or you can play it like an RPG, by crafting gear and weapons and exploring the world. Minecraft is really about how you want to play it. The sky and your creativity is the limit! One more thing… In spite of huge worlds filled with thousands of blocks and different materials, Minecraft is surprisingly flexible and can run fine on low-specced machines. Fans of the series will enjoy being able to explore familiar places from the books and movies while meeting and interacting with Gandalf, Strider, and others.

Plus it looks great and is relatively easy on the system requirements aside from needing 25 GB of hard drive space. Finally out of Steam Early Access as of October, RimWorld is a top-down space colony simulation where you play as a team of three shipwreck survivors stuck on a randomly generated world. Plus, an active modding community means this game should never get old.

In this kart racing game, you get to choose from one of the 20 SEGA characters available, such as Sonic the Hedgehog or Crazy Taxi, and race your way through insane tracks. The game also features split-screen gameplay, making it a great party game. This throwback, pixelated-graphic RPG takes place in an Underground filled with monsters trapped there after losing a war with humans long ago.

Your character must find her way back up top and while you can fight your way to victory, you can also win this game by being kind and sparing your enemies, and the way you play will affect how the game unfolds. Undertale is a fan favorite for its old-fashioned look and unique story and gameplay. And with your interactions having a major effect on how the game plays out, Undertale has excellent replay value. This all explains why Undertale was a multiple award winner.

In the game, you face waves of enemies, but time only moves when you do. This allows you to plan your strategy for staying alive. There is no story, health regeneration or ammo drops here, only tight gameplay meshed into an original take on the FPS genre. Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike RPG with turn-based combat. In addition to suffering damage from enemies, your party will also suffer increasing levels of stress, paranoia and more as your quest continues. This leads to another fun and different feature, the need to rest and relax in between your battles.

Go into town, relax, and level back up, then head back underground for more battles. One more thing… Thanks to the 2D graphics, you can put yourself through this almost literal torture on just about any machine from the past several years. One of the hottest indie titles ever released, this pixel-graphic farming sim continues to add major updates two years after its initial release, including the addition of cooperative multiplayer this summer. You start Stardew Valley with a dormant farm and start clearing land, planting crops, raising animals and more. Stardew Valley includes RPG elements such as crafting and the ability to level up your abilities and unlock new areas to explore.

With cooperative multiplayer, you can invite other players to join you online or in LAN play as your farmhands. The following games may not have made the top 20, but they still deserve attention. For this guide, all the games were tested on at least these two MacBook models:. All tests were performed on Medium or equivalent settings and a x resolution. In fact, consoles often run games at 30 FPS.

Those two machines will give you a good idea of what it takes to run each game but we decided to take it one step further and gather results from more machines. In this case, the actual games tested are irrelevant. These are the detailed specs of each machine:. Now, if your precise model is not listed here, you can go ahead and download the free Heaven benchmark tool , perform the benchmark using the Basic preset, and compare your results with ours:.

If your score is higher or lower than one of these, you can expect better or worse performance on Tomb Raider and Grid. This should help you see if your model can be truly considered a gaming MacBook or not. These are the other criteria we follow to ensure that our Top 20 is a worthy selection of games for Mac users:. Native : These are all native Mac games. No Wine, Parallels or Bootcamp will ever be needed. Critical acclaim : To keep this list as objective and high-quality as possible, we picked only games that have been positively received by both professional reviewers and average gamers.

Pricing : We always keep in mind price tags and production levels to give indies and AAA games equal chances. You might not have been thinking about gaming when you bought your Macbook. Or your Macbook might be so old you just assumed there were no worthwhile games to play on it.

We think this is a pretty great list, but we know we might have missed your favorite. What do you think belongs on this list? Let us know in the comments section. Disclaimer : Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission this is how we pay the bills. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Great choices! I play enjoy more than a couple of those. Rimworld is a great game and Stardew Valley definitely scratches an itch.

What Games Are Available?

Makes me want to give a couple of others a try if they mix in the RPG element. Thanks for the list. The one I am really enjoying that my ancient 17 incher can play is Insurgency. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run. In this guide:. Into the Breach. MacBook Pro inch, Late : 2. Our absolute favorite MacBook games. And did we mention Cuphead is also a great multiplayer game you can play on co-op with a friend?

Cuphead benchmark results in FPS :. Even an older MacBook Air will do fine. Expect a bug-free experience on Mac. A shooter that still plays and looks great.

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Borderlands 2 benchmark results in FPS :. One of the most generous free-to-play games available. Hearthstone benchmark results in FPS :. Even a potato can run this game. A great indie that can run on anything. Into the Breach benchmark results in FPS :. Even an older MBA will do fine. More of the best games for MacBook.

Left 4 Dead 2 benchmark results in FPS :. The experience for us was bug-free. StarCraft 2 benchmark results in FPS :. Even an older MBP will do fine. Dead Cells benchmark results in FPS :. Even an older model will do fine. World of Warcraft benchmark results in FPS :. Rocket League benchmark results in FPS :.

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Civilization 5 benchmark results in FPS :. Minecraft benchmark results in FPS :. RimWorld benchmark results in FPS :. Undertale is an interesting take on the RPG genre. Undertale benchmark results in FPS :. Darkest Dungeon benchmark results in FPS :. Stardew Valley benchmark results in FPS :. The Competition: Free games for MacBook and more. Games Games Our take Genre Free games only?

The game offers the most competitive online Multiplayer out there, including professionals playing on the eSports circuit. Your internet connection will be more important than your graphics quality with this hardcore shooter, which boasts a 37 fps score on our MBP and an 82 on our model. The graphics are cartoonish and the gameplay squad-oriented with a big focus on cooperative multiplayer. You will need a balanced team to succeed.

The 10 Best Games You Can Run on a Mac by Ric from

And yes, this one is also on many of our Best of lists, and for good reason. As an almost ten-year-old game, the system requirements are now incredibly forgiving, allowing you to find your way through Aperture labs on your laptop. With dozens of characters to interact with and beautiful environments to explore, including the mysterious woods, Night in the Woods requires a bit more horsepower than some of the others on this list, including an Intel i5 processor. With beautiful environments and open-ended gameplay, Hollow Knight offers everything you could want in a modern take on classic side-scrolling action: an enormous cast of characters, epic bosses, and plenty of power-ups to name a few.

And while not the lightest game on system requirements in this list, Hollow Knight still goes pretty easy, playable on any newer and many older machines. Simple controls belie the difficulty that comes as you progress, but your MacBook will have no such difficulty with system requirements, leaving this game open to anyone running Lion With the third and final installment released this summer, this turn-based RPG has come to a close, the only bad thing about this series.