Page content loaded. Sep 12, PM in response to shelwig In response to shelwig. Products that were developed for Power PC were developed quite a while ago -- especially when considering how quickly technology changes. Sep 12, PM. You hardly have the time of day to help our children and certainly are not paid comensurate with the skills you instill so we certainly can take a little time out of our day to help you along in an unrelated area!

Knowing that this transition could cause huge inconvenience and expense for those users with large software libraries, it licensed technology that Apple introduced as Rosetta.

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Most users had no idea that their software was running in emulation; it was hidden, like special effects in movies! Unfortunately, Apple's license to use the underlying technology expired with the release of Lion and subsequent versions of OS X, such as Mountain Lion; it continues to work with Snow Leopard and prior versions of OS X.

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Apple did attempt to educate its users over the 6 years that Rosetta was in operation, but quite honestly, many users had no idea exactly what the elimination of Rosetta would mean for them. It was unfortunate, but an unavoidable consequence of Apple's decision to migrate to Intel. If your MacBook Air can support it, you can either partition your hard drive or add an external hard drive and install Snow Leopard and Rosetta into it and "dual-boot" into either environent as you need it: Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard.

You can check with the software publishers and see if Intel-ready versions of the software have been released or if they can suggest software alternatives. So, how do you find out which applications on your computer are using PowerPC? I have the latest version of Examview on my computer. I did contact einstruction and their response is above in my blog.

From their email response, none of the current versions will work, Version 7. However, they have NO idea when it will come out. So it is either clean install or no ExamView on my computer at this time. I do not have faith that this company will have a solution in a timely manner, so I will have to do a clean install. I have 7. I get my versions with instructor textbooks and the latest they ship is 6.

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There is no Mac version yet. I would also think that it would be easy for einstruction to fix this. I downloaded their brand new 7. I am very motivated to find a better, more modern, more user friendly, test generator out there.

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If you know of one please let me know and I will keep you all updated. The market is ripe for ExamView competitors! Thanks for the heads-up! We were already leery of deploying Lion on a broad scale anyway, and this just pretty much confirms it. This is a big issue right now. I am just hoping that this will push educational software companies to get with the program. Much of the software that educators have to use is so archaic. It is very frustrating to be forced to stay behind the curve and off of the cutting edge of technology because of outdated educational software.

Philip Haney You had mentioned there was a universal running version of 7. They said the following:. Our release brings compatibility with all eInstruction products and MAC We are currently working to have ExamView 7. In the interim, please do not have users or insert customer here upgrade to MAC ProfChips — Thanks for your comment and especially for including your reply from einstruction. Not that I believe it will be fixed in anywhere close to 90 days however.

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Yes, 7. And I am aggressively searching for a better test making software. OMG… I wish I would have read your blog earlier!!! Thanks for the information regarding ExamView. Too late. Switched to Lion already. We discovered this during our summer school session — the response from tech support was that 7. I learned at a Mac class today that you can screen share if you have a second Mac that has the software on it.

Then, the Lion Mac can run ExamView remotely. What a pain! I am exploring some other web-based test makers that other people have recommended. All of my tests are ExamView though. PDF is not good enough. So what is the most up-to-date version? They do not have a 7. Most trusted test generation software Within minutes, create assignments, launch classroom assessment questions and collect real-time responses to evaluate student performance with ExamView test generator. Upgrade to premium for access to online and mobile capabilities. ExamView test generator allows you to create, administer and manage assessments using a variety of content.

The newest version supports instructor-led and self-paced delivery, the latest operating systems and native LMS integrations. Choose from a range of clickers, or upgrade to premium to allow mobile responding.

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