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Processor: 1. I'm glad to see this game still receives updates. One thing I would like to see for Lion is more full screen support. This way i don't have to quit the game to view something on a different desktop iTunes, Chrome etc..

This game is almost perfect. It has that great classic worms fun with a few tweaks to make the items more balanced. Great having high quality worms upgraded from N64 graphics.

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It would be great is LAN support for multiple computers as crowding around a laptop is not quite ideal for more than 2 people. Also it really bothers me that you're stuck in full screen mode while the game is launched.

That means if I want to get into iTunes or Chrome I have to quit my current game. Thats a big no no. The controls are initially awkward, the computer plays decently even on "beginninger" setting and finding that setting takes some exploration through the menus. The tutorials are not great. However, if you take an hour or two to fiddle with the tutorials and then play some "multiplayer" games alone playing both teams , you can get the hang of it.

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The campaign mode is not bad, and single player is fine, but at first both of these can be frustrating since the computer will kill your worms while you're still trying to find out what button does what. The whole thing is, incidentally, very cute and violent, has lots of funny options, and is lots of fun. This is a great game that's resting on its laurels a bit, I suppose: but keep at it for a couple of hours to get the feel of it in multiplayer! Worms die if they lose all of their health, or if they drown in the water.

The last player standing when the dust settles is declared the winner! To top it all off, More The game is also packed with customization options, so you can play the game how you want!

Worms Special Edition

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