You can locate the problematic drive there, which Mac recognizes it as unformatted space. Click "Repair Disk". Wait for the repair process ends. Please continue. Navigate to the "Erase" button. Name the drive and select "File Format" and click "Erase". This will format your drive with a correct file system. After this, your Mac should now recognize the disk correctly.

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You will no longer receive such an unreadable disk error. If 'the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer' error still exists after trying all the methods, we recommend you to back up the drive always. Purchase a new device and be prepared for a drive failure soon. Jean - Using system restore feature to restore your CryptoLocker virus infected Windows to a previous healthy state point. Abby Haines - This article provides the best data recovery software with Lexar USB flash drive format and repair tool to help you repa….

Download Center Partners Support. Data Recovery Wizard Pro. Fast, complete and safe hard drive data recovery software to recover your data in easy steps. Partition Master Pro. All-in-one partition manager software can safely and simply resize partitions for PC. You will need the the following items. Your computer, another "good" USB drive with a different size than your "bad" drive, that is reformatted and empty. The reason you want 2 different sizes, is so you can easily recognize these drives once inside Linux. You won't see the drive letter on most Linux OS's, but the file size will be there.

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I used the following Rufus3. This was my first and only time I had tried Etcher Never again!!!!! Rufus is 1 for 1, and Unetbootin has never let me down. What image did you flash on your USB? Afaik ubuntu iso's should be bootable even if flashed by Etcher, you can verify it and let us know how it goes.

If it doesn't boot though, you might need to use a different tool, check here for more infos. Thanks Wotzhs for the tip : Saved my ass. It may appear that the flash drive is no more appropriate for use. Still, the flash drive may be safe and can be repaired. Trying deleting the newly created partition in the type of OS you have flashed for and it may become reusable again. Read the complete Article or watch out the Video. Hope it is found useful. Etcher still breaks USB Drives. Do not use Etcher!

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I tried to make a pop os bootable drive and it messed my pen drive. No Windows trickery could resolve it. Ultimately, I used rufus and it worked. The version used was the latest balenaEtcher 1. Worked for me just now. It's surprising how many people don't realise how hard it actually is to break a flash drive other than just writing to it until it wears out.

Ubuntu Bootable USB stick not recognized by Macbook Pro 2,2

The reason that it shows up as a lower amount is the image you wrote was only that big. Any extra space is ignored until the drive is clean formatted which removes the partition table and restores the drive to the normal size. For anyone coming by, Etcher writes the OS in a specific way so it is properly readable in Linux but not in Windows.

If you, like me, need to recover the USB drive while on Windows, diskpart helped me as per this video. Check this comment above. The only issue is Windows can't read Linux partition. So flash drive becomes unreadable on Windows. Check out here comment. Skip to content. You can copy this to the clipboard to help with the next step if you like.

This is the vital stage. It will ask you for your usual account password. Enter this and the dd command will start. Unfortunately, dd is about as old-school as it gets.

Go find some wet paint to watch drying in the mean time. Some were done in 5 minutes, some took We need to do this manually, to do so, enter the following command:. Replacing the X with the number you used earlier in this guide. To start it on your mac, reboot your mac, with the USB stick plugged in. You should see a selection of disks to start up from. Hit return to start up from it. Hi Stephen, the usb stick will never be readble by your mac, the filesystem is not in a format that it can read. To boot from the USB stick, restart your mac, hold down the option key while you hear the chime and youll see the option to boot from the USB media, select that with the arrow keys and you should be good to go.

Excellent guide. After failing with UNetBootin several times, this worked like a charm.

How To Fix A USB Drive Using Ubuntu

Appreciate the time you took to write it. What do you think of it? Maybe around here lies an insight? This is because the information in the disk image that you write, effectively overwrites the disk with the ext filesystem.

This means that it will boot properly on newer macs. Hope this helps. I am very much in awe of the steps and instructions you made.

I hope you would consider it. Hi, the steps should be the same, pregnant probably simpler tough! Let me know how you get on and if you run into problems I can try and help. Also does this mean that If I want to boot in Ubuntu, I need the usb drive always connected on the MacBook pro, once it boots up, I need to hold the alt key and then choose the efi orange hd icon?