This tutorial shows how to create a timeline both manually in Pages and automatically with Office Timeline Online. If you wish learn how to make a Gantt chart in Pages for Mac, please see our Gantt tutorial here. Creating timelines online automatically takes: 2 mins. Creating timelines in Pages takes: 30 mins. Open Pages and select Blank Landscape from the template gallery to ensure you'll have enough room for your Gantt chart. Pages will automatically generate a bubble chart that looks like the one in the image below:. Click on the chart area and then on the Edit Chart Data button that appears.

In the Chart Data table that pops up, add your project data as follows:. Keep the milestone descriptions as short as possible as these will be later displayed on the graphic and you want them to be fully visible.

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Use the X column to enter the due dates for each milestone, as shown in the image below. In the Y column of each milestone, on the same row of the milestone's due date, add a digit such as 1, 2, 3, or 4. These numbers will act as plotting elements that set the milestone bubbles' vertical positioning on the chart. Bubbles that have smaller plotting numbers will be shown closer to the X axis, while those with bigger digits will be placed higher up on the chart. Lastly, in each milestone's Size column , enter a number like 10, 20, 30 to set the size of the corresponding bubble on the timeline.

In my case, I used the value 20 for all my milestones. After adding all the project data, the resulting chart looks will look this:. Here, choose None from the Time dropdown menu under Value Labels. Although the legend situated above the graphic gives information about the chart milestones, it may be hard to follow for the viewer.

A more efficient way to communicate your milestones' details is to have them displayed directly on their corresponding bubbles. If you want to go with this suggestion, then you need to:. In my example, I kept the centered placement of the label, but selected None from the Time dropdown menu. Next, you will need to make the label text more visible by adjusting its size and color. I chose to change the font from Regular Helvetica Neue to Bold Helvetica and decrease it from 12 to 10 points.

You may also want to remove the horizontal lines from the graphic as they aren't really relevant to the timeline. Adding vertical lines to the chart will help you highlight the relative distance between milestones.

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To start building your timeline in Numbers, you will also need to allot plotting numbers to every milestone in the table to define their vertical placement on the graphic. Therefore, use the third row of the table to enter a sequence of numbers such as 1, 2, 3, and 4 as in the example below.

How to Make a Timeline in Pages for Mac + Free Template

Select all the data in your table, click on the Insert tab on the Numbers ribbon and go to Chart. Choose 2D Bubble chart from the menu that pops up. A simple bubble chart like the one below will be automatically generated on your Numbers sheet:. Depending on the number of milestones you've entered, the auto-generated bubble chart might look a bit crammed, so you may want to resize it to ensure a better fit.

To do this, simply select the chart area and drag its sizing handles to reach the desired height and width.

Create a timeline in Office for Mac

Since only your milestone dates and plotting numbers are the ones taken as reference for the two axes of your chart, there is not much information shown on your timeline right now. To provide the audience with more details, you can manually add milestone descriptions to each bubble on the graphic using the Text feature of the app.

To do so:. Drag and drop the newly inserted text box below or near one of the milestone bubbles. Double-click on the text box to type in your milestone title and use the Style pane that appears on the right to change the text font, size, style and alignment. In my case, I used black, bold Helvetica Neue for the milestone titles. I also wanted to remove all the horizontal lines that cut across my timeline as I didn't feel they added any value to the graphic.

If you want to make this change:. Select the chart area and go to the Axis tab of the Format pane on the right.

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Select Value Y in order to apply the change to the horizontal axis. In the Axis Scale section, under Steps , use the up-down controls next to Major to decrease the number to 1. While in the Axis section, you may want to add vertical lines to better highlight the relative distance between your milestones.

To do this, click on the Value X tab and:. Go to Major Gridlines and set the style, color and width of your vertical lines. In my example, I used a straight, grey line with a width of 1 point. Repeat the action for Minor Gridlines. I kept the same choices as above for these as well.

Go to the Axis Scale section above and use the up-down controls to increase the value for Minor Steps. In my example, I increased it to 3. After completing all the steps above, your graphic should look like this:. Now that you've formatted your timeline properly, you can apply a few styling choices to the milestones chart bubbles to make them stand out more. To recolor all your milestones simultaneously, select any of the bubbles and go to the Style tab of the Format pane. Here, click on Fill to choose a new color. In my example below, I went for a dark navy blue.

If you want to color the chart bubbles individually, you'll need to break down your milestones into separate series or categories. To do so, go to your project data table and:. Rename the Position row into Color 1 and then add a new line below, which will be called Size. Enter the same number in the Size cell of each milestone to keep all bubbles the same size.

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This has only affected a handful of Firefox users. The exact wording varies per browser.

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