Unfortunately, I'm having issues with the application, which seems to get stuck. BTW, I suggest adding some kind of visual feedback to tell how many files have been uploaded so far. Congrats, Marinho. If you still have problems, then email me a few of your problematic files and I'll investigate. Regarding adding progress, it's not that useful as all the files are sent at once in one call My company rewards exercise with Virgin HealthMiles, which parters with polarpersonaltrainer.

Thanks a bunch! Great app! Polar shoud do something like this years ago! One question: did you also consider uploading the GPX data? So to upload them into web site requires some understanding of the data exchange to upload also gps data Markku Does the Polar WebLink application upload this data? Any hope for a solution? Markku Thanks for the information. Would you consider sharing the source for the app? I could write it all from scratch but it seems like a waste of time to re-write the parsing that you already have up and running.

Naturally I'd credit you for that part of the code. Mail me at linus[at]nikander. Hi Linus, The code is, unfortunately, integrated into another application and not easily extracted. However, the code that handles communication and data upload to the Polar site is fairly self contained, being in a simple Java class.

First, thanks for creating this app and sharing it. I have tons of hrm files to upload to PPT. However, the app is halting An exception occurs when I run with some files. I'll send you the error message and the "offending files", if you could have a look at it.

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Cheers, Marinho. Thanks very much Curly. Just uploaded a few years worth of files from a SX with no issues. Worked great last year. Using files from Garmin , converted to. Unfortunately, this year, I am getting this error: Problem during validation: 5 This occurs even with files that I successfully loaded last year. This year I am using Last year Any changes to the Apple Java implementation? I am currently using the latest JRE. I have also tried uploading. Can I get a version of your code without validation?

The whole functionality of verification seems broken. Hmm, there's no validation in the code. The only security related code is to do with this login to Polar. It doesn't sound like this is the problem you are experiencing. This command java -jar HRMUploader. I sent you some sample. NumberFormatException: For input string : "21,1" at sun. Try downloading the the latest HRM Uploader file. It was changed a few days ago to fix some problems with malformed HRM files. If it still doesn't work, then email me a HRM file and I'll check it polar at softwyer.

Ah, scratch trying it, I can see you are using the latest download. Just email the HRM file Nice piece of work! I've got all my history now : Thank you very much. Thanks a lot for your development. Is there a way to get calories and distance shown? But anyway, thanks for your effort. Curly, Thank you very much. I have 7 years of Si data. I just uploaded the 1st 2 months. All of May roughly 25 training sessions took less than 4 seconds to upload. I've spot checked and all appears to be ok. I have to enter some exercise names and all sports.

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Also, unlike when uploading directly from the watch, I lose "Limit" data, which are the heart rate zones for the Si. Again, thank you. It worked brilliantly. Hi Curly! Would you mind sharing some of your work in terms of interacting with polarpersonaltrainer. Thanks, Ove ovestoerholt[a]gmail dot com. Hi, i've seen that there is a maps section on polarpersonaltrainer for rcx5 owner's..

I've got a cs and actually i'm using my phone to record gpx tracks.. Someone know a way to upload gpx tracks on polarpersonaltrainer? It will be a top feauture imho. You would have the added problem of converting the data from the phone to the one in the HRM format. How can polarpersonaltrainer recognizes gps data stored into.


I was thinking also that there is a record at the top of the. Maybe the type of product doesn't allow polarpersonaltrainer user's profile to handle the. However i'll be check this post often ;. Hi Curly, I have a problem that might seem quite strange. Every time I want to open the file my Nokia Suite opens. Do you have any Idea what this could mean? Thanks a lot. Hi again, I managed to start it, but now it does not connect to the site. It says something about Thank yout for your help!

Daniel Are you behind a proxy? If so, you'll need a different version of the application that supports proxies. If not, run it from a command window with the 'java -jar HRMUpdater. I just tried importing my training records today. Everything worked flawlessly, thank you so much for this app!! What will happen? Is there a program that allow to upload the. GPX files are not recognised. I'll post details here when I get more information. Thanks a lot for this app. Imported training data for 3 years, and everything worked great.

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Do you have any more news about the GPX-importing tool? Hi Curly Thanks for this app. It worked like a charm and I just managed to upload 6 yrs of data onto polarpersonaltrainer. One question, and I see it has been asked on this forum but not replied to I have a few months of data that is only in ppd format. Curly, You're right. I guess I'll have to do the same on polarpersonaltrainer or wait for the gpx uploader - Suunto files can be exported in gpx, xlsx and kml format Thanks again. Moved 12 years of data from Polar Precision Performance to polarpersonaltrainer.

Seemed to work fine on WinXP. Had a few entries not uploaded per year, appeared to be dupes for some reason. At any rate- thanks for the app. Really a big help so many thanks from me for all the effort you have put in this program. Curly, great stuff mate. I have a different data source Sigma Cycling Computer that I want convert then upload.

Mark, no, it was reverse engineered. Thank you very much for this. I have just used your software to upload eight years of data into polar personal trainer and it worked very well.


Great, Curly! After spending a few hours transferring data manually from P. Both the speed sensor and the cadence sensor are wirelessly linked to the head unit so you don't need to worry about routing any wires. You zip-tie the sensors onto your frame and fork, and attach the magnets to a spoke and the crank arm so that they pass within 4mm of the sensors to register.

One thing you might think odd is that you can't change the battery in either the speed or cadence sensor, although Polar reckon each will last for years. The spoke magnet will fit the vast majority of spokes, even aero ones, although there's a chance you might need to get yourself another magnet if your spokes have a really unusual profile.

Once set up, I've not had any problems with interruption to the signal. It can happen under power lines and at traffic lights but I've not had any of that and a whole bunch of different bike lights haven't had any effect on it either. Mounting the head unit to your bars or stem is equally simple. Again, you just zip-tie the mount in place and twist the computer on.

It could hardly be easier and it's perfectly secure.

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Removing it is just as easy - it takes a second. Okay, so you input your wheel size, your age, weight and so on and hit the road: what does the computer tell you? Well, you get four different screens with quite a bit of information on each. One display, for example, gives you your current speed, your heart rate, your cadence, and the distance you've ridden.

You also get your speed and heart rate displayed graphically - little dots giving an indication of your current status. Other readouts you might find useful include a stopwatch, lap timer, your average speed and a calorie counter that one's always going to be pretty rough. You just press a button on the front of the computer to switch between the various displays.

It's easy enough to use even with gloved fingers. Or you can set the computer to cycle through the screens automatically, although you can't customize the information given on each screen - you get what you're given. The reason you'd buy the CS over a cheaper computer is for the heart rate functions. Say you wanted to ride at a heart rate of beats per minute in your training session: you input those figures before you start and as well as your current heart rate, the computer gives you a little graphic that shows where you are in that band.

Wander outside your band and an alarm will go off if you set it so you can get back on track.

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You can set just one heart rate band rather than several. There are two timers, though, that you can run consecutively to structure interval sessions. So you could set a 10min work period followed by a 5min rest period, for example, with beeps that alert you at the start of each.

The only thing is, if you have the alarm set to tell you when you stray outside your heart rate band, it'll sound constantly through your rest period so you have to put up with it or switch it off entirely. Once you stop, you can check through the data on the screen. It's all recorded in separate files you can keep a maximum of seven at any time and you soon get the idea of how it works.

What does not Everything works. Workarounds What was not tested It doesn't do too much. I think I couldn't have anything left.

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