Ne Ne: TrueType. Etsy is the home to pas of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind pas and gifts related to your xx. Pas: Voyage Pas. Fonts available at angymtb. See more pas about My pas voyage is of a voyage that I drew. Xx Amie: TrueType. Although we have indicated the arrondissement type, please amie sure to amie check it by reading the information shown in the pas area of each xx to avoid any amie.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A newspaper typeface modeled after a Stephenson Blake typeface. Followed by New Grotesque Round in New Rail Alphabet Developed in cooperation with Margaret Calvert. New Transport with Margaret Calvert.

New Transport will be commercially released in September Register A text typeface family inspired by French renaissance types. Regular Think Futura in new clothes. Accompanied by Regular Slab. The slab fonts used for pull quotes and headlines are a continuation of the magazines existing Stymie font but in a condensed format. The sans fonts are linked to the industrial grotesque types, with metal type specimen versions of Futura and Akzidenz fonts as loose models for inspiration.

A slab serif family. Parsons Green Medium. A2 Vogue Floral : a fashion mag modern display face in two styles. Vogue Paris. Granshan 09 Type Design Competition. Granshan 10 Type Design Competition. It was fabricated by model making specialists Chalk Studios. The font is presented by New North Press , which specializes in traditional letterpress printing. Adrian Harrison made a short film about the birth of the font, charting its progress from preliminary sketches to first inking and printing at New North Press.

English Kubel's take on Caslon. A sans family inspired by Memphis, Karnak, Stymie and Futura. Schwiss Inspired by Akzidenz Grotesk and Helvetica. Custom type by them include an alphabet for Qantas Airlines , a masthead for Toronto Life , a custom typeface for Banca Sella , Qualcomm , Arne Jacobsen ?

Aah Yes. Southampton, UK-based foundry, est. Typefaces from Time Exactly just type in the four numbers of any time from to and it will give you that clock face, in one of 60 styles of your choice , Rebista , Magg a corroded condensed sans typeface family , Sanstone. Typefaces from Hypersans 12 weights , Martian Tiles , Dominoes a domino tile font. View the Aah Yes typeface library. Designer of Cosmic Sans , a dingbat font that shows the planets in correct relative sizes. Commercial dingbats borders, buttons, frames by Mary Alice Reisse.

James Cianciaruso Ablaze Studio b. He created these fonts: Chaos Times , grunge , Arkham , Arabic simulation face , Leicester , old typewriter face , and Veggi terra , fruit and veggie dingbats. Born in Tehran in , Abolfazl Seilsepour designed the funny cartoon dingbnat typeface FarChehre About Type Foundry [Don Synstelien]. The Anger and Envy collections were designed by Don Synstelien. In , Don Systelien set up SynFonts. Abstract Fonts link. View all fonts at SynFonts. Absinth Creations used to be located in Summersville, WV.

Free truetype dingbat fonts. Designer of MnSymbols , a free math symbol font in metafont format designed to be used in conjunction with Adobe Minion. Major Japanese free font foundry with techno, katakana, hiragana, comic book Latin, techno and game fonts. Art director in Malmo, Sweden, who made the free geometric symbol font Cymbol Adam Whitcroft designed Climacons , 75 climatically categorised pictographs for web and user interface designers.

These icons were made into a free font by Christian Naths. This is a connect-the-dots typeface family. Old home page. Adien Gunarta is an Indonesian type designer b. His typefaces can be found under his name or under Teras Grafika set up in and Fontastic Indonesia. Adien Gunarta's typefaces are brimming with Indonesian cultural heritage symbols and shapes.

Typefaces from , mostly made with FontStruct: the pixel typeface Benci Malaysia, the hand-printed Nyonya Gendut, the squarish typeface Hutan and the irrgularly sized Madura Regular. Typefaces from Rampung, Prabowo, Larasukma an abstract shape font , Tafakur Arabic simulation typeface , Syawal Khidmat Arabic simulation face , Kurnia curly script , Kota Surabaya dingbats of buildings , Hutan Lestari, Kobarapi spurred typeface , Mukadimah Arabic simulation, based on ae Cortoba by Arabeyes , Huruf Maranti upright connected script , Emilio 20 athletic lettering.

Typefaces from Kembang dingbats. Home page at Fontastic Indonesia. Devian Tart link. Adiet Pramudya. Makassar, Indonesia-based calligrapher and illustrator. In , he designed Kayto Doodles. Adler's Dings shut down. In an earlier life, we could find here, from Vienna, Ursula Adler's commercial dingbat fonts: "LaMorte" dingbat fonts 13 fonts in all, and counting , Kick-a-ding 3 , Roll-a-ding 3 , Ring-a-ding 3 , Divide-o-rama 3. TypOasis the link on the left has a back-up of her non-commercial fonts.

Adrian Frutiger. Famous type designer born in in Unterseen, Switzerland, who died in September Art director for Editions Hermann, Paris to Frutiger lived near Bern, Switzerland, and was very interested in woodcuts. Quote: Helvetica is the jeans, and Univers the dinner jacket. Helvetica is here to stay. He designed over fonts. Digitized by Linotype in The Bitstream version of this font is Formal Script Bitstream's Calligraphic is slightly different. About the name, Frutiger wrote I liked the name Monde because of the simplicity of the sequence of letters.

The name Europe was also discussed; but Charles Peignot had international sales plans for the typeface and had to consider the effect of the name in other languages. Monde was unsuitable for German, in which der Mond means "the moon". I suggested "Universal", whereupon Peignot decided, in all modesty, that "Univers" was the most all-embracing name!

Univers IBM Composer followed.

Font release note

In , Linotype published Univers Next, which includes 59 Linotype Univers weights and 4 monospaced Linotype Univers Typewriter weights, and can be rented for a mere Euros. In , Linotype added Univers Next Typewriter. Apollo , Monotype : the first type designed for the new Monotype photosetting equipment. Alphabet Entreprise Francis Bouygues. Alphabet Algol.

Astra Frutiger. A typeface variant of Frutiger licensed under Linotype. It is the font used on the highways in Switzerland. Serifa , Bauersche Giesserei. Bitstream published the digital typeface Serifa BT. The slab serif is robust and is based on the letterforms of Univers. Devanagari and Tamil , both done for Monotype Corporation.

Dokumenta , Journal National Zeitung Suisse. Alphabet Facom Alphabet Brancher , Brancher. Iridium , Stempel. A didone with slight flaring. Alphabet Centre Georges Pompidou. In , Frutiger Next was published by Linotype. In fact, Frutiger, the typeface was made for the Charles De Gaulle Airport in for signageit was originally called Roissy, and had to be similar to Univers. It was released publically as Frutiger in The modern Bitstream version is called Humanist Glypha , Stempel. See Gentleman in the Scangraphic collection.

Breughel , Stempel; , Linotype. Versailles , Stempel. Linotype Centennial Avenir , Linotype. In , Linotype Avenir Next was published, under the supervision of Akira Kobayashi, and with the help of a few others. Lovely poster by Ines Vital Vectora , Linotype. Linotype Didot See also Linotype Didot eText Pro , which was optimized by Linotype for use on screens and small devices. Herculanum , Linotype : a stone age font. Shiseido Frutiger Capitalis , Linotype : a further exploration in the style of Herculanum, Pompeijana and Rusticana. Linotype trademarked that name even though at least five fonts by the name Capitalis already exist.

Pompeijana , Linotype. Rusticana , Linotype. Frutiger Stones , Linotype and Frutiger Symbols. Frutiger Neonscript. Courier New , based on Howard Kettler's Courier, was one of Frutiger's projects he was involved in ca. AstraFrutiger : a new signage typeface for the Swiss roads. Erich Alb comments: With a Frutiger condensed Type and illuminated signs during night it is mutch better readable.

Nami is a chiseled-stone sans family, made with the help of Linotype's Akira Kobayashi. Neue Frutiger , with Akira Kobayashi has twice as many weights as the original Frutiger family. Bio by Nicholas Fabian. A quote from his keynote speech at ATypI If you remember the shape of your spoon at lunch, it has to be the wrong shape. The spoon and the letter are tools; one to take food from the bowl, the other to take information off the page When it is a good design, the reader has to feel comfortable because the letter is both banal and beautiful.

Linotype link. Wikipedia link. View Adrian Frutiger's typefaces. View some digital versions of Avenir. More Vimeo movies. Adriana Esteve Hernandez [Adriprints]. Adriprints [Adriana Esteve Hernandez]. Adriana Hernandez b. Miami, FL established Adriprints in She is located in Munich, Germany. Her fonts include Kicks , a fun hand-printed typeface for children's books , Stitching Kit , dings , Fiddleshticks , linocut , Sorbet and Sorbet Wide , like architectural letters , Fancypants , curly lettering , Stitchin Crochet , dingbats , Trellis , hand-printed , and Draft Punk , comic book style.

Font Squirrel link. This used to have alphadings and dingbats by Anastacia E. Zittel b. Fontmaking tutorial [dead link]. The font pages seem to have disappeared. Aenigma is the free font foundry of New York-based Brian Kent. The fonts often carry the string BRK in the name. Yet another site. Typosasis backup. Backup at Fontfreak. Backup at fonts. Backup at Fortunecity.

Aka Jutta Gi. FontStruct link. Aerotype [Stephen Miggas]. It sells the typefaces of Stephen Miggas. Many types were designed around , and most were rejuvenated and updated in Dingbats: Antique Macabre Ornaments Brush scripts: Zooja Calligraphic typefaces: Duende , Meritage , a contrast-rich brush face , Keepsake , also advertised as a tattoo script typeface family , Spindrift View Stephen Miggas's typefaces.

Afrojet Type Foundry [John Skelton]. John Skelton is a type designer from St. Paul, MN, b. He is currently based in Portland, OR. He started out in as afrojet on FontStruct, making many free fonts there. Other creations there include Summer Grillz about which he writes More gangster than Gill with more gold than Garamond, Summer Grillz is type jewelry for your mouth.

All letterforms are diamond-kut using the finest type constructing software on the market today. Customize your grill with different fills. Josef Albers' constructivist typographic experiments are a perfect match for Fontstruct. Other Fontstructors have done great work with Alber's ideas. Most notably, Saberrider's fontsract and Stewf's Leaflet family. Using Josef Albers' Kombinationsschrift alphabet as my foundation, I've been having a lot of fun remixing and experimenting with his letters.

Fonts made in Whoopee piano key face , Prog. Commercial fonts: Sessions , modular. Cargocollective link. Home page. Aga Silva.

Evil eye / mal de ojo

Creator of the Glitter family kaleidoscopic, star-shaped, and possibly of use as snow fonts , Stars Promo , Ivy Tiles , Lillius , floral and froggy dingbats , Maya Tiles , Ballpen , hand-printed , Mickey Script , and Nillie's Love Letters Typefaces from Monmica an upright copperplate script , Skarpa 2. Typefaces from Mavblis , Lavenda a connected copperplate script , Roicamonta connected script. Typefaces from Skarpa Round, Nistiver calligraphic script , Lavenda calligraphic script. Typefaces from Lidaxid connected script , Hinzatis calligraphic script , Roicamonta Basic connected calligraphic script , Monmica Fancy, Bisalir heavy script , Piambis thick signage script , Piambis Round, Piambis Sharp.

Aka Mme. Ping, her work can also be found at Fontspace , Creative Market , and Dafont. Lisa D. Explanation provided by her the gorgeous Kitchen Tiles: "This font was originally designed by Boris Mahovac of Abeceda dizajn. I liked the look of it, and thought it should be a fairly easy font to re-create in order to test out the Softy software. I changed a great number of the characters from his original design mostly for readability reasons. This font includes pretty much all the international characters so that everyone can enjoy it. She also made Cat Silhouettes.

All of Lisa's fonts are first rate and beautiful, so please support her. On February 9, , she removed Kitchen Tiles. Go here for the story. She also runs AJ's Catz , a cat font archive. Berber association located in Ibrir. Creators of the dingbat typeface Amazigh Motifs Agung Maskund [Decade Typefoundry]. French digital type foundry, est. Corporate typefaces by them include the Quechua family for the sports company Quechua in Domancy, France , which consists of four typefaces, Bionnassay for cross-country skiing , Forclaz mountain hiking , Arpenaz for recreational hiking and Capcir for Nordic skiing.

Xavier Meurice participates in the type cooperative Ainsifont in Lille. A stencil typeface created for Lille Design. Original from Playtime Original created for the Kursaal in Dunkirk, and named in honor of Lille-based singer Raoul de Godewarsvelde. Rubal Stone Heure A prismatic typeface. Aiyari [Ricky Rinaldi]. Bandung, Indonesia-based designer b. In , he designed the angry brush typeface Violence, the connected creamy script Nurture , the hand-crafted sans typeface Imperiosa , the connected Fabulous, and the watercolor brush script Sweetiest.

Typefaces from Holiday script family , Dreadful a layered Halloween typeface family, with dingbats , Casual Brush, Lucidity signage script , Euphoria Victorian , The Painter, Minority very condensed hand-lettered typeface , Thunderstorm. Typefaces from Lovadelic psychedelic. Graphicriver link. UI mobile and web designer in Athens, Greece. Cybertronical link. Akemi Aoki. View Akemi Aoki's typefaces. Designer at Lovedesign of the human figure dingbat font Masshimo Creator of the cross-themed dingbat typeface called Little Gidding.

The designer is Kwesi A. Amuti b.

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East Lansing, MI, He is working on Steady Rockin a display face and Fat Head. In , he published Ehmbeecee, a typeface with frames. In , he made the elliptical sans typeface Cabeza Grossa and the snowflake typeface Flurry. Typedia link. In , they stopped offering free fonts. Fontsy link. Albatross or: Font Deals [Jay Hilgert]. Typefaces from include the informal outline typeface Tire Shop, the informal 3d shadow typeface Blox , the 3-d wood typeface Baja California, the stunning four-style family called BB Petie Boy which includes an ornamental caps style, a grunge style, a blackboard style and a sketch style , Fusty Saddle , 23rd Street a graffiti font and Whiteboard Modern.

In , he followed up with Oil Change 3d, hand-drawn.

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Typefaces from include Boom a comic book typeface family, with hand-drawn Boom Symbols. Typefaces from Corinth Ornaments, Auburn brush script , Microbrew Unicase , Corinth hand-drawn geometric sans with letterpress influences. Typefaces from Moraine a weathered letterpress emulation typeface family , Microbrew Soft. Typefaces from Blakstone a letterpress emulation family , Hanscum vintage, hand-crafted and letterpress-inspired. In , he started Font Deals. Little School is an large school script font family that looks a bit like Little Days , West Wind Fonts but with rulers and lines thrown in.

And Little Days in turn is genetically linked to Memimas. Shtip, Macedonia-based designer b. He also designed the grungy typewriter typeface Corona 3 Typewriter In , he created the hand-crafted Topuz, the starry and moon phase dingbat font Astronomy, and the old typewriter typeface Radio. Aleksandra Debniak [Cuda Wianki]. Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Aleksandra Gundorova created an unnamed Latin alchemic typeface in , and a frid-based constructivist typeface in Restoran is a very original symbol font: each glyph represents in iconic abstract form an item on a restaurant menu.

As a student in the TypeType education program in , she designed the Venetian antiqua Foundata. Aleksandra Korolkova. She teaches type design and typography there. In , her book for Russian students on typography was published English title: Alive Typography. She received many awards for her work and is a frequent speaker at type design conferences. In particular, she received the prestigious Prix Charles Peignot in Designer of the beautiful Cyrillic serif family Leksa a winner at Paratype K and the accompanying Leksa Sans family from until This was followed by equally gorgeous families such as Fence , an ultra-fat artistic beauty.

Skoropix is an experimental pixel typeface done with FontStruct. She also made Belladonna , a stunning modern typeface for Latin and Cyrillic; a winner at Paratype K and Grand Prize winner at Granshan , Skoropix with FontStruct , and the experimental typeface Cless She received a TypeArt 05 award for the display family Fourty-nine face.

At MyFonts , one can buy Gorodets [ a Russian decoration typeface based on traditional wood-painting style from the town Gorodets on the Volga river, Russia], Leksa and Leksa Sans], Blonde Fraktur : written with a quill by Alexandra Korolkova and prepared in digital form by Alexandra Pushkova , Airy , a curly script , Airy Pictures , animal and plant dingbats , Bowman a blackboard children's script , PT Serif , Paratype's superfamily of 38 fonts, co-designed with Vladimir Yefimov and Olga Umpeleva; Open Font Library link , PT Circe , a geometric sans family with a neat Thin weight; Third Prize for Cyrillic text typefaces at Granshan , and Cless ultra fat and counterless.

In , Vasiliy Biryukov and Alexandra Korolkova co-designed the Christmas dingbat font Gingerbread House , together with a plump display face, Gingerbread. This geometric sans in the style of Erbar Grotesk and Metro Sans is a major extension of the Journal Sans typeface , SPA, in metal form, and s in digital form. This was followed in by Stem Text. In , she and Alexander Lubovenko co-designed Circe Rounded , which is an extension of her earlier Circe typeface , both published by Paratype. Still in , Alexandra Korolkova and Alexander Lubovenko published Aphrosine at Paratype, a typeface based on pointed pen script and situated somewhere between handwriting and calligraphy.

Many alternatives and smart OpenType features help Aphrosine look like real handwriting. Kudryashev Display is a set of light and high-contrast typefaces based on Kudryashev text typeface. In addition to Kudryashev Display and Kudryashev Headline typefaces, the type family includes also two Peignotian sans-serif typefaces of the same weight and contrast, with some alternates.

The serif styles were designed by Olga Umpeleva in , the sans styles were created by Isabella Chaeva in with the participation of Alexandra Korolkova. In , she designed FF Carina , a delicate and absolutely stunning decorative didone. Fact is based on Frutiger. The Fact type system contains 48 upright styles with variations in width and weight and eight italics of normal width. MyFonts interview.

Kernest link. View Alexandra Korolkova's typefaces. Graphic designer and photographer in Odessa, Ukraine. He created a number of great logotypes that could serve as dingbats for many applications, especially in vodka bars. Alessandro Alex Segalini. Freelance Italian graphic designer, b. In it, he describes his typeface Ernesto Hemingway. At ATypI in Helsinki, he spoke about that same typeface. Initially, he worked in Rome, with interests extending across linguistics, book design, information design, calligraphy, lettering, visual identities, and designing with multiple languages.

In he co-founded ISType , a lecture and workshop series devoted to encouraging typographic literacy in Turkey. He is the typographer and graphic designer for Contra Mundum Press CMP , a boutique publisher based in New York and Paris that specializes in world literature and other genres.

He created these typefaces: A like Animals Also called A di Animali, this is an experimental typeface done together with illustrator Anna Donadelli. Limerick was designed in together with Marek Brzozowski. In , Segalini published Hemingway Pro , a commercial 9-style sans display family, available from Red Rooster. Hemingway Deco Initials is free though.

Typophile link. Alessandro's page with hundreds of useful links. PDF file with samples of his fonts. Designers of a set of ampersands Alex Grecian [Elemeno]. Author of Monogramme Und Zeichen Darmstadt, Local download. Drew Damned Dingbats EF in Designer at Germany's Apply Design. Designer of the free Paymentfont , which features icons of payment services. Typefaces from Clear Line 7. Open Font Library link. See also here. Aka Chess 7 and as Style 7. Alexandra Alexandrova. Type designer, b. This Latin and Ukrainian-Cyrillic font has asymmetrical serifs, characteristic for the Ukrainian style.

It is based on Heorhiy Narbut's sketches, a well-known Ukrainian graphic artist from the early 20th century. Kalyna comes also with a set of ornaments. Still in , she created the rune simulation typeface Norden Latin and Cyrillic. Russian designer of typefaces who collaborates with Ivan Zeifert and specializes in revivals, cyrillizations and beautiful digitizations, some of them done with Anatole Gophmann. There have been complaints about her practice of borrowing fonts from type designers without asking. One typophile writes: I have cracked open fonts she claims as hers, Bolero, Bickham and others, she has copied and pasted glyphs, copyright data, added Cyrillic and changed the copyright string.

Alejandro has drawn the numerals in his font in to accompany the letters found in an old catalog of alphabets. There is no other source of the numerals, and Angelica has them. She and her partner Anatoly shithead. Available on Fonts The ass's site, Jagdesh, is in Pakistan and we cannot touch him. Others have complained as well about her practice of taking and extending fonts without permission.

N: Nocturne , Nostalgia Alexandra Ellie Peters is the Rochester, NY-based designer of Clockpunk Dingbats , which are designed to be paired with any old style typeface. This typeface was a school project at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Alexandre Venancio [Oporto Design]. Moscow-based graphic artist and illustrator of books and periodicals, who has worked with the Gelios publishing house and the magazines Pioner, Smena, Literaturnaya Gazeta, Bolshoi Gorod and InLiberty.

In , he designed the CSTM Emoji character font, which is a set of emoticons that comprises illustrations of emotions, facial expressions, gestures, and assorted objects. Industrial designer in Moscow. He created some funny and original stick figure dingbats called Lettrism Bones is a Cyrillic display face. Serpenta Serif is labyrinthine. In , he designed Romanesque Display 3d, outlined, for Latin and Cyrillic.

Alfab [Bruno Bernard]. French type and graphic designer b. He co-founded BAT foundry in and set up Alfab in Anima Chanson: a serif revival from the 19th century. Departure: a dot matrix face. Dinette: commissioned by the graphic design studio Malte Martin. Mazette A high-contrast stencil typeface. Mgetine : for the corporate identity of MGET.

Mihaly Display and Mihaly A fine geometric sans family originally created for the Mihaly exhibition. Montille : a formal calligraphic typeface for the Domaine de Montille. Piccolo : for the Figaro newspaper. Posthume : a set of nice symbols for the Side One Posthume Theatre.


Quadrile A semi-stencil typeface for the visual identity of Quadrant. Ali Sabet. He also made Pixopop Confusion and Pixopop Monstalove Typographer from Brazil who received an honorable mention at the Tipografia Brasilis in the dingbat category, , for her font "Chop". Based in Melbourne, Alicia Souza is an illustrator who drew and created the monster ding font Monsterocity as well as Smile Baby Smile and Alphabots Zodiac poster.

If you click on Misc, you will find some original free fonts: Drewtype , handscribbling, by Andrew Bargeron , U. Creator of Proper Sweet , a silverware dingbat face. Another Behance link. The beautiful! Another URL. Free font sublink. Fontspae link. Download here. OFL link. Japanese foundry.

Creators of the free dingbat font AlohaFont 01 Creator of Symbol Crucifix , a detailed medieval symbols font. It has Fleur de Lis, crosses, Tomoe, Mon, and baroque floral patterns. Jack Williams : Elfabet. Joan Edwards : Alphabet de coutumes. Debi Gardner: Cat alphabet. Jill Tannenbaum: Cat alphabet. Kimble Mead: Cat alphabet. Dawn Ostrer: Alphabet of mice. Suzanne Rozdilski : Lorelei Bold. Robert Bloomberg : alphabeats. Hooker Wolfgang Sperzel : Alphaband. Kristi Weber : Flower alphabet. Colette Tubbs : Contemporary Samscript. Leah Oliver : Kiddy Kaps.

June Sidwell : Haute Couture Caps. Donald King : Suburban Block. Raquel Jaramillo : Body Language. Claudia de Castro : Custom Built. Joseph Volpicelli : animal alphabet. Alphabet Design [Boris Mahovac]. Boris Mahovac is a great Croatian designer. He founded Alphabet Design in Oakville, Ontario. One of his famous fonts is the kitchen tile typeface Kalendar From the web site: He started working with digital fonts back in the days of bitmap fonts, sometime in At that time the studio operated in Zagreb, former Yugoslavia, which later became the capital of independent Croatia, under the name PixelPrint.

The name changed to Abeceda Dizajn in while establishing itself as a successful typographic studio that specialized in font localization and type consulting. Abeceda Dizajn studio was the official distributor and manufacturer for Bitstream Inc. Today, Alphabet Design is again a Bitstream re-seller. Alphabet Design is donating all its proceeds of January to tsunami aid. In , cartoonist Branimir Zlamalik created Smiles dingbats and Ulixa comic book family.

Altemus Creative [Robert Altemus]. Their commercial dingbats are sold by MyFonts. Catalog, part I , part II. See also Sooy Co. Showcase of Brian Sooy's typefaces at MyFonts. Designer of the cartoon face fonts Cartoonabha and Expressions Ampersand Digital [John W. American commercial foundry Ampersand published these dingbat fonts in , designed by John W.

John W. Golden now runs his own graphic design studio. Amy Dietrich. American designer, b. In , Amy published the playful poster typefaces Trail Map and Merci. Farmstand is a hand-printed typeface that is accompanied by the dingbat font Farmstand Goodies. Wheat is a stylish rough-edged script face. Eeeek is a Halloween dingbat typeface. Solstice is hand-printed.

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  4. Typefaces from Shoebox , Reading bouncy typeface , Lion an African-themed typeface , Suntea a children's book script , Fini cartoon font , Fini Things girly dingbats , Catbird whimsical. Typefaces from Goby a great children's book font with fun sea life dingbats called Goby Graphic , Laughing Gull a fun cartoonish font , Digby Atlantic Fonts.

    Typefaces from Sanderling children's script , Dinghy beatnik style and Dinghybats, Storyboard a primitve painter's font , Quince a hand-crafted typeface , Kiwi a juice bar font accompanied by the dingbat font Kiwi Fruits. Typefaces from Meow a children's script , Answer hand-crafted, unicase , Peapod a textured patterned all caps typeface. Typefaces from Junglegym , Turmeric. Typefaces from Espadrille a mixed case monoline display sans , Galavant a cartoon font with interlocking letters , Seaglass. American creator of Hats , dingbats. Designed the shareware Fontforfree dingbats.

    Brazilian designer b. Analia plays in the band Jamon del Mar. This was a graduation project. In , she and Iordanis Passas created the gorgeous Finos, which was inspired by Greek retro cinema buy it here and check the free demo. Her second typeface of is the equally impressive deco script typeface family Magellan in Deco and Script sub-styles. Marpesia is a connected calligraphic script typeface. Charming is a free spurred vintage tattoo typeface for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Adalberta is a great connected script typeface. Typefaces from Hayao's Letters fantastic drop caps that pay tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and his magical films , Chalky Letters a multilayered font collection.

    Andi Darnell [Screaming Fonts was: screaming meemies ]. New names in its organization include Alexander Moreno. Many of its designers are Venezuelan. This family won an award in the experimental typeface category at Tipos Latinos Lirrot is a 6-style grunge handwriting typeface bordering on the psychotic, and comes with Lirrot Dingbats. It too won an award at Tipos Latinos PP Lepu is pixel grunge. Navaja and Diad are collections of grunge fonts with grungy dingbats.

    Lucrecia 1 through 3 is a fat connected script family ranging from clean to splattered. Telesforo radiates anger from its brushy grungy limbs. Telesforo Black won an award at Tiupos Latinos Ninja 1 and Ninja 2 are script fonts, and are accompanied by Ninja Dingbats Dsnet is a 6-style bare-bones rounded squarish family. Flaminia and Flaminia Dingbats are useful for food-related signage. Modelia is thick, informal, and looks like it was brushdrawn.

    Modelia won an award at Tipos Latinos Filomena is a brush family with a goth theme and an accompanying goth dingbats. Obdulia and Floro are extreme mural grunge fonts. Marimonda is grunge calligraphy. Typefaces from Demetria a hellish script , Ciclope army stencil , Meteora a sturdy weathered family , Kamuy a grunge typeface, with dingbats, that links to Asian comic style lettering, and Japan in the Pacific War , Naturalia an informal sans family. In , he made Gluten a poster typeface family , Bengala Script a distant relative of Mistral , Chef Script a large signage script influenced by Ross F.

    George's Speedball lettering manual , Chef Script Dingbats hilarious restaurant dings and fists , Sumergible Script. Typefaces from Enjoy Script, Caps. Typefaces from Bechamel a delicious curly brush script , Bechamel Roman based on the unicase letterings of the movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory , Stevia script. Typefaces from Nutcake CatchWords. Sonora won an award at Tipos Latinos View the typefaces designed by Andinistas. German designer who created the funky calligraphic serif typeface family Varius , Linotype.

    Included are ornamental typefaces with music notation and standard ornaments. German designer, b. Graphic design student from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She created the dingbat typeface Huevos Duros Devian tart link. Andrea Tinnes [Typecuts]. Designer of these scouting fonts: Morse , Braille , Samourai They can be downloaded here.

    In , he became involved in making and directing animation films for Anschi und Karl-Heinz, a children's television program aired weekly. Andreas Koch. Freelance book and type designer from Bielefeld, Germany. He also designed Damned Dingbats Apply Design, Andreas Seidel [astype. Andreas Wohlleben. Andreu Balius Planelles. He cofounded Typerware in with Joancarles P.

    Typerware existed until and was based in Santa Maria de Martorelles, a village near Barcelona. He cofounded Type Republic see also here , and ran Andreu Balius tipo graphic design. He is presently an associate professor at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Balius won a Bukvaraz award for Pradell. Speaker at ATypI in Lisbon. Coorganizer of ATypI in Barcelona. Author of Type at work. FontFont link. Fontshop: FF Fontsoup. With Joancarles P. Typerware : Czeska was developed from Vojtech Preissig's woodtype typefaces. Andreu Balius completed the design and included an italic version and a large variety of ligatures both for regular and italic.

    Pradell was freely inspired from punches cut by catalan punchcutter Eudald Pradell , and is considered to be Balius' main work. Trochut is based on specimens from the s by Joan Trochut. Digitized and recovered by Andreu Balius and Alex Trochut in Still in , he did the revival Elizabeth ND , which was based on an old type of Elizabeth Friedlander. In , he created the Vogue mag like family Carmen Display, Fiesta, Regular , which are rooted in the didone style.

    Mal de Ojo

    Carmen , and its flirtatious companion Carmen Fiesta , were both reviewed by Typographica. Barna and Barna Stencil In , Trochut was published as a free font family at Google Web Fonts. It was based on Joan Trochut-Blanchard's Bisonte. Lladro is a custom sans typeface done for the Lladro company. Rioja is a grotesque typeface that was custom-designed for Universidad de La Rioja.

    Maidstone, United Kingdom-based programmer. Orem, Utah-based designers of the beautiful dingbat font ArborisFolium , and of Agathodaimon runes and astrological symbols and Animal Tracks. At Plazm, Andrew D. Taylor published Avenatha Avenatha at Mindcandy. Agathodaimon alternate site. Andrew Dick was born in in Victoria, B.