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You can download CleanMyMac for free and give it a try.

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As you can see, putting your Mac to sleep or locking it is very easy. If you regularly lock your Mac to prevent others accessing it, you should ensure your login password is strong and secure. Finally, if privacy is important, CleanMyMac has a couple of tools that can help delete sensitive data. How To. Blog How To News.

Mac keyboard shortcuts

Hit Return or Enter to search. How to lock your Mac or put your screen to sleep in macOS. Darina Stavniychuk. Explaining complex stuff very simply. Passionate about writing. For often-used items lacking a shortcut, consider adding one in System Preferences. Now, whenever you hold the Command key for a couple of seconds, a window will pop-up, listing shortcuts for the current app. Start typing and the first results will be menu items, which you can navigate to using the down arrow key. You can hit Return to activate the selected menu item.

Access the Dock and Menu Bar from Your Keyboard

The first time you do so, Finder will be selected by default. Subsequently, the first app selected will be whatever you most recently keyboard navigated to. Like with the menu bar, you can use the arrow keys to open and close Dock item menus, and tap Return to select an item. Note that in the right-hand side of the Dock, you may need to press Escape to close an open stack, before navigating to a different Dock item.

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A final tip concerns the shortcuts used to send focus to various on-screen components. To fully customize which icons appear in the menu bar, you should use a third-party app like Bartender. You can easily remove any of the icons by holding Command and dragging it outside of the menu bar as described above. Go to the Clock tab and unlock the preferences by entering your administrator password, so that you can make changes.

How to rearrange items in menu bar

To customize the look of the clock, choose between two different time display options: Digital or Analog. Click on the battery icon and tick Show percentage to see how much battery power you have left. In the same drop-down menu, you can check the programs that are using significant power in case your battery is draining too fast.

Once you have a custom icon ready, simply copy it into the same Resources folder. One low-key feature on Mac is the ability to auto-hide menu bar. To get the menu bar to show up again, simply move the cursor to the top of the screen and hold it there for a second. If you want more control over how the menu bar looks and what it does, you should consider using the Bartender app.


App icons can be displayed when updating, shown in the Bartender Bar only, or hidden completely and accessed easily using a built-in search function. Overall, the Mac menu bar is there to help you improve your productivity by giving you quick access to the apps and tools you need.

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  • Using the tips above, you can customize the menu bar in a way that works for you. Best of all, you can get full access to Bartender and over more high-quality macOS apps on Setapp , with a 7-day free trial to get you started. So why not get your menu bar organized now? Rearranging menu items in macOS Sierra or later To move an icon in the menu bar, hold Command cmd , then click and hold the icon to drag it across the bar.

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