Bugs & Fixes: Stop Adobe Reader from blocking PDFs in Safari

Many people who uses safari browser must know which plugins are on active mode and which one they have disabled and due to which they are facing the disabled plugin problem. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Solution: Trust the PDF plug-in

Table of Contents. Safari is quite willing to disclose which plug-ins are installed, although many people end up looking in the wrong place for this information. The View menu seemed to be the next likely possibility; after all, we wanted to view the installed plug-ins. When all else fails, try the Help menu. Safari will display a new web page that lists all of the Safari plug-ins that are currently installed on your system. Plug-ins are actually files within files. Safari groups plug-ins by the file that contains the small programs.

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The Java Applet Plug-ins encompass a number of files, each providing a different service or even a different version of Java. A single file called QuickTime Plugin. If you want to remove a plug-in, you need to know its file name. To find this information, look through the plug-in descriptions on the Installed Plug-ins list.

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For example, to remove the Shockwave or Flash plug-in, look for a Shockwave Flash entry in the Description column for the Flash Player. Once you locate the description for the plug-in look to the area just above the table entry for that plug-in, you will see an entry like the following: Shockwave Flash The last part of that entry is the file name, in this case, Flash Player.

Once you know the file name, you can remove the plug-in file; this will uninstall the plug-in from Safari. You can remove plug-ins completely by deleting the plug-in files; with newer versions of Safari, you can manage the plug-ins from the Safari Preferences settings, turning plug-ins on or off by website.

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The method you use depends on the plug-in, and whether you're ever going to make use of it. Removing plug-ins outright makes sense; it keeps Safari from becoming bloated and ensures memory isn't wasted. And although Safari plug-in files are fairly small, removing them frees up a bit of disk space.

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Plug-ins are managed from Safari Preferences. To manage plug-ins by website, click the button labeled Plug-in Settings or Manage Website Settings , depending on the version of Safari you're using. Plug-ins are listed in the left-hand sidebar. Remove the checkmark next to a plug-in to disable it.

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