In a recent update to its upgrade kit offerings, Mac-centric upgrade vendor Other World Computing has issued a drive installation kit for Apple's latest Mac Mini, which allows you to install a second hard drive in a system that shipped with only one.

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The Mac Mini, being a cheap and low-power system, is fairly popular because of its low profile design that allows it to fit nicely in small areas such as bookshelves. It can serve not only as a desktop system, but also as a server, and even a media center. In past versions of the system, the standard version of the Mini came with an optical drive, which it replaced with a hard drive in the server variant.

Apple Mac mini (Mid 2011)

This setup was convenient because those with the standard version who wanted more storage space could replace the optical drive with a bracket kit that would hold a smaller 2. This setup was similar to one I outlined for MacBook Pro systems. In the latest Mac Mini models, Apple has done away with the internal optical drive, so the use of such brackets is no longer available; however, Apple has unified all of its models around the same design that offers space for both hard drives.

Therefore, if needed, users can use this bracket and the available SATA connection to configure the system with dual hard drives. Apple uses this bracket to configure two drives for the Mac Mini Server, but the same bracket is available in all models, even if only one drive is used.

Unfortunately while Apple does include the bracket to mount the drive, it does not offer any connections to mount and attach the drive, or make it easy to access the bracket. Included in the kit is an SATA adapter cable and rubber mounting grommets for securing the hard drive to the internal bracket.

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The kit is simple enough in itself; however, Apple's Mac Mini is a very compact system and therefore getting to the drive bay is a bit of a daunting task, and requires you to fully disassemble the system. To aid in the process, OWC has a very detailed and clear video of the procedure for opening the system, removing the power supply and motherboard, and then reassembling it all after the drive has been installed. By using OWC's kit you can install any third-party drive of your choosing to install additional storage, upgrade your current drive, or replace a faulty drive.

Mac mini Server Mid 2011 / Late 2012 Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

Cmd-R on power up to reinstall macOS with recovery mode from the net. Price is great, and it even comes with the two weird screwdrivers you need P5 Pentalobe and T5 Torx. Currently unavailable. Page Sparr, FL. Solid little drive.

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The case is nice and small, and the drive is plenty quick - way faster than all but the very best thumb drives. I'm attaching captures from Crystal Disk Mark for reference. See All Buying Options. In stock on August 30, I really thankful that I bought this pc it's less expensive from other gaming machines and easy to open and upgrade, you can change whatever you want.

Unlike to buy expensive one that you don't like what is inside.

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There were no reviews as well for Lenovo Yp with samsung evo that's why I'm little bit worried to choice EVO or not? But I decide to take the risk. If is not working I will going to use as an external drive. And I saw the dimensions has little bit difference.

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It was plug and go -- the Firewire makes it fast. Looks, feels and functions solid.

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I like the energy saving mode where it slows the fan? Unlike some others where the device starts to get really hot even with the fan on when connected for a long period. Worth its cost. I did a lot of research and this card was my answer to finding a way to add the Evo ssd drive to my pc in a way that actually permits the SSD drive to operate full speed. AS long as your motherboard supports booting from PCI Express or has a full speed M2 Slot, you can be up and running in little to no time. Here is the quick list of all I needed to do.

Be mindful that I was expecting to have problems, boot issues, bios adjustments and possible I've bought 16 of these recently for some test servers we have here. It looks like our setup is a bit different than most. We have had one failure, but I think it was because a drive was improperly seated in its IcyDock. Works great to add a secondary drive to a Mac Mini. In my case it was a Mac Mini Late model, with the original drive being in the "Lower" position IE: Drive that's on the top when the Mini is turned up-side down to open it.

The tools worked to take everything apart and get access to the bracket to install my SSD in the "Upper" position. No problems with the rubber plugs or screws, and the flex cable was very well made. Easy install, perfect parts, no brainer!

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Drive worked amazing for about a year before failing after only about 18 TB written. Started accumulating un-correctable read errors rapidly Smart and causing system hangs. That being said, as with all products, there will be faulty hardware from time to time. Thankfully this drive comes with a solid 10 year warranty.