Tee hee, get ready for some new outfits and full coverage of Fashion Week, including the opening of the Gothic fashion exhibit at FIT! I'll announce exactly what I'm up to once it's confirmed. Hair dye wise, I prefer LaRiche Directions…. Manic Panic fades fast, which is a plus for those who only want to hold the look for two or three weeks but not for long term commitment; even the strongest formula pale in comparison with almost every other brand.

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Special Effects is extremely longlasting, but the enduring power can be a real problem when switching to an entirely different shade — it's often near impossible to get that remaining taint out of the hair regardless how many times I process the hair, and therefore the next dye job often comes out less than perfect. And both brands stain the hell out of anything in contact with in the hair; the number of ruined bed sets and towels is a painful memory — and those were plus-thread-count sheets and pillow cases and freaking Ralph Lauren towels we are talking about. Though letting them touch my hair was sheer stupidity on my part, but still.

Directions is the happy compromise I've found between reasonable staying power and non-stainy-ness.

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They also pack the things super carefully so they won't even spill in the international long haul. If you havne't tried brands other than Manic Panic, you really should. The list of long-lasting shades from different brands on HairCrazy. Also: Crazy Color is also worth the try, though I feel that it's slightly less lasting and the color less saturated than Directions, but mixing them with or using them along with Directions can add more subtlety and visual depth to a look. This is great information — I'll remember this for the future! I think I'm over my rainbow hair days for now… but you never know!

Ahh… no better way to remind me of my perpetual and long outdated juvenility than that comment. XD But I've made up my mind to follow the footsteps of the great Dame Westwood and keep my tresses colorful till the day I die.

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Speaking of Goth-friendly brands, have you heard of Aromaleigh? It's an independent mineral makeup brand and has a Goth slant in its vast array of color selection. It even has a Gothic Lolita mini collection. The colors are really good, very saturated and beautiful; they rival and even beat major brand offerings. And it doesn't hurt that it's recommended by both my favorite aromatherapy store, Nature's Gift, and my favorite Goth artist, Emilie Autumn.

Aromaleigh sponsors EA, but only after they learned of EA's spontaneous recommendation of their products on her blog.

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In fact, I discovered your blog only because Miss K. Lovely neutrals and just the right bright colors. All their pinks are fabulous, though. They have all kinds of hair styles and colours and have helped me many a time in choosing which brand to use.

Friday, June 29, 2007

In Poland it's difficult to find blue lipstick. But one can use Black Onyx eye-and-lip pencil.

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And the brand Inglot has white lipstick. We share braincells, I swear! I just wrote something similar to this for my personal blog.

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Maximum Video recording: Ough. Whenever a medication had been offered to be able to The far east, the actual manufacturing plant cost has incorporated earnings plus profits. Th mac cosmetics online shopping benefit makeup samples e particular price of the container regarding Heptodin is actually The greatest list cost is definitely yuan within Cina. The texture is chalky and gritty and I seriously cannot imagine anyone using them dry.

They are also really hard to blend and need a lot of patting to get the color to pop.

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I will try to do a look with these colors shortly. I ended up with Out To Shock, a very pretty frosty light pink that is oh-so-mod. Loves it!