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    There's no patcher These problems carry over from Version 4. There are also times when I found myself clicking in the middle of a sentence to add a word and dictate would capitalise that, even though it was in the middle of a sentence. So it seems to have trouble working out the context of a single word within a sentence in terms of whether to capitalise it or not. This has happened to me a number of times with Dragon for Mac, so there are still a few issues to iron out.

    Finally, Dragon for Mac seems to add a space before every word that you dictate. Sometimes this is desirable, but not all the time, the problem is that Dragon for Mac always adds a space.

    ClaroSpeak Web Release Notes

    This was also the case with Dragon Dictate. It will be nice when this happens in all applications.

    There are lots of little bugs. Some advanced features are not working. If you look on the forums there are a few other teething issues. It seems this is a fairly major overhaul that is more than skin deep and this has led to some problems that were not there in previous versions. I assume these will be sorted out fairly soon.

    This is the most significant upgrade to Dragon since Dragon Dictate was released.

    Voice to text on iphone 4 (not the 4s)

    But if you are going to buy it read here for the interesting price differences. I too suffered constant Word crashes on two different systems a MacBook Pro running office and a Mac Mini running office Using Pages suffers issues with accuracy and spurious spaces appearing in the text. However, Dragon appears to work flawlessly on my Apple computers with Open Office. Seriously, the download was about three minutes, the install was less than 10 seconds, and the OO interface is a vast improvement on what I saw just five years ago.

    In, short if you have purchased this expensive software and it is languishing on your hard drive, try installing Open Office. Your input is provocative in that I have tried so many times over the years to use Dragon on the Mac and met with so much frustration. Note, however, that I am a medical professional so my use of Writer has particular functions that make it superior to Word.

    For me, the price of the app is not an issue but the functionality and utility of the app makes a world of difference. So the bottom line is that what works well in OpenOffice should work well in NeoOffice. Note also that In my experience the support from the developer of NeoOffice has been crappy. If your tech question offends him in any way he will reply in an ugly manner or not reply at all.


    I am using El Capitan on a new iMac. I do not know. Undecided for now. I did not consider NeoOffice, but will try it, thanks! It is laughable that we should have to consider and recommend alternatives to the industry gold standard, particularly after so many years of development — how long has word been crashing when using Dragon now? V 6 is released tomorrow but ominously, no details on compatibility with Microsoft Word for Mac.

    It would be beyond comprehension if this major problem was not addressed. I doubt anything will change, their advertising copy describes all kinds of improvements, with the exception of stability — the only improvement that would prompt me to pay out again. Used all the versions from before it was bought by Nuance, installed the new version and it worked for a couple of days then crash, crash, crash.