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Everytime I try to boot my iMac into Safe Boot mode after installing Mavericks, this is what happens:. Posted on Oct 25, PM. Finally after 4 months the problem has been resolved by the latest OS X update! Now I will see how long it takes Apple to fix the other annoying Mavericks bug which causes my other iMac to keep logging out after the computer wakes up from sleep mode.

Posted on Feb 27, AM. Yes, I've seen this. Talked to Apple Care and they said that they're aware of this, so I guess it's something that will be patched eventually. Oct 25, PM. In the past if Safe Mode didn't complete it usually meant the drive was corrupted and needed to be erased and everything installed fresh. Perhaps things are different in Mavericks or it's a glitch of some sort. I see your issue as a problem on your machine, not yet as a widespread issue with Mavericks itself or else it would have turned up in the testing. All hard drives have bad sectors, there is a automatical system in place to catch most of them, but there are areas it doesn't work.

Since the drive can't be completely scrubbed to get rid of them if Apple will not allow it in Disk Utiltiy, it will have to be replaced. Take your iMac in for service if your Disk Utility has no "secure erase of Free Space" on the boot drive, that would be a clear indication it's not available. Oct 26, AM.

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Page content loaded. Have you tried restarting in recovery mode and repair disk and disk permissions? Start up and hold Command R until the spinning wheel starts. You can then let go of the keys. Choose Disk Utility from the options screen that is presented in recovery mode. Then repair permissions and then repair disk. After that restart. Then try starting with a Safe Boot.

A fix for OS X hanging at startup, even in Safe Mode

Maybe that will do he trick. Thank you David for the information! Now I can just deal with the inconvenience until Apple fixes the problem and not go nuts trying to find some incompatible software. In helping folks here a couple of them had a problem booting into SM. I took it as a system problem and suggested as Ben, Repair Disk but it did not fix it.

Do you know if this issue is hardware specific and which iMacs, or other models are experiencing the problem because my iMac 3. Ernest is a 3. Oct 26, AM in response to macjack In response to macjack. I do not know if this problem is specific to iMacs and just specific models. I will try to upgrade the laptops this weekend but will wait to upgrade the other iMac until a fix comes from Apple. My affected iMac is a 3. Oct 26, AM in response to ds store In response to ds store.

Mac Troubleshooting: Safe Mode

My last resort is to backup to an external drive and erase the boot disk and do a clean install. Not there yet!

How to Start Your Mac in Safe Mode: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Machine is still functional, if a bit annoying! I will run some other OEM disk utilities to see if a hardware problem exists. Apple's Disk Utility seems to think that the drive is okay. This iMac is less than a year old. I disagree with your assesment that any Maverick's problem would turn up in testing.

Just look at this software forum and the people that had problems with the Maverick's install I did not and have post-install problems. I was a software engineer and this is common knowledge.

mac keeps starting in Safe mode

That is why you see a lot of bug fixes released right after new software comes out. If you do so, make sure to target the entire disk0 from Internet Recovery with a 3x secure erase if possible. It will take a long time to complete since you have a large drive, but will ensure all your bad sectors are mapped off. Apple's Hardware Test is hold D down on a wired or built in keyboard while booting up until you see something takes a few minutes to load from Apple's servers.

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I doubt the other software will assist, then only check the free sectors on MacintoshHD partition, it seems your problem is in the hidden and inaccessible EFI partition. Disk Utility doesn't check for data integrity or for bad sectors. Don't even bother, just backup and let Apple replae the hard drive portion of the Fusion drive with a new one under warranty.

Make sure to buy AppleCare for two more years of coverage, as since your getting a new drive, it could also fail in the next year. Since only Apple can replace drives in most Mac's now, your stuck paying their higher prices for repairs when i's usually a easy user level fix in older Mac's. Apple has volunteers to test new OS X versions on older and varied configurations, I did so at one time.

Also not being able to boot into Safe Mode would for sure be caught at testing, as it's a commonly checked for function. I can understand from your software engineer expereince that you would tend to think that the software is at fault, however as you know software is only as reliable as the structure it's written on. If your problem was widespread, then yes it might be a fault in the Mavericks code, but it's not and many of the issues on this forum so far are not widespread with many users. When you've been here for many years, you get to see if patterns develop that might point to a code flaw.

Instead most of the problems with Mavericks so far seem to be individual in nature, which points to a specific problems on each users machine.

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Apple has not employed significant data integrity checks for hard drives, then users also incur shock damage with portable models. If you do not have a backup, you can at least try using Target Disk mode to copy your user account folder from your old hard drive to another computer:.

Note that this same routine for backing up your data can be done if you install OS X to an external drive. Once you have booted off of it, you can then copy the contents of the Users directory to the external boot drive or to another USB or Firewire drive of your choosing before restarting and performing the reinstallation of OS X. At this point, you can choose the option to restore from a Time Machine backup, if you have one, or if not, then use the Install OS X option to install a fresh copy of OS X from scratch.

At one time I would have agreed with you about DiskWarrior. I ran TechTool Pro 7 on the same drive and partitions and it did fix the problem s. When I used DiskWarrior again on the same drives it ran cleanly. I suspect not, but time will tell. By the way, Drive Genius has also had a substantial upgrade just this week. I unplugged it to reset the SMC but was too impatient to disconnect peripherals so it may not have worked properly ; then I reset the PRAM and this did the trick, thankfully.

My iMac has had problems before with external drives. Apparently its power settings are rather fragile. Guess nobody knows whats happening with mail then? Bring back Apple of the past when things just worked. Force remove any offending kexts.