Easy scanning. Hold barcodes up to your webcam or use our new iPhone app. Scan, text and drive. Sell in three clicks. Get rid of your valuable crap. Mad money! Think out loud. Speak a title, and Delicious Library finds it instantly. Saying makes it so. Had stuff stolen? Don't get screwed twice—create a list with replacement costs for insurance.

May 5, Allow cancellation of SRU queries. Allow searching of PDF files. Allow sorting of files by file sizes in books, journals, and magazines. Alpha processor support. Corrected Database Enumerations Browser tool tips. Correctly parent progress dialogs. Correctly remove photograph item windows upon deletion of corresponding database entries. Correctly retain the Category setting during a BiblioteQ session regardless of database connectivity. Debian AMD64 package built using Qt 5. Debian PowerPC package with Qt 4. Depict read-only widgets in various item windows.

The current implementation is incomplete. Destroy phantom objects. These objects are created if item-retrieval methods fail. Do not discard the Custom Query window after a query is executed.

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Embedded item icons in the main table. Inspect potential zero pointers. Launch PDF viewers via double-click events for books, journals, and magazines. Poppler required. Maintain field values after a general search has completed.

Librarian Pro

Multiple-word generic searches. Native menu bar widgets. New SQLite upgrade message dialog. New date formats in Other Options. Thanks coldacid. New user document. OpenBSD support. Properly delete photograph scene items after their corresponding database representations are correctly deleted.

Main screen now faster and more stable

The incorrect logic causes abnormal termination. Purge scene items whenever item images are replaced. Otherwise, phantom memory objects remain. Raspbian armhf package with Qt 4. Replaced static SRU and Z Replaced the PDF reader's View contents with a list of scale factors. Report SRU network errors. Reset Case-Insensitive state on Reset activation. Some widgets should be hidden in various item-search windows. For example, Files. Support for grey literature.

What's new in Book Collector for macOS?

The OS X release is generated with Qt 5. Support for previous OS X versions is unknown. Upgraded Qt products to version 5. Upgraded PostgreSQL products to version 9. YAZ at version 5. August 19, Corrected visibility of password dialogs on SQLite databases. Such dialogs should be not be accessible. Thank you Fares Othman. Optional dates in various searches. Qt products upgraded to version 5. Upgraded SQLite products to version 3. Upgraded YAZ products to version 5. Context menu for removing photographs.

New Windows library information. Thank you Leif-W. Corrected Arabic language menu item. Thanks to Fares Othman for reporting the problem. New Other Option date format: yyyy. Purge objects. April 30, Arabic translation provided by Fares Othman. Increased optimization level on all platforms. Poppler PDF viewer on W PostgreSQL products at version 9. Qt at version 5. SQLite has been upgraded to version 3.

YAZ products have been upgraded to version 5. January 20, Allow exporting of selected photograph s. Allow pagination after an interrupted query. PDF viewer for books, journals, and magazines. PostgreSQL databases offer query sizes. Modified some progress dialogs. Upgraded SQLite to version 3. Upgraded YAZ to version 5. December 16, Version Allow sorting of Custom Database Query items. Corrected a selection issue with photograph collections. The problem would prevent modifications of selected items in photograph collections. Corrected the Music CD search query.

Upgraded Qt to version 5. December 6, New version is ready! Corrected documentation. New Other Options. Please see the Options menu. November 5, Allow reloading of biblioteq. Corrected member query. Problem caused by translation-based logic. Thanks to Jeepee for the report. Explicitly mention column names. Thanks to Arti for reporting the problem. If you're having Z Thanks to Arti for the report. Verify accessibility of SQLite files. September 4, Disallow cancellation of Z Corrected overdue fees reminder.

Introduced file attachments for books, journals, and magazines. New option for unlimited photographs per page. Per birch, print book inside-cover labels. Per paolofrancioso, added a stale-data reminder to Database Enumerations. Replaced QHash, QMap [] operator with value ; performance. March 15, A new version is available, More forward-only SQL queries. Portable BiblioteQ. Previous user configuration settings will be lost. March 8, Uploaded a new W32 installer, adding api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l Thank you Bill Burns for reporting the problem. March 7, Uploaded a new W32 installer, adding vcruntime Thank you Lazaros S.

March 3, Corrected Language selection. Thanks to Lazaros S. New option under Options, per Lazaros S. Removed duplicate INI directives from the source. February 17, Please see the Tools menu. Added support for the ARM architecture. Allow cancellation of Z BiblioteQ should not create artificial copy identifiers. The method did not delete the removed graphics items. Corrected discovery of database field names of custom query results. Corrected incomplete error message for photographs. Corrected photograph thumbnails on Qt 5. Corrected the video game search mechanism.

Improved border styles of selected images. Improved widget mnemonics. Photograph import mechanism. Prepared SQL files for grey literature. Prevent execution of empty SQL queries. Renamed project files. As this may have introduced glitches, please report discrepancies. SQLite databases must support patron histories. October 28, Corrected QProgressDialog problem for Qt 5. October 16, Allow item image zoom via double-click. Corrected HTTP dialog title. Minor correction on the status bar's stylesheet.

A patron's gender is now optional. June 27, Modified the Z June 10, Additional pointer guards. New version system. Reset sensitive fields whenever the login dialog is dismissed. Upgraded Qt products to version 4. PostgreSQL only. April 19, Added proxy authentication support to SRU magazine queries.

All database retrieval queries are now forward-only. Source only. Corrected selections of requested items. Corrected variable assignment in marc::parseBookZMarc21 with respect to fields and Disable general search widgets after a search is performed. Widgets may be enabled via the interface. Introduced a basic search that's integrated into the main window.

Layout changes. Moved the category option into the View menu. New PostgreSQL guest account! Patrons may now decline reservation histories. Enabled by default. Support OS X Thanks to Ceres for reporting the errors. January 27, BiblioteQ celebrates its tenth year!

Make An Application For Mac OS X Using Xcode!!

Introduced a case-insensitive general search. MARC data for journals and magazines is abbreviated. Properly delete QNetworkReply objects. Updated SQLite libraries to version 3. December 18, Version 6. QSqlRecord::fieldName may include an alias. For example, the method may return journal. As a result, some queries will result in misrepresented data. December 9, A new Hungarian translation. Improved recording of Z Prohibit case-sensitive PostgreSQL administrator names. Thank you Nicola. October 13, All dogs go to Heaven.

Prevent cancellation of processes that are not interruptible. August 9, ISSNs are now optional. August 2, Extended the sex field in the member table. Thanks to Frans. Per Frans, removed input masks for telephone numbers and zip codes. Remind the user to save their settings after a locale change. June 6, After adding a photograph collection, items in the collection should be editable without requiring the collection to be reloaded.

Avoid accessing invalid array items. Created an icons resource file and updated all relevant source. Thanks to Nick for reporting the OS X issue. Inspect indexOf results and results of similar methods. Upgraded SQLite libraries to version 3. May 21, Added support for bit integers to limit and offset SQL clauses.

Avoid divisions by zero. Corrected the SRU and Z Ten-character or thirteen-character ISBNs are considered as user-provided. Corrected use of qgetenv. The function returns a byte array. Corrected widget highlighting with respect to SRU and Z Do not access members of invalid pointers. Do not store database credentials information in database objects and display widgets. Increased the maximum issue and volume values for journals and magazines.

Properly set parents of action widgets. Remind the user of resource limits. Respect array boundaries. Update photograph objects in qtbook::updateItemWindows. Upgraded Qt to version 4. Use parameterized SQL statements so as to avoid injection errors. Please note that this item required significant changes. Please report issues. March 27, Notify the user if an SQLite database cannot be created.

Removed obsolete variables. Resolved two SRU issues. Thanks to SigmaX for reporting the errors. Review QDataStream read and write results. Review indexOf results. The type field in the locations table should not be null. September 17, UI elements reflect new additions. Am in need of a Windows 7 license. Please donate!

As always, PostgreSQL administrators are urged to update their database schemas. Custom book binding types. Please see the Database Enumerations Browser. Updated Qt products to version 4.

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Updated YAZ products to version 4. June 3, Added documentation to doc. Added foreign key constraints to various SQLite database tables. Unfortunately, the changes will only be seen in new databases. Corrected SQLite foreign key flaw. Thanks to Ana Monteiro for reporting the issue. The problem was introduced in version 6.

Updated the SQLite library on Windows to version 3. May 27, Corrected a problem that occurs when a new administrator is defined. The administrator's roles are not properly recorded. Thanks to numibesi for discovering the issue. Corrected some deep privileges problems. Again, thanks numibesi. Fixed an incorrect comparison related to minimum patron id lengths. April 29, Please see ticket for more information.

Purged SQLite sql files. The file include. April 15, New site! Guard array boundaries. February 28, Because photograph collections may not be reserved by patrons, the reservation process of such items should not raise database exceptions. Center a photograph detail view with respect to its parent. February 27, Added context menus to photograph collection views. Activating the menus will allow users to view individual photographs in greater detail. January 4, Added documents contributed by Olivia Novak.

Please see doc. Added issue and volume numbers to the main window's summary for journals and magazines. Display formats of dates have been changed to ISO Eliminated QGraphicsView warnings regarding drag leave events. Fixed the state of the ISBNs checkbox for books. Modified much of BiblioteQ in order to avoid problems created by inconsistent translations.

Per Myshkin, the Tab key should change focus for textedit fields.

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Photograph collections! PostgreSQL administrators are required to update their schemas. Removed ISBN input validators in support of hyphens. Replaced the OS X application installer with a simple disk image file. SRU support for books, journals, and magazines. The Copy Browser did not display the correct item's ID in the title. Updated biblioteq. Please update your configuration files accordingly.

November 19, The new version is expected to be delivered before October 15, A user reported a missing iconv.

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  8. Uploaded a new Windows installer to correct the issue. Version remains at 6. October 3, An online version of BiblioteQ has been made available by Clint Bush. August 18, Added the All Available category option. Added the Language sub-menu off of the Options menu. Initialize class members. Prevent BiblioteQ from scaling null images. July 3, Added several new PostgreSQL roles in support of various configurations.

    Administrators were unable to modify their passwords. Improved book searches. The ISBN fields are considered in queries only if provided. The Z Adjusted the software to support varying formats. Please update your schemas. June 17, Added Amazon and Z Added French documentation and translation files. Please thank J. Added grids to various reports. Applied patches provided by Jason Perry. The Unix install target did not function properly. Sorting by the Call Number was also improved. The first discovery concludes the query process.

    Changed the minimum member ID length from seven to five characters. Corrected Z Corrected empty images in the Icons view. Explicitly enable foreign key support for SQLite databases. Increased Z Must remember to purge obsolete objects. Thanks to everyone for their support. With as little as a barcode or item title, Librarian Pro can scour the web and find all matching items and fill in the missing details. From cover artwork to the list of tracks on an album or even the full list of cast in a movie.

    Complete Inventory Control If you are managing a full inventory of items for sale on eBay, or using Librarian Pro to track which friend borrowed which movies, the power-user features in Librarian Pro will make your life a breeze. Other Highlights. Detailed Pre-defined item types that come with a variety of fields to enter all information you could ever possibly desire. Collections Create smart collections that automatically include items based on a set of criteria you specify.

    Multi-Database Support Create an unlimited number of databases: one for each collection you own! Isolate Duplicates Easily identify and delete duplicate library items. Statistics View a summary of all items in your library to compare prices and more. Web Auto-Fill Integrates with numerous web sites to automatically download item information. Multi-Database Support Create an unlimited number of separate databases. Smart Collections Automatically sort items by specific criteria.

    Borrowers Track item lending and charge late fees. Export Export to the web and a variety of other formats. Beautiful View as a list, as a bookshelf, or in cover flow mode. Duplicate Filter Easily isolate and display duplicate items. Details Fill in countless details about items ranging from tracks on an album to the illustrator for a book.

    Reviews Write internal reviews. Barcode Scanning Use your web cam or physical barcode scanner to add items or update inventory. Auto-Complete Auto-complete helps speed data entry by remembering entires for other items. Current Version. Like your softs. For a single-page listing of all help entries, click here. Choose "Inventory Manager" from the "Borrow" menu. Setup the configuration for adding items by clicking the Options button. Hold up the item's barcode to the web cam or type the barcode in and hit enter.

    Borrowers Librarian Pro can manage basic user accounts for recording who has borrowed which items. Fill in the Borrower details. Close the window and click Save when prompted. Assuming you have at least one item in your library, you can assign it to the borrower by one of the following methods: Select the item in the main library list and choose "Mark as Borrowed You will then be prompted to select a borrower and a checked-out date. Double click the item in the main library list to view its details, click the "Additional" tab, and then click the "Mark as Borrowed Drag and drop the item from the main library list onto the borrower's name in the sidebar.

    Create a basic design for the template and save it into this new folder as masterTemplate. Any and all required images for this design must go into a folder called "images". Rename masterTemplate. Rename all copies so they have the names: music. Hereafter, these files will be referred to as "body files". Then, customize the item details area with any of the tags specified below. For instance, if the user is exporting movies, and specifies 3 movies per page on export, the HTML that will be outputted will be in a single file containing: the top of the page, [item] content, [item] content, [item] content, and the end of the page.

    Additional copies of this page will be created until their entire count has been exported. In this case, 34 pages for movies will be created. It will be removed from the final product, but will prevent the template from being loaded if it does not exist. If a [fillColor] optional is specified, the cover art will be exported and if it cannot be scaled down proportionally to fit exactly to the bounds specified, filler color will be used around the edges. Otherwise, an image of "best fit" is exported. The width and height of this image may be smaller than the [coverHeight] and [coverWidth] specified, but never larger.

    Lastly, you must create an index. See the list of tags below for ones valid on the Index page. There must also be a [settings] tag set on the index. This is the new and modern format. Optionally, you can create a preview. Store images for this template in a different folder than "images". This way they will not be copied over to the final product. Also, a style. The following files should now be created: index. Launch Librarian Pro and open the Export window. Choose the folder you just created for your template.

    It will then be added to the templates popup menu if it was created successfully. Perform an export as desired using your new template. If on a header or footer page, total items exported of the type. Organize volumes in "1,2, Multi-field sorting options first by author, then by series, then by series number. Spotlight-searchable databases. October or date ranges ie.

    Ability edit all borrowed item details ie. Clear borrow history or clear individual entries. Having a view "who has actually borrowed item X" like the borrow history, but only actual data. With a database window open, choose "Import Click the type of database or information you would like to import from the toolbar at the left side of the window. Specify any additional options as desired and click "Import". Click the Text icon on the navigation pane. Specify both the record and field delimiters for the file you wish to open. Click the "Open If the field and record delimiters were correctly specified, the first record should now be shown in the list.

    Specify where each field should go by clicking on each row in the "Map To" column. Click "Import". Introduction Librarian Pro is intended as a home inventory solution. Known Issues Verified Bugs Hitting delete key on non-collections still shows 'Would you like to hide' dialog. Create a new item via the Item menu.