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FLVtool can insert meta data e.

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Because Snow Leopard and Lion both have RubyGems a Ruby package manager pre-installed, flvtool2 can be easily obtained:. NASM and Yasm.

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Yasm installed earlier is required to compile several assembly language routines present in the x code. Then, configure, build and install the x library with:.

Installing FFmpeg on a Mac (without Macports)

To rebuild FFmpeg to include H. Optional other formats.

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Usage examples. Installation steps 1 First, download and install Xcode 3. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. Optional installs This article would not be complete without optional tools and codecs you may install. I was an avid Windows user as for over 10 years. Paul Hagstrom : " It's certainly possible to use all of the tools ffmpegX wraps on your own by downloading them, compiling them, and running them from the command line, but it is a several-stage process with lots of trial and even more error Major has taken the guesswork out of encoding, and has kept it very usable, very configurable, and very up-to-date.

Plus, he's been very responsive to feature requests and all other questions on his support forum. It's well worth the shareware price, if nothing else for the time and aggravation you'll save yourself ". Why ffmpegX? Not so much time ago, there was no method available for MacOS apart from some freaky process involving PC emulation.

Install ffmpeg on Mac OS X

When OSX was introduced, it became possible to run Unix command line tools like ffmpeg, mpeg2enc and vcdimager. However, operation in command line mode was time consuming. Some GUIs popped out for each tool from pioneers like Ross, Henry Mason and Jesper Nillson, but still, many apps were required to go through a full encoding and authoring process. So I decided to control all components with a single GUI.

CompilationGuide/macOS – FFmpeg

The result was good enough for myself, and also seemed useful to others, so I spent some time for improving it and creating this site. Please check them, as they could be better for you either in general or for specific uses. Register: Do you like ffmpegX and want to support its development? Please register.

Mailing list: If you want to receive an email when ffmpegX is updated, sign up to the mailing list by entering your email address here: Email:. You may also like to sign up the mailing list. Have a suggestion on how to make ffmpegX even more useful? Email your feedback and comments to major.

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Latest project news: Aug 3, - ffmpegX 0. As simple as 1.