That was far from the only problem I had to solve though. Windows is still quite alien to me. One area where people recently started running into this problem and which possibly prompted Microsoft to make this change is the Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL. You sure? Because this is a Win32 limit, not a kernel limit or an NTFS limit Which supports 32k-long wide-character path lengths.

Is there a limit to the length of a file name in B - Box

Win32 software that supports UNC paths still has the char limit when using traditional paths starting with the drive letter and colon. I find this interesting. I never knew there was any limit other than the UTF code unit limit per file-name which is pretty similar to the byte limit for file-names on most other modern filesystems. Windows has two annoying limits that most UNIX systems do not have. Its maximum command length is pretty short and the maximum path is very short. Brother Lawyer. Why MS Word allowed this?

Filesystem Paths: How Long is Too Long?

Only God and some morally damaged developers at Microsoft knows. Broke all kind of things. Not bad intention [as far as my brother goes]. Lawyer specific OSs should be written. Software built using this constant to define enough space in memory for a path would overflow if Windows APIs started returning longer paths, so old apps will still have the char limit.

New apps have to declare in their application manifest that they support longer paths. Without that declaration, Windows will continue to only offer up paths with a max of chars. The reason this limit exists, though, is that it is a holdover from DOS and the early days of Win I reach that limit almost every day I have to develop on Windows.

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Linux FTW. Back when I used windows for development, this was pretty common. Then XP, then longhorn…. In my working place, some people uses Linux, others Windows mostly bosses. So, this became a real issue. This was a constant issue when I was using Symantec Ghost.

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While the issue could have been solved by canonizing paths sometimes, anyway , canonizing on Windows is nowhere near as simple as on Unix. That said…. Windows had had the ability to do 2 since sometime with Win2k, but the tools were not really easy to use until WinXP and even later with Windows Vista with mklink.

True…but it is a work around for this issue, and a well documented and recommended one at that. And I would be extremely surprised if they did not code. What is the maximum filename character length of files in OS X?

Comparison of file systems

Chauncey Garrett Chauncey Garrett 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. What you can't use is : old HFS separator , at least in the Finder. Another strange limitation is that the path length is limited by bytes or UTF-8 chars, not sure which. This isn't enforced by Finder and can lead to strange behaviour.

On Still so on later systems? PercivalUlysses Yes - on Mountain Lion I was able to make a directory path characters deep and plop a file and spotlight, finder aren't happy to navigate to, locate or open that file in Text Edit until I move it up one folder where the path is long and everything works as expected.

How to Locate File or Show File Path on Mac

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