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You can't invite this user because you have blocked him. Posted March 28, Prepare the game app To avoid checksum errors, you need to run the "broken" game once and wait for it to crash. Install WineSkin to upgrade the engine if you haven't yet You need to have WineSkin installed with the newest engine current one is 1. This will install the newest engine globally on your system. Update the Wine engine Then, right-click the app, select "Show package content".

Set the right screen properties Click "Set screen options" and use the settings you can see in the attachment Then click "Done", close WineSkin and every Finder window Done! Now you can run the game app - have fun :. Posted September 04, Posted September 29, Anyways, This looks like a great game. I will definitively buy it when it is finished.

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You have my word. Clix Just downloaded, I have been waiting for this for a while now.

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Blazer Trogtor I think he means how long it takes to beat the game. Saxophone Guy I can't download it and I've tried more than once, its really getting on my nerves and no one is helping me with it. Brian Smith NASAboy Guy, it's not working for me either, I have no idea why. MegaScience Can you confirm that none of the content is under some special copyrights? I was thinking of recommending this game to some video makers, get it some notice. But to make videos, the content can't be copyrighted. Furthermore, giving your direct permission to make videos would be helpful.

Plasmu Yeah something's wrong with the download Badspot I moved the download to AWS, so hopefully it works for you now. I finished the game, and I must say, I actually like it. I'd probably buy it when it's done. Asf-Dag The game shuts down instantly with the esc key. I am very sad as I have to restart after accidentally pressing it. I've notices some glitches playing. If you jump and ground pound multiple times somehow you will keep flying up until you ground pound again.

You can go through sand by going to the side of it not sure if this is glitch or made like that. He's asking us a question in his answer so that he can gauge how long the final game will be. Pecon7 After extracting Perennial, I saw that the. Could this have been by design?

On a more serious note, I really hope this gets greenlit. I get a graphic artifact on the 'curved' outdoor sections,. The game reminded me of Seiklus, I thought it was made by Chris till I checked the credits. Good luck with it, Perennial is a very nice game. Asf-Dag - just start the game again and continue, it auto saves. BUG: After I climb up the ladder out of the long first cave, my dude gets stuck in a crawl position on the ladder on the above screen and won't move.

Are you forcing on anisotropic filtering or FSAA by any chance? I had that bug written down, then when I went to fix it I couldn't get it to happen.

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Pretty fun even though I fucked up a lot, because i'm not good at games lol. Though really good job and I can't wait to see where this is going.

The Porting Team

I may just make a wine bottle port for this if your OK with it. Badspot, if you'd like the file I'll gladly send it to you, on Windows Computers it will be displayed as a folder. Badspot Oh no! I hate it when that happens! Let me know if there's any info you'd like, because it's infinitely repeatable for me. Buub Bill Jayare Where is the kickstarter?? I want to emty my wallet on this! Ok, joking aside, I really loved the game! But, will the nintendo sounds be present in the final version? I know it's just a prototype, but it really would be a lot better without any sounds off of other games.

Is the music original for the game? I have heard the Mario Land chiptune before, but I hope the other music is original!

Flowchart Problems And Solution

Zach Pretty nice game. But I just want to find out how to get my hands on the songs used in the video and the prototype. Gummy I don't overall like this, im stuck at the sewer level and im really pissed already, please fix all glitches and the sliding, its really hard to slide. Please describe the glitches you are experiencing. To slide, run and then press "down". What difficulty are you having with sliding? TeeJay Its coming along nicely, I love it. Although, running it through wine ruins the sound most times. Could we please have a linux port as well?

JakTheFifth Looks nice, maybe I'll download it after I get my computer fixed. Bishpo So why are you making this? You go from Blockland to a game that looks like it should be on addictinggames. Epicduke I'm busting blocks more by accident than on purpose. I suppose it's a tradeoff between responsiveness and accidental input.

Might also be worse on worn controllers mine is fairly new. Mustang A very nicely designed game.