It doesn't do anyone any good to constantly be ON, to be working, to be stressed by the rigors of everyday life. In the same Read More is as important for productivity as beating procrastination. TimeOut is here to remind you of that. Much like Pomodoro apps, TimeOut allows you to configure time intervals for work and play.

Read More , open a specific website, or put your Mac to sleep automatically when break time starts. With the soothing sound of a Tibetan bowl, Awareness tells you that you have now used your Mac for an hour at a stretch. That has a feel-good effect if you have immersed yourself in your work or rather ignored Facebook and email for the past hour.

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Awareness is only the messenger. The app gives you no-detail-left-out reports about the CPU, memory, disks, battery, sensors, and so on. Want weather reports and forecasts?

10 Brilliant Mac Menu Bar Apps You Can’t Live Without

You have them, along with information about internet downtime, high CPU usage, network traffic, and a lot more. Create rules to automate various tasks on your Mac with Hazel. You can start and stop Hazel, open the app window, and even run individual rules from the menu bar. Hazel is easier to adapt to and feels more user friendly. That includes how long it will last with the current charge, the number of charge cycles it has been through, and the status of its health.

If you want a couple more options to consider, check out Battery Monitor and Coconut Battery. It's time to take back your screen real estate. Read More to choose from, but BetterSnapTool is one the most feature rich options. Apart from scaling and resizing windows, you can program app-specific snapping sizes and custom snap areas.

Here's everything you need to know to set up and use multiple monitors with your Mac.

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Even though I use two monitors, I used Its default shortcuts are intuitive, which makes them easy to recall. Spectacle allows you to scale windows to various preset sizes and move them to various preset locations. You can also move them between displays and scale them by preset amounts. If you want to stick with Night Shift, make it a bit more powerful with Shifty. You might also want to check out a few alternatives to Night Shift and f.

Keep in mind though that blue-light-filtering apps are neither a cure-all nor an alternative to screen-free time Can F. Can F. Excessive use of computers, tablets, and smartphones can lead to deteriorated sleep quality -- but do apps like F. The science is pretty clear on this.

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Moving data around on your Mac is easy when you use a drag-and-drop solution. It gets a lot easier when you use an advanced app like Dropzone, which allows you to do more than just move files from the menu bar. You can copy files, install applications, launch them, upload files to the cloud, and do a lot more with this much-loved productivity app. Resistance seems futile. The best you can do is hide some of the app icons with Vanilla.

If you appreciate the icon-hiding functionality for menu bar apps and are willing to pay for some advanced features, get Bartender. The app comes with an app search feature and hotkey support among other things.

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Vox is a sleek and fast music player that you can hide in the menu bar. AppLocker allows you to protect specific applications with a password. The free version of the app is toothless: it allows you to lock only one app. Get the Pro version to lock more of them. A simple way to see real-time information about the weather at different locations. You can get hourly forecasts and weather alerts as well.

When you click on a website link, Bumpr allows you to pick the browser with which you want to open the link. Likewise, it allows you to pick from different email clients when you click on a mailto: link How to Change the Default Email Program for Mailto: Links How to Change the Default Email Program for Mailto: Links If you don't use the default mail client on your computer, you can easily make the mailto: links in your browser open in your regular email program.

Here's what you need to know.

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  6. Book an Uber from the menu bar. Use the autocomplete recommendations in the app to enter the pickup location and your destination. Turn any website or web application into a menu bar app with Fluid. If you have a launcher app such as Alfred , Lacona , or LaunchBar installed, check if it saves clipboard entries. Also, they support only text. Counter excess productivity from time to time with a mix of jarring sounds from the web app Annoisli.

    Think buzzing flies, bawling babies, and honking cars. The sounds will either have you screaming for rescue or turn you forever immune to all kinds of cacophony. If you have discovered some other useful Mac menu bar apps yourself, let us know in the comments!

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    Your email address will not be published. This is the tool! This is pixel perfect for magnifying part of your screen. Could not live without my lil pill helpers! That's a useful list, Stephen.

    25 Essential Menu Bar Applications for Mac | Beebom

    Thank you! As a Finder alternative and non-menubar app, Path Finder seems like a misfit though. I did discover the menu bar option later when I covered Path Finder in a Finder alternatives article :. Its new name is Made For Gmail, and it is frequently updated. You're right, Stephen.

    Thank you for pointing that out. I'll update the article. I did know about the newer version, but slipped up because I used the App Store link. Made for Gmail doesn't seem to be in the App Store yet. If you open the main window, you gain access to more control, including options to apply effects, and switch between different sound settings like Jazz, Rock, Classic, Hip Hop, House, Movie, etc.

    You can also use the iOS app as the remote control. The app will adjust itself based on your time and location. You just need to download and install f. Then you can forget about it as the app does its job quietly from the menu bar. Copy and Paste Maybe one of the best features of any modern computer is the ability to copy and paste digital information. If you use your computer frequently, there will be tons of copy and paste operations that you do every single day; ranging from simple snippets of texts to huge files and folders. You can drag an item from a source window to Yoink, switch to the destination window, and drag the item out from Yoink to the destination.

    10 Mac Menu Bar Apps You Can’t Live Without

    Droplr will help you share your files easily. Drag and drop your files to Droplr icon in the menubar, and your files will be uploaded to your Droplr storage. You will get the link to the files that you can share with your friends. Free users can keep the files in the cloud storage for 24 hours. Droplr also integrates well with Slack for easier file sharing among team members.

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    Battery If you work with MacBook, then the battery should be one of your main concern. Modern MacBooks come with amazing battery life, but the performance of any battery will degrade over time, and nobody can do anything about it yet. The app will tell you how long your MacBook should stay unplugged each day to optimize battery health, recommend maintenance cycle once every a set of time, keep the statistic of your battery usage, and more.

    All of these are based on the battery condition, age, factory, capacity, lifespan number, and your usage pattern. Taking Screenshot Screen capture apps are another example of perfect menu bar app, where users can access different kinds of screen capturing menu such as capturing area, windows, full screen, menu, timed, etc. After trying out many screen capture apps, each with its advantages and disadvantages, I have yet to find the perfect one. One thing lack from it is the ability to export while resizing images within our pre-defined size limit.