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Thanks for the update! Please keep us updated, and if for some reason I don't answer, DM me and let me know that you posted so we can get this thing up and running again. I really wish they would just bring back the native mac client. Kinda remember from the STO forums that there was some speculation that they got tired of the complaints from Mac users.

Thing is, I never had a problem with the Mac client. Honesty think they wanted to reallocate those resources to the console side figuring they could make more money. Whatever, as long as there is a way to play the game. It may not have downloaded all of the way. If you aren't sure if you are doing it correctly, then you should probably read the wiki; we put a lot of time into it I specifically sent days on end writing docs , and you should read it to make sure you are aware of how it works.

It will also tell you how to post properly so that we have the information to figure out the issue, otherwise we are guessing. So, check it out, post the information needed, and let's figure it out. Well originally the op didn't post up a script. When they did, it was because their install failed. This looks as it changes the url it downloads the installer from.

I'll go ahead and approve it and hopefully it works. I can't test it at the moment but let me know if it doesn't work. I love all the thumbs down too, like it's my fault that the game maker keeps changing the url and libs which breaks it under wine. I'm still getting an error message trying to install. I'm on a Macbook Pro, 16 GB memory, 2. I followed the on screen instructions, so I'm not sure what's going on. I fixed the problem. In Mojave at least, it defaults back to wine for x As such, mkdir for program files x86 doesn't work.

So, I took out out the x86 for the mkdir and cd commands as one would for bit and voila! Message Hey guys! My computer specs are not impressive, but it's the only one I can afford to use currently. Hello, I'm having the same issue and the wiki doesn't seem to be working. Is there a solution to this? I am also dealing with this. My characters are just hair and teeth, my ship is just windows, the planets are greyscale, and all buildings are invisible.

Has anyone figured this out yet? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wendy Black. But the game engine is still the old 32 bit engine. Cryptic tends to make a lot of poor choices. At that time my HP laptop was doing fine running it on Windows But when they changed all my graphics went goofy and I quit playing over the summer. My husband and his friend work with Linux and decided to start messing with getting a Linux box working. They ran into the same issues, missing character parts.

They could only get this up and running with only some "minor" graphic issues on an old i3 64 bit wine 3. These games are fun to play but seem to be pigeon holed for mid range machines with nothing less than Nvidia branded graphics. Players continue to visit the forums saying their top of the line PC gaming box can't play it. In my opinion, Cryptic has mismanaged the game with respect to both their hardware 1 over burden server and software recycling the same engine for all their games I have to cast blame on them and not your OS, PC, or POL set up.

I hope you can find a way to play. Has anyone ever found a fix to the floating wig and teeth graphics issue? I have a macbook Pro with a 2. Well, this issue has been around since perhaps August from what I can tell. According to WineHQ, the issue has not been resolved yet, hence I'm still stuck here for 4 months now.. Tried downgrading the Wine version to 2. That's all the info I've gathered up so far. Sorry if it's pretty useless.. This happens often, specially with Mac and Intel gfx, then we wait for a patch, then they change something, repeat cycle.

I wish they still had the native Mac version. Unfortunately Cryptic said there was not enough clients using the Mac servers to maintain it, so Oh well.. Message As a few others already mentionned, I have an issue running the game where characters are only a floating wig and a few detals like teeth and the rest of the background is clearly not visible either. I'm not sure what is causing it but I will take a look tonight.

You should also read the wiki, as it's filled with information on how everything works, including how to post up your debug logs and computer specs. You are more likely to get a fast answer with that info in your first post because without it we are just guessing. I'm also having the same issue regarding the game's graphics. I read Ronin's comment to check the wiki.

Linux OS and Mac OS X

Is that the wiki tab above the web page? If it is, the browser kept directing me to the playonlinux website, and I'm a Mac user. It's the same thing. The same general instructions apply to both for the most part. Ok, so I was directed to wiki. Maybe it's just me, but I'm kinda all over the place. Either, is there a current solution to fixing the graphics error on game? Message So im new to linux. I have waited for about an hour. Any suggestion? I must have done something wrong. And you can Start Star Trekin safe mode for the first in launcher option choose safe mode and setup gfx later ingame.

Updating Wine version to fix crash. Good evening, recently sought to play STO but ran into the speed bump of having a Mac. Your app has worked wonders so far. Unfortunately, even after downloading this update, I am unable to see my character or the buildings around me. Im just a floating wig walking into invisible walls on water.


Is this a common problem? And does anyone know of a work around? Thank you. I'm having the exact same problem! I've tried wine 3. I'm probably not savvy enough to fix the bug, but any help would be appreciated. The same goes for me. Default run was at Wine 3. I tried running it on 2. Tried 3. I've checked all over the web. Has anyone solved this issue yet?

Just curious. Could you help me, please? Message I still see everyone using older versions, anyway, I find STO working fine for me now with no exceptions, graphics look good. Here is the list of building dependencies dependencies. But I don't know how to fix it. I'm not on a dynamic IP. And I have no idea why I would be blocked from the game.

Message I started it up again after having problems with 2. I should say I had problems starting it and I thinkg I used 2. I don't remember how though. I then changed to other versions including 2. I worded this wrong above. I'm actually getting quite a bit of stuttering and a computer lock up last night. Not sure if it's the version or the new drivers or what.

Anyone else getting this? Any ideas on stratgies to fix the graphics issue? That's bizzare, since Ihad graphical glitches in 2. Apologies if you found this annoying. ImperatorS79 could you list the various wine etc. I just tested it using Wine 2. So far 2. Yea, I can't get the graphics problems to go away. I still have missing textures in some places like outside the romulan embassy and my shirt on my character for certain clothing and other random things.

How did you get rid of the graphics problems? Any updates on a solution? Running on MacOS Sierra and using 2. The ships now basically look good in space battles. Sometimes near planets in the sector travel they will look a little patchy. I've tried to do this and i'm not finding the Direct3D in Wine.

Am I looking at something wrong? I cannot get it working with Wine 2. Wine development will need more improvements made before the game is both playable and aesthetic. Message I still can't get other versions on Wine to install, but the game does load to the character creation screen in Safe Mode, windowed. Ok, I can try that. I installed wine 2.

The game loads past the character creation screen but the graphics don't render properly. I can barely see my character, or most of the environment. Will try again using wine 2. Wine 2. Message Hi, I'm totally new to this and would appreciate some help I've been able to get it installed, but that required changing it to the right installation file name. Then I got the DirectX error but got around that by adding the registry key. What else should I try? Try wine 2. If it works you can increase graphics options until it crashes.

Ok, thanks. Any advice on how to install different wine versions? Overtime I do the installer lunches, the download completes, and then it just stops and I don't see the new vine version in the drop down menu. Normaly in Tools you have "Manage wine versions", there you can download an x86 32 bits wine 2. They download and the installer launches and then nothing is listed as installed.

You place it in for linux here, I don't know for max ;. I have been looking and looking and cannot find where the folder is to put the wine 2. I have not encountered something so confusing as this in a long time. Why doesn't the wine version just install properly from POM? That's odd. You shouldn't have to do it manually.

Disable any proxies, firewalls, and av software that you have running and see if that will allow it to download. Disabled my firewall and AV but still no go should have thought of that earlier. It downloads the Win version file, extracts it, and then nothing, and the version isn't listed as installed. I have zero "Installed Wine versions" showing. So I noticed the Star Trek Online shortcut on my Desktop and opened that, without opening or Running it through POM, and it loaded and got me to the character creation screen.

Never got that far before. We'll see how long this works! It crashes when I click Next on the first tab of the Character Creation screen now. I found my Wine folder in my Library and was able to manually install 2. Hi - I get the Direct X error message. I can't use the HKEY step. What do I need to do in order to get the Direct3D entry? However I am still getting the Unsupported DirectX error message. Should I have other values in the Direct3D key? The registery key isn't needed in this version Ps : you can verify linux that your card support OpenGL 3.

Thanks - worked but seems to stick at Loading after getting the tessellation support message. Trying again with the wine 2. Thanks - with wine 2. Although have the texture issues. Any suggestions? When using safe mode it gets to the "loading" screen, however then completely exits the program. Message so Yup, same for me.

The cryptic page loads, escalation page comes up, screen goes blank and back to desktop. Good Luck. I got both 32bit and 64 bit working. I think 32 bit may have solved my character change crashing issues. This needs more testing though. It's on 2. Still have lots of texture issues but mine are ones I can play around. In a fresh install with 2. Normally you shouldn't need this anymore, but if the program complains about unsupported DirectX version, verify you hhave minimum OpenGL 3.

Rember also to disable FullScreen not working properly and enable safe mode, in launcher options tab. Yhe path to follow is the same, but instead of "grep Am I missing an option somewhere? Message I have a problem.

Play Star Trek Online

Check through the posts. There is a registry hack you need to perform to make it work. Let me rephrase that You'll probably then be able to get into the game, but there will be several graphical issues. Again, check the posts to see what we're dealing with I've done that, and I'm not getting that error message anymore, but after hitting "Engage", the game doesn't even start. The launcher just closes, and that's the end of it. What should I do? Um, I am sorry about the spam. I'm used to the enter key allowing me to start a new line, and ended up publishing several copies of the same comment by accident.

I'm running Sierra on a late IMac. I can open the game and play some. Graphics not rendering properly is still an issue. Is your configuration correct? Make sure you are running it with Wine 2. That is my configuration. I tried it on Windows 7 and Windows 10, with identical results.

Is Star Trek Online Still Worth Playing in 2019? [In-Depth MMORPG Impressions]

Is there anything else I can try? My set-up often takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to get to the Cryptic screen after I hit Engage.

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Did you try to force verify the game files? At the log in screen click Options, check Force Verify and click Save. If that doesn't do you any good, you may want to reinstall STO from scratch which includes removing the virtual drive from POM. I've run in to this in the past and I think that was the ultimate resolution.

Message Just had a problem where the install or something updated itself. NVM, it went away again.. Seem like it was going to stay a bug for a bit. This was potentially caused by a remaining instance of game client being open in the process tree while opening a new client even though the old one was crashed or closed. I can resolve it most of if not all of the time by closing the process for game client and I can click on interface buttons again in the launcher.

Message Bug? The problem is only on my alt. So it's isolated to a single character. Trying to figure out the problem. Tried various combinations of Wine staging versions and OS. Changing the graphics seettings. Changing the graphics settings didn't make much impact. Certain things resolve, most things that require some animation don't. I have the same experience, I'm not able to play anymore after the patch. I tested this for a few hours and pull all graphics on maximum so that my Mac goes to his knees and observed that all the textures disappeared in the last moment.

So it had to be something that the GPU does at last. And its the Shadows. In fact this didn't solve the problem but i think - i figured out where it comes from. Cryptic changed something in the shadow rendering process. And put it on 0 - but its still the same Graphic-Issue. I have no idea what Cryptic did there I had similar problems.

My 32bit one is not working atm an older install , but my 64 bit works almost like everyone elses. And for some reason I can't get holding down left and right mouse buttons to control direction on the ground. It's very hard to control the flight packs like this. Or did it always work that way? Aital, what do you mean with 64Bit? I'm doing the summer event just find with my install btw.

It's playable for me. I just can't see the wood part of trees. You can see most of the foliage though. Aital et al- how did you set up the 64 bit? I was digging around in POM v4. I see the X86 button and figured there would be a dropdown box. If it's like linux it's during the creation of the bottle. It will give the option of 32 or 64 bit. You will have to make a bottle and then transfer the files into it or similar.

Then do whatever the patcher does. Or mod the patcher to install into 64 bit if it needs to. What are you doing on POL to create the bottle? I tried creating a new virtual drive and saw no option for 64 bit there or anywhere else. For POL, I go into configure window where it shows all the bottles I have and at the bottom of the list is a set of buttons for new and remove.

If you hit new the first option is a window asking if you want the window to be 32 or 64 bit. Wait a minute. I just reinstalled POM and the 64 bit option in the version manager is available. Even so I decided to try to create a 64 bit bottle, which is possible. The difficulty I'm having is installing STO in that bottle. POM creates it's own bottle and the installers don't offer the 64 bit option when creating the virtual drive. I'm trying a couple of different things to manually install STO in my 64 bit bottle. That sounds about right although it looks like Aital has it working to some extent on Linux.

The few things I tried on my Mac revert to the 32 bit virtual drive. What it comes down to is that the changes they made for the Risa summer event screwed us up. I was working great until then. I did see that High Sierra will include an updated version of Metal that is supposed to be helpful. Guess we'll see. Update, not sure what they did today, but it got worse, now in the user interface of the game i have jittering alphanumeric symbols phasing in and out,. Message I'm running Zorin Mystic Rose.

PS: Are Wine x86 versions 32 or 64 bit? My system is 32 bit but all my Wine versions are x If that is not 32 bit, how do I get it? I agree with Imperator Message Hi everyone, I've also been having issues trying to get Star Trek Online to run on my machine. I'm set at 2. Did you use the "Try this update" under Fotofobia's post for the installation of the game? I think it has to do with finding the proper driver.

Star Trek Online for Mac - Download

Just tried staging version of 2. When I clicked Engage, all examples sat for about 20 seconds, flashed a black screen and the game shut down. I'd like to know how you're able to configure playonmac to run in Windows 7 or any other configuration. I have made the reg edits, but its not working. Click Configure in the left pane and then click Wine tab in the next window. Click on Configure Wine. The Wine Configurator window will open. At the bottom of that window you will see Window Version. Click the down arrow and pick your poison.

Also double check your registry hack. Its real easy to mess up a registry setting. Make sure the values are set properly. The Hexidecimal value is I tried it with 2. I also used the Try this update link for the installation. I also did the Hexadecimal Value of I'll give it a try again. Message I also keep getting this 'videocard is not supported' message, used the install components section of the config menu to download d3dx11 and that didn't help.

I hadn't because I didn't know how, saw the comment below detailing what to do and it is working fine now. Message The latest version works really well. Remember to put in the registry key though. Ca you post your debug logs, please? There should be a way around it. It sounds like Wine is reporting your chipset incorrectly. Thanks guys! Maybe we could directly change the key in the script and display a message about OpenGl support.

I can see that. I don't remember how to change the key via the script, so I am looking it up so that I can add that to the script. That should take care of having to do it manually. First I installed the version of the beginning of the side took about 2h stupid downloads. Game's a little twitchy at this point but I haven't fussed with the game graphics settings. I was running it on a ti up until my card recently decided it didn't want to live anymore or something. It runs pretty good at low settings. Most of which is because the graphics never seems to show at a super high level even at higher settings.

But you can play it with pretty low latency if any at all. This changed I did worked for me. Worked for me too, as far as getting the game installed and running. Was able to open two characters and move them, but haven't really played the game. One thing: I needed to use the Decimal value when creating the registry key. Game wouldn't open with the Hex value. Just to confirm this worked for me perfectly, however, the Hexadecimal number is , not Probably why it didn't work for me. I'll try the Hex value when I get a chance.

I'm using an iMac as well. Did anyone have the issue where you click Engage and then nothing happens except the screen flashes black? Something interesting You need to create the Direct3D key. Right click on Wine, choose New and select Key. Name it Direct3D. Name it MaxVersion GL. Right click MaxVersion DL and set the value. Message unable to run installer. Give me the good link and I can fix it. Also, you don't have to use the script. Feel free to do it manually. It worked fine for a few years, but sometimes they change stuff on their side that breaks the app in general.

Don't run it in a bit bottle. Wine bit has quite a way to go before it works properly. You will have to use a bit version of Wine. It keeps saying "bad exe" or whatever because the app is likely failing to install properly. If the install crashes, the exe does not get put into the correct folder, leading to the error.

I am getting an error where it says, "unable to rename selected registry value. I tried to install directX 10 in the PlayOnMac configuration menu. In Wine I've set the operation system to Win I've installed dxdiag to test the settings. It's also tells me, that I have installed directX 9. I'm using Wine2. Cheers, Robert. Im new to this. I did a fresh install with this version and it installed. But I have the same problem. Some people have gotten it to work apparently though. So it might work at some point. Please update the installer download url in the POL installation wizard.

Message The game is not loading for me after the new patch. I think it patched But it isn't working. It says in the system resources that the process gameclient. Process is waiting for something to happen. It ran in the user for like 50 seconds and in the kernel for like 33 seconds. Then it has no more CPU usage but still retains like k ish in system memory.

It said something about parent process being systemd. I don't know if that is unusual, but could systemd or something be blocking it now? I made it behave a little differently. It now has CPU usage now, but still says process is sleeping and waiting for something to happen. Anyone have any ideas? Is there anything on our end we can do. Message it hangs due to a mismatch between the installer exe and the one on the download site being different. I am also having this problem. The URL the script uses to get the installer does not appear to work any longer. What file is throwing the error?

Sometimes that link to get the install for it goes down. Files mismatch Local : d41d8cd98f00beecfe Server : 61a0c93cb1c76c1d0dc Updated working version to 2. Please tell us what works and what doesn't. Message When will we be able to play Star trek online again using this program? It's past the date and it works fine in 2. But not in 2. I"m surprised another installer hasn't been made. It could use one with someone with more knowledge removing the crashing or fixing the problem with sound. IE if it crashes wrong and leaves a program in the background it can tie up the sound and you have to close it before sound can be found.

And set the wine window to say it's windows 7 or I use Not for any reason I can remember though. The crashing and sound issues don't have to do with the person scripting Wine in 64 bit is not coming any time soon, though it's a work in progress. Check Winehq. Feel free to add to the script. I have been playing it on ps4, and haven't had time to update the script to see if it works or not.

If you have fixes, let us know and we can update the script to fix that stuff. We only know it's broken when people tell us. Last I heard it was some directx issues check below , but I'd you have it working Let's rework the script. I made some updates Also the whole "Der.. No need to be snarky. If you want to contribute, do so in a respectful manner. I don't think he was being snarky, looks like he was making fun of himself because he thought he left a detail out of his prior comments. Thanks for the updates Ronin!

Downloading now to see if it's working. It's not working for me. I was able to load into starbase 39 and the lighting and textures were messed up. As well as extremely choppy movement and loading times. Tried to beam out to space and it has now seized my machine hard reboot 3 times now. Reduced file streaming is on, opensuse Let me know if there is any other info I can provide. I'm not exactly a guru.

With lighting 2. What drivers are you using? And is your debug log showing anything funky? If it's running, we are better off than before, but it could be a driver issue or missing library causing performance issues. Noarc install. So strange it won't even go to the char screen now. I was able to get it running again by emulating a vm in wine settings. When AA is enabled in the graphic settings it now loads up the game same as before but the texture issue persists. There might be a missing things from the wine whatchamacallit. It takes me a while to remember what I did in a wine bottle usually.

I also followed an old wineHQ thing for back in 1. I don't know what is needed and not needed. Not sure if I did anything else. I was hoping people doing the scripting were a lot more familiar and knew stuff to load to deal with alot of the stuff. I was hoping someone knew how to fix some of it. I also installed from steam and transfered the files over to start. Arc was not working for me. I have all those components installed.

Still missing hair textures, gear textures, pilot escort thruster textures, debris fields from the cracked planet outside sb 39 sierra. I don't get the 64 bit bottle reference at all, could you clarify what you are talking about? The same thing you said. I meant I had forgotten to add something. Ok, but I think you meant the 64 bit 2. If so, it won't work. Only 32 bit wine versions show up in the list for sto. Oh, yes. I used 64 bit 2. I made a custom bottle.

It's 64 bit. You have to have a bottle that is 64 bit for it to work. Change the installer to 64 bit or use a custom install. Mine works. My install is from before he made the installer. I was saying it works. I also used steam to install the base files and imported it over from windows steam in POL. Yeah, that's what I would like you to clarify. You said "You have to have a bottle that is 64 bit for it to work. Custom installer? Apologies, just trying to figure out how to do this. I can install sto from steam, but from there? OH, I make a 64 bit installer.

Install form steam and but don't update fully. Then I move the folder into the bottles folder where it would be if I had installed it in the STO bottle. Is there a way to use his installation method from the script. I only used steam because I couldn't find a standalone installer. The official playonlinux installer for sto is his update. Currently if you click on install in playonlinux and select star trek online it will install the game with his parameters. As for making a 64 bit installer, I am at a loss. I just discovered what you were talking about with "bottles" which I think you mean wineprefix.

Getting there. I figured out how to make a 64 bit wineprefix. Moved the contents over and used the 2. No change. Game still runs the same with missing textures. Be careful of the install path though. The missing textures, if it's what I ran into, I had to turn all settings low like specifically turn off things like post proccessing and lighting 2.

Some things you can turn up though. Although I don't know if when I turn them up they are actually turned up. I have my textures back. Everything else is maxed. The game is now fully playable. Figured this out as you were typing this post by the looks. The only issue I had that I don't know might be fixed with 32 bit might be crashes occasionally at screenchanges sector map to space or ground. The CTD from character crashes is the worst part.

Specifically for doing grinding of dailies across multiple characters as is needed in this game. Did the 32 bit version or your new 64 bit version run into this too? And if you loose sound check there is no game process up after a crash and possibly shutdowns forced or normal. If it was never present go into options and audio to check the source of sound. The correct ones is several options down for me. Although it still disapears occasionally. My game used to crash and leave a game process up afer every crash which seemed to use up the sound source.

So if I started the game the correct option was missing. I had to stop the process from the old games and then restart. AFter this my correct sound source was available and I could select it. But more recently it does not leave a game process after crashing or shutdown. I have both the 64 and 32 prefixes still going, using the 32 for the past while now without issue. No crashes so far. Sound good. I guess the next fun part is 2. It gets an Invalidarg error Or is this the wrong place for that? I have a feeling that will keep happening in later version of wine for some reason.

You may have broken your virtual drive, too. Especially when. Throwing a bunch of dlls in randomly. The people who write the scripts do know what they are doing most of the time. This was tested heavily and working flawlessly before but they updated the game including the version of directx, if I remember correctly , which would explain some of the issues.

When I get off work tonight I will do some testing and see if I can figure replicate your issue and see if I can find out why it's doing that stuff. Running in 32 is definitely more stable. I have also found to run it in a emulate vm to run a bit smoother. It's ok, just wish the lighting could be better. Not expecting 2. As more of a space player it's acceptable.

Yea, the problems with crashing are virtually gone in 32bit. But present in 64 bit.


I, for some reason, thought 32 bit was gone with DX9. So, I assumed it needed 64 bit. Thanks in advance! This is due to a move to a higher version of DirectX than what Wine currently supports. The Wine developers are working on getting that support implemented. Message Programm does not work because no DirectX 10 support.

Do you have any hints for me? Error message: Support for the Video Card you are using will end on March 1, You will be unable to play using this Video Card after support ends. Instead, You need a virtual machine player, make a virtual computer and load legal copy of Window 7 or 8.

Or try Dual booting on that computer. Or Try googling what you want, maybe someone knows out there. Last edited by Running-Target ; 16 Sep, am. I'm surprised you can download the game on a Mac.

I know some people have been able to play with PlayonMac or Wine, but those aren't offically supported so that may or may not work. Otherwise, as Running-Target said. Gubernacht View Profile View Posts. Do a dual boot on your mac and install windows ;. This what i have found googling. Last edited by Running-Target ; 21 Sep, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 16 Sep, am. Posts: 6.