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Furthermore, the wrapped plug-ins do not add any significant CPU load or suffer a performance hit. I then tried them in both Logic Pro 6. Automation worked properly in all cases.

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Automation worked, presets were accessible, and no additional latency was noticeable. I found both versions to be identical in every respect except preset handling — in the native version, TERA handled the presets, whereas in the converted version, the wrapper handled them. The only problems I ran into with any of the converted plug-ins were with the graphics. VST Wrapper exhibited no keyboard graphics problems, but it did display some graphics glitches when choosing presets from within the PPG's preset menu instead of from the VST Wrapper's preset bar.

On the other hand, if you want to use the converted plug-ins in other AU host applications, FXpansion's converter is the better choice. One downside to using wrappers is that there will often be some lag between the release of a new plug-in and the time when the wrapper is tested and perhaps modified to accommodate the plug-in. Another downside is that it is impossible to test every VST plug-in, and plug-ins from some smaller developers may get overlooked. Inevitably, there will be VST plug-ins that do not behave properly when wrapped.

Some plug-ins require time to work their magic.

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Examples include look-ahead processes such as linear-phase equalization and compression-limiting, which analyze the audio before processing, as well as plug-ins that run on DSP cards such as Universal Audio's UAD-1 or TC Electronics PowerCore. The latency so introduced by those plug-ins can cause processed audio tracks to be out of sync with unprocessed audio and MIDI tracks. Live input processed by those plug-ins will also be out of sync for both recording and monitoring.

When processing recorded audio, you can compensate for latency by manually time-shifting the tracks being processed. Some applications will automatically compensate for latency that is produced by plug-ins by delaying the unprocessed tracks. Cubase and Nuendo can compensate for any delay caused by plug-ins on any track type during playback.

Logic can compensate for plug-in delay on audio tracks and audio instrument tracks, but not on any other kind of track. Digital Performer offers manual delay compensation. Although wrappers do not themselves cause any delay, you may need to wrap a delay-causing plug-in to use it in your desired host.

The dream of a single plug-in format for all Macintosh audio applications is as distant as ever.

Getting The Most From Your Pro Tools System

The wrappers work quite well and are nearly transparent to the user. If you want to use your favorite AU in Cubase or Live, you're out of luck. Users can and should keep pressuring audio host software developers to put politics aside and get behind a single format. How To. Home Gear. Related Articles. By Erik Hawkins. By Orren Merton.

10 Free Plug-ins for Pro Tools 10

By Emusician. Analysis and correction become simple tasks which can help confirm your stereo image or show any problems that your hearing may not pick up. Computer Music Estrada i Studio editors' choice!

32-bit and 64-bit Plugins

The PSP StereoPack is a very attractive tool for sound engineers who are involved in mastering and for owners of home recording studios who want to achieve interesting spatial effects and to make preliminary mixes of their own compositions. Estrada i Studio.

Getting The Most From Your Pro Tools System

PSP StereoPack: a useful collection of stereo plug-ins that'll help you get your mixes sounding wider than ever. The Mix. Due to processor operation the mono signal gains features resembling a record performed by the use of a pair of microphones. This appliance proves particularly valuable when mixing MIDI material, when for instance percussion tracks need some depth and natural spatial effect. This plug-in enables the user to create the impression of "vigorous drums" based on mono samples. It can also be used for the purpose of re-mastering mono tracks.

Applications: pseudo-stereo encoding while recording, mixing and re-mastering mono tracks. Features: wide range of effects, visualization of stereo to mono ratio, emphasis of transients in processor chain, sample rates up to kHz supported, presets library. Description: PSP StereoEnhancer plug-in allows for the improvement of the stereo track spatial effect.

RTAS Plug ins

Due to three processor operation modes optimal settings can be applied to any audio material. With the use of PSP StereoEnhancer the stereo sound of acoustic instruments as well as poor stereo archive tracks can be improved. This plug-in can also applied for the purpose of new music material mastering. Applications: enhancing stereophonic space while recording, mixing, mastering and re-mastering single or multiple stereo tracks and mixes.

Features: wide range of effects from subtle to extreme, visualization of mono compatibility, sample rates up to kHz supported, enclosed presets library. This plug-in allows for removing basic errors such as: reverse signal phase or change of channels. It can also be used for effecting subtle changes into the stereo image.