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There are many audio players that claim to support it, but nothing beats joining the tracks in question into one large MP3 file that will surely not have any gaps between the tracks! Now you can listen to your favorite album, fully gap-less or join your favorite audio book into one, forever eliminating the problem of hunting for the next chapter. The resulting track will be ready in a wink of an eye! Boasting a multi-language interface, an intuitive interface and an ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag editor, the program is perfectly functional and does its job very well — all that at a very affordable price!

This Audio Joiner has the ability to merge mp3 songs with fast speed without re-compression or quality loss and ability to handle large size data. You can drag-and-drop simplicity to move or add files easily and join directly without costing any other disk space.

On-the-fly merging, no temporary file generated and very ease to use! Step 1: Add MP3 files you want to join to Audio Merger — simply drag and drop sound tracks to the main interface of the program. Note that these files are arranged according to the play order.

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Step 2: Set output format. Step 3: Customize audio parameters: click Setting button to set audio parameters sample rate, channels, bitrate for the output format as you want. There's something wrong with the concatenated file as you suggest dcottle, but I don't know what it is. Neither iTunes nor Quicktime can see past the first file's length in the resulting file.

It's my best workaround for the problem that I don't have the expertise to fathom.

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Any expert tweeks to this thread to make it not suffer from this serious problem would be appreciated. I'm unable to understand how it could work effectively for anyone Perhaps it's a more recent version of quicktime that's not reading the headers the way it used to??? Lost your password? Powered by the Parse.

How To Merge Audio Files

Use cat to merge chapters of an audiobook or other multipart files you may prefer to consolidate. It's a good idea to back up the files before you begin -- otherwise, you may rm away your material inadvertently. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Watch those ID3 tags!

Authored by: aramis on Feb 12, '04 AM. Basic Unix stuff, but handy nevertheless! Track Splicer is an AppleScript for iTunes that automates the joining of audio files with cat. How about splitting? Authored by: jjgb on Feb 12, '04 PM. Authored by: jakacmar on Feb 12, '04 PM.

Authored by: lipids on Feb 12, '04 PM. Authored by: gidds on Feb 12, '04 PM. Ah, but those all involve decompressing the MP3 and then recompressing it after editing, which is slow and loses quality. Authored by: godo on Feb 13, '04 AM. If all you want to do is split a large mp3 into segments of fixed size say, 2 minutes , try Xmp3split.

Be sure to save a copy of the original files so that you won't lose anything if you are not satisfied with the combined files. Below we will guide you through step by step as to how to merge your files together. This tool has a bunch of cool features such as:. To get started, get a free trial version of Filmora Video Editor here. Import all MP3 files you want to merge to this MP3 file merger.

Audio Joiner Online and Free

To do this, just click "Import" option to import your local MP3 files to the User's album, or directly drag and drop these target MP3 files from your computer to this app's album. Drag the added MP3 files from your album to the Timeline at bottom one by one. Note that these MP3 files are arranged according to the play order.

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