Making this change not only fixes the visibility of the menu bar, but also carries over to other application menus. For example, I use WORD, and was having to peer at my inch screen from 2 inches away to see where to navigate the cursor in order to change the font size for my document.

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It was VERY frustrating, and now all of that's just a bad dream. As an aside, as a "newbie" to the Apple world, this was my first contact with Apple Support and they earned top marks from me for response time, courtesy, and giving me precisely the info I needed. Thank you Apple Support! Nothing has changed in that area in last 4 weeks since you asked, so changing the font size in the Menu bar is currently not possible.

Font Size is too large or small, Menu in Quicken is missing, not working, or appears doubled

If you are like me hate the to small fonts your only "work around" I know is to change the screen resolution. That will unfortunately change all of the screen not just the menu bar, but at least now I can read it without squirting. Reduce the screen resolution to next lower number where it still suits all your needs, while the font becomes larger at same time.

Adjusting screen and font sizes on the Mac

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Change the Text & Icon Size of the Mac OS X Finder Window Sidebar

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Viewed 4k times. Tetsujin, more than a duplicate, it tried to be a refinement notice that this one refers to that or a continuation on a slightly different bias. Nevertheless, if you think it would be better placed under that older question , please, move it there! You mean the menu bar? There is actually an easy fix for this, as it turns out.

Stop squinting: Make text bigger in OS X | Macworld

BettyG07 BettyG07 46 2 2 bronze badges. Welcome to Ask Different. Heck of a first answer - Thanks! BTW, as you said, it works on the display as a whole all the text is affected by the change.

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This will open the default macOS font window, where you can choose to format your selected text with any installed font at any size. The steps above allow you to change the font of selected parts of your notes, but new notes will revert back to the original default size.

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Move the slider to the left to make the default text size smaller, or move it to the right to make the default text size bigger. The change will apply to your existing notes in addition to any new notes you create. The increased flexibility in changing the font style and size of your Notes comes with a small price in terms of compatibility.

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