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Either overwrite the current copied item with a copy of something else or, in case of using Paste, delete the clipboard history with a few clicks.

Show clear and powerful view of Mac Clipboard

Paste or Unclutter make managing clipboard history as straightforward as it can be. While most Mac users limit themselves to one clipboard item at a time and feel frustrated with every accidental overwrite, you can use apps like Paste, Unclutter, and Rocket Typist — all available in the Setapp app collection — to extend the native capabilities of your Mac and save yourself hours of headaches in the future.

Where do you find the clipboard on your Mac? How does the macOS clipboard work? To use Universal Clipboard, all you have to do is copy on one device and paste on the other. How to avoid clipboard limitations If you have problems using Universal Clipboard, try logging out of iCloud on each device and logging back in again.

Clipboard Managers | Macs in Chemistry

There are a couple of alternatives to copying and pasting. One is to use text clippings. To create a text clipping, select text in any document and drag it to the desktop. You can then drag it onto any document in any application that accepts text and drop it at the point where you want to paste it. You can also drag and drop the snippet directly from one application window onto the window of another — missing outboard stores multiple items. Paste is quite straightforward. You can record all clipboard types, from plain text to images, screenshots, links, and more.

Anytime you need, you can smart search through the clipboard history manager, share anything through AirDrop or sync to iCloud, and even access clipboard history on other devices using the Universal Clipboard. Rocket Typist is another great app that approached solving clipboard limitations from a different angle.

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This app allows you to create multiple text snippets for passages you use frequently, from email greetings to PHP scripts. Assign trigger combinations for saved snippets and call on them in any app or environment.

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  4. One more tool to help solve the clipboard problem is Unclutter. An organized interface makes your clipboard history easily accessible, allowing to find any old item you need to paste again. How do you paste from the clipboard on a Mac? Drag and drop items from the Paste interface directly to any Mac app Select and paste multiple items at once Paste items as plain text, no matter the format of the original Access and paste files from multiple devices using iCloud sync Paste using customized shortcuts for most recent as well as old items Allow others to paste your snippets by sharing over AirDrop.

    How to clear the clipboard Clearing your clipboard is easy. There are other forms of customization as well.

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    For instance, you can change the default paste type — plain text or rich text. Similarly, there are options for turning off sound effects and others. But, most importantly, you can change the keyboard shortcuts for accessing Paste. We can also say that Paste for Mac is one of the most customizable clipboard managers for the platform. It means you will be able to sync the clipboard data with other Apple devices, like your iPhone or iPad.

    This feature is really easy to use as well. We should also talk about the overall integration aspect. There is no need to worry about glitches or bugs. The best part is that you can have a more seamless workflow with the macOS and iOS apps in the right place. So far, we have seen how Paste performs as a standard clipboard manager tool for Mac. Now, we should get a quick look at the advanced features offered by the tool.

    Probably the best feature in Paste is the ways of content organization.

    Paste – clipboard history manager for Mac

    Thanks to the visual design, it is easy to navigate through clipboard content. In addition to this, you can create different categories for storing the specific type of content. These can be synced to your iOS device as well. There is also an intelligent Search feature in Paste, which is helpful. If you have many clipboard entries in the whole list, you can perform a search to find the exact entry that you are looking for.

    How Do You Copy and Paste Different Clipboards on Mac

    These can save you a lot of time more often than not. As we said earlier, you have to enable and set up iCloud Sync as well. You can get the program from official App Stores or the official website of Paste app for Mac. On the other hand, Paste for iOS is completely free to use.

    That having said, for the Mac version, you can get the free trial. As we said, Paste was not the only choice we had in the product category. We actually tested more than 15 clipboard manager software for Mac. And, now, we will look at some of the worthy contenders in the list.

    CopyClip is the best option if you are looking for an ultra-simple clipboard manager. As it happens, this tool can only store and let you access text-based content. That is, if you copy an image, it would not record the same. Just like we had seen in the case of Paste, CopyClip does not have a fully-fledged window. Instead, you can click on menu bar icon to launch the program. Once enabled, CopyClip will start recording everything you copy to clipboard. That having said, you can pick the number of entries that should be shown in the interface. You can also decide how many entries CopyClip should keep in the memory.

    The Preferences section is so cool that you have almost full control. As we did in the case of Paste, CopyClip also lets you whitelist some applications. The clipboard manager would not be recording content from those apps. For instance, CopyClip plays a notification sound when something is copied. Alfred also should do it. Go to finder, at the top press the edit button and there should be 'show clipboard'. That will show everything you have copied from when you turned on your mac.

    It's inbuilt by the way. Quicksilver would have been my first answer before I began using Spotlight again in Sierra and didn't need it anymore. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I view my clipboard history on OS X?

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    Your personal clipboard time machine

    Josh Hunt Josh Hunt I've tried a few 3rd-party programs, but actually found none that clears its history based on time rather than based on some number of entries. I don't want my Mac to remember the last xx copy actions, but want it to remember the last xx minutes. Or, even if the number of entries is limited: at least remove the history after some time.

    Arjan - sounds like you should write that app. Arjan or hire somebody on fiverr to do it.. There's a multitude of applications that do this, but no built-in one. FlyCut, an open source fork of Jumpcut Jumpcut Open source and free. Even simpler. Tries to exactly one thing well. Alfred Powerpack Another paid alternative, with great clipboard history management as part of its pack. See Dan Udeys answer. Clyppan Used to be open source, then closed source and available in the Mac App Store for approx. Thor Thor 3, 20 20 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges. This may not be a requirement for everyone, but neither Clyppan nor Jumpcut have some time-limited history.

    I just opened Clyppan after not using it for some time, and it gave me my history of May 24th Clyppan is now proprietary Flycut is awesome! Clyppan was excellent, but is no longer under development and has some bugs in Yosemite. Now I'm in love with this one -- apprywhere. I realise that the question has been answered, but here is another recommendation for a clipboard history manager: ClipMenu Menubar item: Hovering menu hotkey : Apart from the menubar and floating window, it also has customisable 'actions' that allow you to manipulate text as you paste it e. In my experiences it is easily the best of the simple clipboard managers.

    Gaff This is a good one. I like that this one seems to handle images, and show them inline in the history too.