Songs can be in any format, but to preserve the high-quality, lossless audio found on the original disc, it is recommended that the original files be ripped to Apple Lossless or AIFF format. Click the "Burn CD" button at the bottom of the playlist window.

How to burn a CD or DVD using Apple Mac OSX Finder

Wait for the burn to complete. This usually only takes a couple of minutes. Method 2. Move or copy all files you want to burn to a CD to a dedicated "burn" folder.

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This simplifies the process of burning certain files to a folder. Open the folder in its own window, pull down the "File" menu, and select "Burn". Much like the process for burning songs in iTunes, this will take a few minutes. Where is the box to put a check mark when I get a message telling me to put a check next to the song I want to burn to a CD?

If you already burned music to the CD-R, you can't do it again later. One time shot. Yes No.

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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. This depends on the file format in which your CD was burned and what your car will accept. Typically most CDs are burned in a. All CD players will play these.

CD Burner for Mac:

Some cars will accept CDs which are burned with. A CD burned with. Bryan Beege Berry. It is possible that the CD already has an image on it or is unsuitable for burning for another reason. It's also possible that your burning software has a bug, improper settings were selected, or your burner may not be operating properly. We'd really need more information to determine what the problem is. Why is this:. When you burn discs on a PC, it will not allow you to play it in a DVD or CD player without a certain software which will make it compatible with other devices.

How to Burn Disc Images in Mac OS Without Disk Utility

Not Helpful 10 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. How do I burn multiple photos in a folder to a CD? Answer this question Flag as Waste of t ime.

Doesn't work on Montain Lion. Used to work flawlessly under Lion, but on Mountain Lion it crashes whenever you try to burn a video dvd file. Lost a few dvd medias to realize it. Pros: easy interface. Cons: update to work on Mountain Lion More. I downloaded the program about an hour ago and found this simple shortcoming see below so stupid, I decided to take the time to write this review. This program is probably good for copying a cd, where the track list is already set up.

Pros: seems to do fine at the actual cd burning part. Cons: Burn has zero flexibility on the track arranging screen. You can't rearrange tracks once you have dragged them into the project, and the function to remove tracks from your list doesn't work. You actually have to close the program, open it again, and start a new list if you want to make a change.

For such a simple program, this drawback is completely stupid and amateurish! Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. If you're the same, then View full description. CONS Doesn't feature much documentation or help.

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Fixes a problem with authoring DVD-Video discs. Added support for a joliet long filename hack characters. Fixed a problem with 'Apple Intermediate Codec' video files. Fixed some aspect ratio problems.

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Creates an. Fixes copying Audio-CD discs would crash. Fixed French spelling error thanks to: Alexandre Leroux. Fixed problem with mono audio files fixes the chipmunk problem Updated convertion engine, new ffmpeg binaries thanks to the FFmpeg developers. Fixed some sync issues with mp4, m4v and mov files.