If there is nothing more than before, Flash is not properly connecting to SerProxy. In that case, double check the port configuration in both SerProxy and the Flash file. Let me know if this helps…. I have never tried it but it should work just the same as long as it is serial-over-USB. Let us know your findings. This is the first tutorial after a long search that I fully comprehended, excellent commenting! Thank you very much. Unfortunately I am still experiencing a small problem: I followed your instructions in every detail.

When I open the blink. The serproxy. My Arduino is a duemilanove, hanging on COM4. When I hit debug in flash without previously starting serproxy. So I guessed the communication between Flash and Serproxy is good, but not the one between the serpoxy and Arduino. I checked that both baude rates are set to , in the Firmata as well as in the serproxy.

I looked the symbols up in an ascii table and they correspond to dec hex 86 and dec 6 hex 6 — at least thats what I found. Do you have any ideas, what my problem could be? I would totally appreciate your help since you seem to have quite some experience on this topic! Thank you very much, greets Sebastian. In case someone experiences the same problem, here is what helped me: In the StandardFirmata. So I looked in the Firmata.

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However, if in the StandardFirmata. When I replaced the code Firmata. I have been using an older version of the standard Firmata sketch with which everything was working fine. When I updated to the latest version I started having the same problem as you described. The Firmata people have been oscillating between and for some time…. This would be my first guess. Also check above, I have added a troubleshooting section which may help you. There are security policies that apply to a standalone swf that do not apply to a movie compiled in the Flash IDE.

There are two solutions to this problem :.

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Kasper Kamperman as3glue Standalone Monitor would help but the link is down,. Awesome article, spot on. I also wrote a blog post on this same subject, but from the mac OSX side if anyone was looking here for those instructions orphaned link. I added a link to your tutorial at the top of this post. Thanks for sending it in. Hi there! I have the same problem. I am using arduino mega also.

Did you solve the problem? Read the comment above about editing the line firmata. Do you have any suggestions of how I can get this command to work across different frames in the main timeline? I tried to paste in all the Actionscript code from the first frame which sets up the pins etc into this other frame, but this did not work either. Using code on multiple frames has always been a no-no for me. I always prefer to keep my code on the first frame or, even better, in a separate document class file.

This tutorial was recommended to me by my lecturer. It really does what it says on the tin!

Understanding ActionScript 3 debugging in Flash

May I ask which course it was for? My understanding is that it can only launch a file in its default application. However, there are third party solutions that could help you such as CommandProxy link down or the Shu Player does not seem to exist anymore. You will have to be more specific in order for me to help you. I seem to have the same problem as this commenter. I am successful with running this in a standalone flash player after changing the security settings. But when I try and open up the swf file in a browser over the network the swf does not play even after trying to change the same security settings.

Any help? I think you are trying to do something that will never work due to browser sandbox restrictions. As far as I know, no browser will let one of its plugins access a server running locally. This is just not possible for security reasons. I guess that if you wanted to do that you would have to put serproxy. Hi Jean-Philippe I find it amazing your tutorials. You know. I am a technician in electronics and I am doing my first baby-steps towards microcontrollers.

For that reason I was recommanded Arduino Duelminove which I bought it but I did not have the chance to benifit from it. The reason is when I download the software I am using windows sweet 6 and before I was using vista from arduino page ,I click to unzip the files but nothing happened. ActionScript 2. ActionScript code is free form and thus may be created with whichever amount or style of whitespace that the author desires. The following code, which works in any compliant player, creates a text field at depth 0, at position 0, 0 on the screen measured in pixels , that is pixels wide and high.

Then the text parameter is set to the " Hello, world " string, and it is automatically displayed in the player:. When writing external ActionScript 2. Compare the script below to the previous ActionScript 2. Minimal ActionScript 3. Presume the following file to be Greeter. See also: Sprite. ActionScript primarily consists of "fundamental" or "simple" data types which are used to create other data types. These data types are very similar to Java data types.

Since ActionScript 3 was a complete rewrite of ActionScript 2, the data types and their inheritances have changed. There are additional "complex" data types. These are more processor and memory intensive and consist of many "simple" data types. For AS2, some of these data types are:.

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ActionScript 3 primitive prime data types [12]. ActionScript 3 some complex data types [12].

Unlike some object-oriented languages, ActionScript makes no distinction between primitive types and reference types. In ActionScript, all variables are reference types. However, objects that belong to the primitive data types, which includes Boolean, Number, int, uint, and String, are immutable.

So if a variable of a supposedly primitive type, e. If a variable of another not primitive datatype, e. XML is passed to a function, altering that variable inside the function will alter the original variable as well, as no new XML Object is created. Some data types can be assigned values with literals :.

A reference in ActionScript is a pointer to an instance of a class. A reference stores the memory address of an object — operations against references will follow the value of the reference to the memory address of the object and carry out the operation on that object. All objects in ActionScript are accessed through references instead of being accessed directly.

Only references to an object may be removed by using the "delete" keyword. Removal of actual objects and data is done by the Flash Player garbage collector which checks for any existing references in the Flash memory space. If none are found no other reference is made to the orphaned object , it is removed from memory. For this reason, memory management in ActionScript requires careful application development planning.

As with all intermediate language compiled code such as Flash and Microsoft.

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Some decompilers are capable of nearly full reconstruction of the original source file, down to the actual code that was used during creation although results vary on a case-by-case basis. In opposition to the decompilers, ActionScript obfuscators have been introduced, which transform code into a form that breaks decompiler output while preserving the functionality and structure of the program. Higher-quality obfuscators implement lexical transformations such as identifier renaming, control flow transformation, and data abstraction transformation which collectively make it harder for decompilers to generate output likely to be useful to a human.

Less robust obfuscators insert traps for decompilers. Such obfuscators either cause the decompiler software to crash unexpectedly or to generate unintelligible source code. The following is an example of ActionScript 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Home About Books Canvas.

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