Not only do they not work but they often involve illegal downloads of FIFA and may also infect your Mac with adware or malware.

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If you want to learn more about Parallels, check out our review of the latest version. To check your Mac system specs, go to the Apple logo in the top left of your Mac desktop and select About this Mac. This will very quickly eat up the hard drive space of the majority of Macs but the good thing is you can also install Windows and FIFA on an external hard drive on Mac too.

If you have any problems or issues installing FIFA on your Mac using this tutorial, or you have any questions or suggestions, let us know below. Hi Daan! Yes — it will also work on the Macbooks as long as you install Windows on it. If you turn the graphics setting in FIFA 16 to minimum it might work. I also have the same version of mac and would want to know what is the minimum size of Ram is required to play the FIFA 15 and 16 on MacBook pro 13 inch. Can you explain how to install fifa 16 without paying and downloading for windows using crossover?

Every time I try to launch Fifa 15, it says an unhandled error has occurred. Can you explain how to fix this? If so, make sure that. Net Framework is installed and updated on Windows.

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If there is any antivirus software running on your Mac or Windows — including Microsoft Security Essentials — try deactivating that too. Just install the software below on your windows. I assume this would still work with Windows on Parallel? Thanks for the quick reply. Hi MacHow2, is it possible to connect your steelseries controller to play fifa on your mac as well? I installed Windows 10 and have DirectX 12, which also might be the problem, but again, I have no clue.

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Please help! The game launches all well, allows met to select the teams, change players, etc. However, when I hit the play button, I get a black screen.

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The audio plays for a short while and the game gets stuck. Try minimizing the game settings, resolution, frame rate etc in the FIFA options. You could also try using DirectX 11 instead of 12 to see if it helps solve it for you. Thanks for your reply.

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I tried lowering the Graphics, still the same. It renders the initial video perfectly where Ronaldo is fouled by an Athletico Madrid player. I can skip the game, select kick off — select teams and make changes to the teams. The moment I click play game, I get black screen. Relaxing , City Builder , Strategy , Indie.

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