Linux is UNIX like a source software and can use an operating system which provides full memory protection and multi-tasking operations. It is an open d by anyone. These are the most used operating systems. When it comes to the risk of malware, Windows is the most prone. This is due to a larger user base.

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Linux is very unlikely to be affected by malware. MAC is similar when it comes to Malware. Linux is free and anyone can download and use it. In addition to this Windows also provides recycle bin where all deleted files can be stored. Recycle bin can be configured to increase its size. Linux has a completely different file structure form Windows and MAC. It was developed with a different code base.

It stores data in the form of a tree. There is a single file tree and all your drives are mounted over this tree.

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Registry Windows registry is a master database which is used to store all settings on your computer. It is responsible to store all user information with its passwords and device relate information. The registry also has an editor which allows you to view all keys and values or even drivers if necessary.

MAC stores all application settings in a series of. These are stored at:. All application setting is stored on program basis under the different users in the same hierarchy format of the files being stored.

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There is no centralized database for storing these details and so periodic cleaning is also not required. Interchangeable Interfaces Windows interface was not interchangeable until Windows 8. Windows XP had some improvements but not par. Start menu, taskbar, system tray, and Windows Explorer. MAC has a facility to bridge virtual network interfaces. This can be done by going to system preferences and managing the interfaces.

Linux is easy to switch interfaces. You can switch the environment without having to carry all installations.

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They help in focusing on different aspects. But on Windows and Mac OS, it provides administrative and root access from the beginning, which makes the system more vulnerable to malware and virus. Mac OS is an excellent choice for creating a development environment of sound, movie, graphics design, or web design elements. But you are a programmer or intend to do programming, and then the best choices will be adopting Linux system.

There are thousands of code editor , text editor , IDEs , and programming languages only created kept Linux environment in mind.

A programmer's journey of Windows, Linux and MAC

Apple is the only vendor who provides all the system update, and Mac system has its own system integrated app store, which makes it very easy and effortless to get the required updates. Mac users hardly need any tech knowledge for updating the system and software. On the other hand, Linux was known as a bit complicated system and best for tech-savvy people. Linux distros provide easy steps to install the system itself, and it has a well-integrated repository system for updating installed applications.

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Linux remains a thousand miles ahead in this sector. There are hundreds of Linux desktop environment available depending on users need and system configuration. You can also change the whole system by adding various Themes and Icons. Like Windows, Mac OS is a preferred system for developing the latest and trending games. You get all the games on the Mac system. Linux had a bad reputation in this sector.

But now it has gained momentum in regards to getting priority in games development and hardware support for highest gaming performance. Moreover, Linux supports the steam platform where you can play all the best games offline and online. Now play games on a Linux system is much more accessible via PlayonLinux or Wine environment. Gaming on Linux. Gaming On Mac OS. It provides high-end performance for sound editing, photo editing, video editing, etc. As Linux provides more administrative and root level access than Mac OS, thus it remains ahead of doing task automation through command line interface than that of Mac system.

Mac OS is far more secure and reliable than that of running a Windows system. And in the server and supercomputer sector, Linux becomes the first choice and dominant platform for most of the users. So if you are a user who likes to have an aristocratic and robust look and feel, and want an environment of doing some high-end sound, media, photo, graphics design tasking, then I recommend you to use Mac OS. But remember, It will cost you a handsome amount of money at the beginning and throughout the life cycle as well.

It will provide you with a system that you can just use without much tech customization and hassle. On the other hand, If you are an open source lover like me, then obviously go for Linux. It will give you a free environment to make the system as you like or need. You have all the software that comes free of cost. And also can do both a personal and business task effectively. I hope you like this article on Linux vs Mac OS comparison.

If you like it, please take a moment to share it on your personal and professional social network. This sharing and caring will boost our morale to write more article for the audiences. Thank you for your valuable time spent here. I think Quartz is much better than X I think that too many distros are stuck in X11 and do not understand Wayland.

Linux vs MAC vs Windows

The major tools are in all platforms, but support, and more importantly, Stack Overflow and tooling documentation context is likely in OSX. No problem if you have that many cores. The compelling reason why you should be considering developing on Linux right now is your compute just quadrupled or more for a fraction of the price. This really allows you to iterate on code much faster since you can less on an external integration. What do u mean with GUI? I think it realy depends on the usage of it. For example for programming i prefer i3wm because its very fast.

The Differences Between Mac, Windows, and Linux - ShiftWeb Solutions

This article contains what appears to be very useful information. However, it would be much better if it were edited for grammar and syntax. I found some explanations confusing and even contradictory. Linux can most available F. Therefore, macOS has more software available for it than Linux does. Mac has all the games??! You surely jest. Linux has more options than Mac if using Steam. Window always tops for gaming and sadly Mac is far inferior for gaming.

I think this is more a common misconception than a truth. All the major media software is also available on windows. In VFX and high end 3d graphics we use a lot of Linux instead. Section 9 is basically wrong. Windows, having been introduced in , is a very mature and complete piece of software. Yet, it has it's flaws Apple's Macintosh OS is even older than Windows. It is the first ever successful graphical-based operating system, being released one year before it's Microsoft counterpart.

By free, you can download, modify and redistribute it without spending a dime! Linux is a younger player in the OS world, having been written in , and is optimized for modern use well, more than Windows and Mac.