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Now you can make your own. On your social networks, you can post your own creations with your own words, rather than just reposting clever but overused memes.

Comic Strip Factory

Or reply to a comment thread in a way that really stands out. In your work, add an attention-grabber to a presentation. Or use some humor in your client communications to build lasting relationships. In your personal world, comics provide a unique and creative way to send good wishes, show appreciation, show off your best vacation pictures, tell someone you love them, tell a story to your kids, or just have fun.

You want to create your own characters—with a graphical tool specially designed for that purpose—and use them to create a regular comic to publish on the web or in print. Comic Strip Factory allows you to create great comic strips. If your sense of humor exceeds your drawing skills, it includes a set of eight amazing characters from two professional artists, broken down into parts and assembled into poses.

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Each character has numerous facial expressions and body positions that you assemble in unique ways to tell your own stories. Use the preassembled poses, or modify them by replacing some parts, or build your own. Even modify the parts for your own purposes.

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Comic Strip Factory also comes with a bunch of terrific comic backgrounds, so you have great settings for your stories. Years ago I used my Mac and the services at my local copy shop to create small print runs of comic books to sell at comic conventions. Using your Mac and some additional hardware and software, you can create your own comic books and graphic novels that look good without breaking the bank.

I wanted my comics to be inexpensive to produce, so I created 24 pages of black-and-white art printed double-sided on standard letter-size paper. These pages were then folded and stapled to make a 5. If your budget is higher, extra features like trimming, different paper stocks, and even color printing can improve the look of your final product.

Almost any highly rated letter-size flatbed scanner capable of capturing pixels per inch will do.

How to create a comic book on your Mac

My original art consisted of ink drawings at by inches. No matter the size, thoroughly erase any guidelines or other stray marks before you begin shrinking or scanning.

How to Make Your First Comic Book (An Easy Way to Start)

You want to keep as many of these blemishes as possible out of your digital files. Adjusting the Levels control is an easy way to make your black and white scans look their best. I reduced my art by 64 percent, but you may need to experiment for the best proportions.

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Before reducing all of your artwork, make test copies experimenting with different brightness and contrast settings. You want to find the setting that most closely preserves the artwork's original appearance without lightening or darkening the image.

When you find the setting that works best, make a note of it, and then use it to make reduced copies of all your original art. Extreme can coumadin raise blood cholesterol levels will prescripe insulin to preserve slower postapproval much crazier quickly. Top Deals.

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