Area chart. Pie chart. Doughnut chart. Scatter chart. Bubble chart. Waterfall chart [].

How to Add a Third Y-Axis to a Scatter Chart | EngineerExcel

Funnel chart. Stock chart. Candlestick chart. Surface chart. Radar chart. Map chart. Treemap chart []. Sunburst chart []. Histogram chart [].

Pareto chart []. Box and Whisker []. Combo charts. Chart elements. Chart area. Chart title. Axis titles. Chart legend. Tick marks. Plot area. Data series. Data labels. Secondary axis. Linear trendline. Logarithmic trendline. Moving average. Error bars. Chart basics. Dynamic chart. Dynamic chart 2. Slicers - Filter chart data.

Resize a chart. Align chart to cell grid. Group chart categories. Lines between columns. Custom charts.

Add or remove titles in a chart

Arrow chart. Normal Distribution. Graph an equation. Comparison chart. Heat map calendar. Gantt Chart Template. Stacked column 1.

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Group of chart bars. Line in line chart. Stacked column 2.

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Bar in a bar chart. Interactive charts. Change data source. Interactive map. Interactive chart. Two drop down lists. Mouse hover. Click to select series. Select a cell. Drop down list. Advanced charts. Custom data labels 1. Custom data labels 2. Label line chart series.

Formatting Chart Axes (Mac)

Between tick marks. Under Labels , click Axis Titles , point to the axis that you want to add titles to, and then click the option that you want. Select the text in the Axis Title box, and then type an axis title. You can always ask an expert in the Excel Tech Community , get support in the Answers community , or suggest a new feature or improvement on Excel User Voice. Change the placement of titles in a chart.

In this course: Create a chart from start to finish Article Add or remove titles in a chart Article Show or hide a chart legend or data table Article Add or remove a secondary axis in a chart in Excel Article Add a trend or moving average line to a chart Article Analyze your data instantly Article Update the data in an existing chart Article Use sparklines to show data trends Article.

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Newer versions. Which Office version are you using? Newer versions Office Add a chart title In the chart, select the "Chart Title" box and type in a title. Remove a chart title Click on the chart. Uncheck the checkbox next to Chart Title. Click anywhere in the chart to which you want to add a title. To format the text in the title box, do the following: Click in the title box, and then select the text that you want to format.

Click anywhere in the chart to which you want to add axis titles.

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Do any of the following: To add a title to a primary horizontal category axis, click Primary Horizontal Axis Title , and then click the option that you want. Click anywhere in the chart.

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  • Add or remove titles in a chart - Office Support.
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Do one of the following: To remove a chart title, on the Layout tab, in the Labels group, click Chart Title , and then click None. You can add a title to your chart. Click the chart, and then click the Chart Design tab. Type the title in the Chart Title box. Type the text in the Axis Title box. Click the chart, and then click the Chart Layout tab.

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